Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two Bits

When I presented a letter to the city council at the January "Public We're Not Listening, We Can't Hear You" meeting, I made a mistake. Councilman Mark Loch asked me for a copy of the document, which covered Spot Zoning, as well as Minnesota Statutes and Onamia Ordinances which prohibit placing sex offender facilities in residential areas - and I didn't give him one. The truth is, I didn't have enough copies for everyone. I had only one copy each for the city attorney and one for the record. Why bother?
1. the city council has determined to proceed no matter what, 2. they don't educate themselves prior to making up their minds, and 3. they do whatever Larry wants anyway, and Larry wants sex offenders in our community. Its a Done Deal. Larry's Legacy.
But when Mark Loch asked for a copy of the document, I told him, "Sorry Mark, I'd have to charge you for one," or something to that effect. That was in snide retaliation for the city council voting to charge us - the Not Nexus Never Naysayers - 25 cents per page for copies of city documents, including city council agendas and minutes of the meetings. I have spent a lot of money in paperwork alone, just trying to save my home. Some of the agendas have cost me over $25. (All other cities and counties in Minnesota hand theirs out for free.) City Clerk Kathleen McCullum told me that I'm the only one who requests these documents. Its just another way the City Council is hurting us, using this to punish us for protesting.
Or maybe they're hoping to build up funding for the 15 years of tax abatement they gave Nexus. Let us pay for Nexus through our tax dollars and meeting agendas...
It never occurred to me that Mark Loch would actually read the document I presented to the council. Or if by some miracle he did, it wouldn't change anything anyway. The Onamia City Council has absolutely no regard for the citizens it is supposed to be serving. None. Zilch. Nada.
So Mark, if you're reading this blog (which I'm sure you are not...) I apologize for not having a copy for you. I just assumed that you wouldn't read it anyway, or if you did, it wouldn't make any difference. This is Nexusville, after all. Dr. Evil and Mini-Me make the decisions, call the shots. And even if you did read the document and had an epiphany, nobody has the balls to stand up to Nexus' city administrator Bully Milton -
except for Hannabelle, of course....

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