Friday, February 8, 2008

Falling into the Evil Trap

I once had a beautiful black labrador retriever. His name was Luke. He was a joy. Luke was my constant companion. Oh how he loved to play! When he was very little, one of our favorite games was "Evil Trap!" I'd sit on the floor and this energetic little guy would run across my legs, at which time I'd scoop him up, raise him into the air, and cry "You fell into my evil trap!" I'd release him and he'd go nuts - running circles in that scooty fashion that happy puppies have when they abandon all reason and give in to silly business. Of course, he'd come right back for more.

The problem was that Luke didn't stay little. He grew. And grew. There came a time when I could no longer fulfill my role as the trap-master. I couldn't lift him anymore. But even at 105 pounds, Luke still wanted to play the game. I finally had to modify. I just put my arms around his big body and said the magic words, "You fell into my evil trap!" Fortunately, that was enough to make the big boy happy.

Nexus and the City Council like to play this game too. They play it with people's lives. But their traps, however profitable for themselves, aren't fun for those who fall into them. These are nasty assholes, playing God where they have no right to do so. Their victims are real victims. Scooping people into their trap has been easy for them. We are just a little group of protesters. Little puppies. Its too bad that our numbers never grew until we, like Luke could no longer be lifted. But the people in Onamia have believed the lies. The Neighbors are negotiating with Nexus in a last ditch effort to make the best of a badly Done Deal. Bill Hill and Paul Smith, two very bad guys that I truly hate with all of my heart, are no doubt now delighted to be able to cry, "You fell into our Evil Trap." Bwahaha.
Of course, they didn't catch Hannabelle.


Anonymous said...

Question for you...If so many laws and ordinances have been violated, can't you take some action with the state courts?

Hannabelle said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for your question.

We can take them to District Court.