Friday, February 8, 2008

Deadly Rampage at City Hall

Six Die in Missouri City Council Shooting
KIRKWOOD, Mo. (Feb. 8) - Ten days after losing a federal lawsuit against this St. Louis suburb he insisted harassed him, a gunman stormed a council meeting and opened fire, killing two police officers and three city officials.
The gunman, identified as Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton, critically injured the city's mayor and wounded a reporter Thursday night before law enforcers fatally shot him."The only way that I can put into context that you might understand is that my brother went to war tonight with the people, the government that was putting torment and strife into his life," Thornton's brother, Gerald Thornton, told St. Louis' KMOV-TV.
One has to wonder what the mayor and city council had done to Cookie to cause him to go to war with his own government. City councils can really mess up a person's life. Believe me. I know. And because of what has happened to me and my neighborhood, I tend to side with Cookie, even without knowing the details. I don't condone what he did, but I think I understand it. I see Cookie as a victim. The particulars might not be the same, but there is no doubt in my mind that Cookie felt that the city council was unfair and deserved to die. I suspect that they were unfair. Our mayor and city council in Onamia certainly are, forcing their sex offenders into our lives. Of course, the full article about the shooting didn't tell Cookie's side of the story. I'm sure Cookie had his reasons.

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