Friday, February 15, 2008

Their World and Welcome to it.

So I was searching for images on the Internet. I can't recall the exact phrase, but I typed in some innocent key words like "little old lady" and came up with a gazillion pictures, including a photo of a topless woman giving a horse a blow job. It left me utterly speechless. When I was looking for a graphic of a telephone one day, I typed in "telephone" (it made sense to me...) Up popped a photo on the screen which I couldn't quite make out. Curious, I clicked the thumbnail to enlarge it. What was that... I stared, unable to comprehend. It took me a few seconds to realize I was looking at a photomontage of four pictures illustrating the various stages of a man inserting a telephone receiver into his own rectum. The last shot had the curly cord sticking out of his anus.

It was then I realized that I am not nearly as open minded as I once thought I was. Call me a prude. It grossed me out. Since I've been called upon to save the neighborhood, I've dealt with things I could not have imagined. Try researching into deviant sex and violence. Yuck. I hate what I've learned. Has it jaded me? I dunno. Probably. The first time I read about a teenage boy sodomizing a toddler, I was so outraged, I was shaking. By the time a three year old boy was raped by an eight year old at the Mille Lacs Casino Kid Quest a couple of weeks ago, I'd become so deconditioned to such things that I wasn't even shocked. How can you NOT be shocked by something like that?! Raping little kids is commonplace in our society. I've read horror stories of abuse that have brought me to tears. Some have been told in court cases of Mille Lacs Academy juvenile sex offenders that are supposedly moving into my neighborhood. It turns my stomach to read about what some of these "kids" have done.

Frank Courteau, Larry Milton, Bill Hill, Bob Mickus, Mark Loch, Jerome Kryzer, Mickey Carter and Kathy McCullum might think that its fine and dandy to put deviant sexual offenders next to day care. I do not share their OPINION. One thing is for certain. Not all the deviants in our twisted, screwed up society are juveniles.

As a person who strongly believes in the Constitution, I support people's rights to their own perversions, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, (including the horse). However, forcing sex offenders next to toddlers and elderly widows is one perversion which must not be tolerated.

The Nexusville City Council has worked diligently to manufacture
a disaster waiting to happen.

As a somewhat prudish, highly temperamental, complex medley of June Cleaver, Judge Judy, and the Lone Ranger, I believe that children and animals need to be protected. In my opinion, it takes a sick, twisted person to knowingly put them at risk. That is, of course, only my OPINION.

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