Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Juvenile Sex Offender Assault

Welcome to My Back Yard???
This is what you allowed Mayor Larry Milton to put in MY back yard (94 of 'em) and to keep in YOUR Onamia Schools with YOUR children. Remember that old commercial "I could have had a V8?" We could have had a decent company come to Onamia that didn't put our community (and students) at risk. Duh. Meanwhile, make sure you mow your lawns for the Onamia Centennial - (appearances are important after all) and...
Enjoy your sex offenders...

Fox 9 News

Vulnerable Princeton Teen Sexually Assaulted by Classmate

18-year-old Josh Foster

Watch the Fox 9 News Video

Assailant was a registered sex offender, unbeknownst to school
Last Edited: Thursday, 29 May 2008, 9:46 PM CDT
Created: Thursday, 29 May 2008, 9:05 PM CDT

PRINCETON – An 18-year-old Princeton High School student has been charged with criminal sexual conduct after allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old girl with special needs in the hallway.

18-year-old Josh Foster told police that on three occasions, he fondled a 16-year-old girl. Knowing she had special needs, he lured her to the hall with notes he passed to her in class.

“He said I’m going to poke you and hopefully you don't get pregnant. To her that was a poke on the shoulder and to him it wasn't,” the victim's mother told FOX 9.

According to his file, Foster is already a registered sex offender. He committed a sex crime in Hennepin County when he was a juvenile.

According to Princeton High School officials, it was not in his transfer record and they were not notified by law enforcement. That’s because he’s registered at a low risk level.

Part of the problem is where the crime is registered. And while the school is in Mille Lacs County, Foster resides in Sherburne, where he’s registered.

Only level 3 sex offenders, those most likely to offend, require community notification.

Level 2 offenders require notifications of schools or daycare.

Level 1 offenders, the vast majority, are known only to law enforcement.

The victim’s mother has taken her daughter out of school for the year.

"He has a right to an education, but so does my daughter. What kind of education is she getting if she's afraid of this kid? He can go to another school."
Foster is being held at the Mille Lacs County Jail, charged with sexually molesting a vulnerable juvenile. A trial is scheduled for this summer.
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Corporate Terrorism

I found this online and thought I would share. Seems some people still have the guts to fight back after all. I wish this writer lived in my town... I don't usually reprint, but here it is. I've included a link at the end.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

While sitting here thinking about my next report, something incredibly looming began to take the fore front in my mind. Something I will call Corporate Terrorism. Companies that prey on the innocent and uninformed. Just like the Saddam Hussiens and Bin Ladens of the world, they hold your finances prisoner and take your will to fight away through scare tactics, strong armed methods and empty promises. Basically leaving you with a suppose no recourse in how you can recover. So you just give up. You think there is nothing you can do. You allow these evil empires free reign over you. Perplexed and bewildered and in a total state of fear and sadness, you have lost your courage to fight back.
You say, I have done all I can do and there's nothing more that can be done. They robbed me and I have no choice but to see my bank account bombed. Bombed by forced automatic withdrawals of your precious money. Bled dry by a computer transaction. Legal criminals have gotten away with monetary murder. Isn't it time to take affirmative action? Isn't it time to pick yourself up, spit shine your boots and dress in warrior's armor?
You all have resources that you haven't tapped into. The internet is a vast, yet unlimited expanse of information, places to post to and contacts that you haven't even dreamed of yet. While you sit there in your depression, see they people that have stolen your money as tyrants, dictators and moniacle crime bosses. When you begin to see them in that light, then you can begin to allow your anger to be channeled into possitve movement toward exacting justice on them.
When you shed light on a vampire, what happens? They cowar, shrivel up and turn to dust. When the Wicked Witch of the West had water thrown on her, she melted. For the Christians out there...when Jesus fought Satin in the belly of the earth, he took away the keys to hell...and was victorious. We are all born with one basic trait. The will to survive and the will to fight for what we think is right.Gather yourselves, make a firm commitment and finally say to yourselves...NO MORE!!! I will not take this laying down! I will resolve myself to the task of getting what I desrve and get even! Then I will stay the course untill the end of time!
We are Americans and you are the World. We all have more power than we give ourselves credit for. We can gather the winds of the four corners of the globe and demonstrate a force beyond our wildest imaginations!
The power and the force I am speaking of this morning is called...the Spoken Word, the Printed Word. The most powerful force known to mankind. More powerful than the evil that has you under their mesmerizing spells.
So, with your pens, keyboards and voices well in tact and in a controlled state of motivation and perserverance, begin your own warfare against Corporate Terrorism. Make your words and voices your weapons of mass destruction against the enemies of your lives. GET OFF THE MAT AND FIGHT!!!
Here endeth Sermon #8
'The Pen is mightier than the Sword'
Silverstar Consumer Advocate Warrior and ReporterNextdoorU.S.A.

Link to this article

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting Away With Murder - The Mask of Benevolence

"The liberty of the press would be an empty sound, and no man would venture to write on any subject, however pure his purpose, without an attorney at one elbow and a counsel at the other. From minds thus subdued by the fear of punishment, there could issue no works of genius to expand the empire of human reason."

Thomas Erskine

"We therefore demand that you immediately cease and desist from making the claim that Nexus is getting away with murder or words to that effect, and that you immediately remove the video making such claim from your blogs and the internet. We will review your blogs and You-tube again in five days and if you have not complied with this demand, it is our intent to bring another lawsuit against you for damages and to compel the removal of the video."

Mark J. Manderfeld, Attorney for Nexus

Once again Nexus' true nature is showing from behind its Mask of Benevolence. Don't they pretend to be sumpthin special? Listen... Special, they're not. Rich, corporate thugs. That's what they are. Money is what they care about. They are devious, but not very bright. If they were, they wouldn't continue to use strategies that don't work. They choose brawn over brains. They have money, not ethics. People, these are BAD PEOPLE.

They invaded my neighborhood and bullied the citizens into submission, using our local government to remove citizens' rights. The city council, on behalf of Nexus, ignored or changed the laws which prohibit a juvenile sex offender facility from relocating into a residential neighborhood. Nexus calls themselves an "Academy", which they aren't, but it sounds better than "Convicted Sex Offenders". They call themselves "R2 Zoning Classification", which they aren't, but it allows them to circumvent Spot Zoning laws. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF PHONIES! They promised to work with the community, but they didn't. They promised to consider the neighbors, which they didn't. They lied about leaving town if they didn't get tax exemption from the state. They lied about crimes and escape records of the sex offenders. They claim to be a benefit to the community, but they aren't. Nexus puts on the Mask of Benevolence. But what is behind that mask is uglier than anything anyone but Stephen King could dream up. Ugly, horrible people who IN MY OPINION have no business dealing with any children, let alone kids with problems.

Why? Because the people who run Nexus are deficient. They lack things like intuitiveness, flexibility, common sense, and especially - compassion. They are small-minded and self-involved. Ego centric. ME ME ME. They won't give an inch. The end not only justifies the means, they actually seem to take pleasure in the "means", torturing innocent people who just want to be left alone. I certainly didn't go out of my way to pick a war with Nexus. THEY CAME HERE AND HARASSED ME! They have amply demonstrated that they employ bullying tactics which have caused physical, emotional, and financial damages to those who oppose them. They have shown a propensity for punishment and a sadistic approach to dealing with adversaries.

While speaking through the Mask, you will notice phrases like "1st Amendment Rights" and "Freedom of Speech", but if you say something they don't like, their first action is to threaten to sue you. Their second action is to actually sue you. I believe that Nexus is out to destroy me. That is more than my opinion. That is my gut reaction to how they have treated me. Nexus certainly is an expert in the field of abuse. It is, after all, their specialty.

When I say that Nexus is getting away with murder, I'm not referring to the little boy that one of their employees killed. "Getting away with murder" is a phrase which means that someone is perpetrating bad behavior without any consequences. Nexus certainly fits the bill.

And it is a bill that we all must pay - but .... especially me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words can never hurt me!
I remember that little proverb from childhood, don't you? When I was little, that was the standard come-back. But the way our society is today, it wouldn't surprise me to one day find the courtrooms filled with mouthy kids and their high-bucker lawyers. Just think if children were subject to defamation lawsuits. Can you imagine the drama in the courtroom? Your Honor, he called my client "a big turd!". Your Honor, he called my client "a booger butt!". Your Honor, she called my client "Poopsie!"
Yes, it seems rather childish - even laughable that Hannabelle is being sued for calling (former) Chief Executive Officer D'Angelo "Poopsie" and for embarrassing Professor Freeman by complaining about his inappropriate, rude behavior. But this frivilous lawsuit is still an effective strategy. In some ways, D'Angelo and Freeman are accomplishing what they obviously set out to do: Hurt me. Punish me. Maybe even bankrupt me. (Otherwise, if they wanted to get along with Hannabelle, they might have tried COMMUNICATING with her...) No. This is about Power, and its abuse. And they have definitely succeeded in hurting me. But on the other hand, they have failed to silence me. Now we seem to be in a mighty pissing contest - two men standing against one woman (with bad knees that forbid her from squatting - not much of a contest, is it...)
But we shall see how it turns out. One of the big things about a defamation suit is that the defamer (that would allegedly be me...) has acted with malicious intent. Hannabelle, malicious? you ask. Well, you must keep in mind that until Nexus forced themselves into my life, I was just minding my own business, trying to stay well enough to enjoy the little things I like to do in my simple little life. Music, of course. No longer being physically able to teach, conduct an orchestra, or perform, I compensated by publishing music when I felt up to it. Still trying to be "productive", I guess. I can't do many of the activities I used to do before my illness, but I was busy "keeping on keeping on" as they say. For example, I have trouble walking, but on a good day I love the freedom of riding a horse. Once in the saddle, I could ride all day. A year ago. Now, with my health deteriorating, I'm having a hard time there too. But the important thing to remember is that although I was chronically ill before Nexus came, I wasn't chronically angry. I almost never said the word "fuck". It wasn't until Nasty Nexus imposed 94 sex offenders on us and tampered with our rights that I began sounding like a chicken: FUCK, fuck fuck fuck fuck....
But malicious? No. I'm not a malicious person. Vindictive, yes. I'm not an easy target, a willing victim. I fight back. I didn't set out to malign D'Angelo or Freeman either. My goal was simple. Stop the building of a sex offender facility in an R1 zoned neighborhood. Why? Because it is wrong. The sneaky, unfair way they handled this was wrong. My fight was always with City Hall. Without their blessing, Nexus wouldn't be able to build this kind of facility in our residential neighborhood. I should say "prohibited" (in the past tense). The Onamia City Council changed the local ordinances to allow juvenile sex offenders into our community - specifically. Onamia's new motto could be "Sex Offenders R Us". And who knows, it might be more appropriate than you think...
Of course, I tried to discourage Nexus from buying the Steve Bye property. But consider this, if you will... Jim D'Angelo promised more than once (including at public meetings) that Nexus would "work with the community" (i.e. the neighbors), consider their input, even going so far as to say that we would be consulted on the building designs, tree removal, and landscaping. He said Nexus would even give me an easement so that I could still ride horses on the property. Jim D'Angelo said these things. Jim D'Angelo made such promises. I didn't make this up. It is on record. Plenty of witnesses. Yet, he never "worked with" us. Never consulted us. Never considered us at all. I'd go so far as to say that he intentionally refused to "work with" us.
I tried calling him. I emailed him. He didn't respond. I did correspond with Mille Lacs Academy Executive Administrator Kathe Dellacecca - briefly - until she left Nexus... But nobody else would talk to me. I was definitely ostracized from the beginning. The old Silent Treatment... And of course, you know the story about D'Angelo - when I approached him on the sidewalk in front of the Onamia City Hall and he told me that he wouldn't respond to my emails because he didn't want to give me "the satisfaction". So much for my easement...
So does this make Jim D'Angelo a liar? In my opinion it does. He said things which weren't truthful. He made promises he didn't keep. Should I be sued because I tattled on his bad behavior? Well, I guess anybody can sue anybody if they have the money to do it. And as D'Angelo himself said: What's $10,000 on a project this size? What's $50,000? (See video) I guess he can afford it. In 2005, D'Angelo is reported to have been paid a salary of about $267,000. (That's public information, by the way. Don't sue me......) That breaks down to a mere $22,416 per month. (Keep in mind that he's probably had a few cost of living raises since 2005... Now, compare that to the $356 disability check that Hannabelle gets per month to live on. (No cost of living raises for me since 1995... kind of hard to build up a savings...) That's $4,272 per year. Even with Social Security, I don't make a thousand per month. That might give you an idea of the "levelness" of our playing field in D'Angelo's game. *1
I think it is important to note that although Hannabelle was told in April 2007 that Nexus was coming and there was nothing she could do about it, she didn't start writing until late June and July. Why didn't she start the Mille Lacs News or the Bradbury Buzzz sooner, you ask? Well, we were attending meetings, trying to learn what was going on, trying to talk sense into people who wouldn't listen. I received the Silent Treatment. Nobody would talk to me. Nobody would listen. If they had, perhaps there would be no Mille lacs News or Bradbury Buzzz. Experts have described Ostracism as the most cruel form of societal punishment and it can lead victims to aggression. You'd think that someone with a career in the mental health field or someone who teaches Social Work at a university would know that. Wouldn't you think?
So after a couple of months of being ignored by Nexus, the City Council, (and of course, with pronexus coverage by the Mille Lacs Messenger) is it any wonder that I fought back the only way I could? With words? With the Truth? There was no maliciousness involved, at least on my part. There has been quite a bit of desperation though. This farm - my home - is all I have. I've spent a year trying to protect my mom from 94 unwanted sex offenders. I've tried to stand up for the neighbors, even when they didn't have the courage to stand up for themselves. Nexus has changed my life. For instance, I've become a public speaker, although I didn't seek an additional fifteen minutes... and am not looking for any limelights at this stage of my life. (I don't fear public speaking more than death, as I've been accused, it's just very hard physically for me to speak.)
So, Jim D'Angelo brought all of this into my life and changed things forever. And now he wants to punish me for not respecting him the way that he thinks I should. *2 What do you think? Is it about respect? Or is it about fear? What do you think it is about? The U.S. Constitution, the Minnesota Constitution, and the Law all support my RIGHT to Freedom of Speech. Obviously, some people don't agree that Hannabelle should have the same rights as others, but should shut the fuck up or suffer the consequences..... like a lawsuit. Like being bad-mouthed in the community. Like being threatened and intimidated. Like being ostracized. Like being bullied.
As our battle waged this past year, there were many more secrets revealed, more lies told and exposed. Hannabelle cannot stop Nexus from building in the swamp down the street, but she still has a lot to tell - and still has the RIGHT to tell it.
to be continued...
*1. Jim D'Angelo said, after receiving 7 years tax abatement from the county, "Game over. You lose."
*2 Mille Lacs Academy Executive Administrator Paul Smith explained this to me. Its all about r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
Note: Poncho told me that my blogs are way too lengthy. I said, "Yes. But the lawyers down at Mahoneys' love them."

Monday, May 5, 2008


Its a beautiful day. The sky is as blue as a baby boy's blanket. Sunlight, like the brush in an artist's hand, paints the birch trees a brilliant titanium white. The two ponds, front and back are mirrors, perfect reflections of quiet morning wilderness, marred only by the occasional ripples of wild ducks. Across the yard, new grass is winning it's struggle to cover muddy spring hoofprints left by frolicking deer and frisky horses. It won't be long before leaves explode like bright green popcorn, hiding branches broken by winter winds and left lying in the tangle of underbrush. The cold, the snow, the storms are all but forgotten with Nature's announcement of Spring.
Nexus will begin building their sex offender facility any day now. Maybe I am the only one who cares. But to tell you the truth, (and I always do), I'm proud of Hannabelle. At least she had the guts to fight. At least she tried to do something about it. She didn't quietly accept oppression. She spoke out, even though it made her a target. She didn't back down when the bullies threatened and attacked her.
You probably think she was foolish to stand up for principle against unbeatable odds. But then, that's where we are different. Good rarely triumphs over Evil. But I would rather lose - knowing that I was right, than win - knowing I was wrong.
Enjoy your sex offenders.