Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sex Offenders, Lies, and Video Tape

I can't believe that I attend city council meetings on a regular basis. Back in the old days, when I had a life, I had a favorite line when people asked me about being a musician - "I'm just in it for the cheeseballs," I'd say. I don't think it made sense to anyone. It was just my own private little joke. You see, I've always been a country gal who loves horses, Beethoven, and the beauty of nature. For me to be all dressed up at some glamorous gala, hanging around with famous people after performing a concert with the symphony seems so sureal. It always amused me somehow. Those hoity-toity social events were kind of a hoot, but were so not me! I recall chatting with musicians backstage or with the audience by an elegant refreshment table when suddenly I'd notice I had dog hair all over my gown. I'm sure they noticed too. Oh well. I loved performing the music, and the wine and cheese parties were excellent, but on the other hand, I never minded shoveling horse manure into a wheelbarrow and getting delightfully dirty. I'm all-purpose.
Attending an Onamia city council meeting is sort of the same thing, just a different kind of cheeseballs, another type of manure.
Let me give you an idea of how strange the people in Onamia are. You know how hard we have been fighting to keep the sex offenders out of the neighborhood. The fact of the matter is - the laws are on our side. Minnesota Statutes as well as city ordinances are written to protect citizens from exactly this sort of thing. There are nuisance laws, laws against sex offender facilities being placed in residential areas, and then, of course, there is Spot Zoning. The city council ignores the state laws and re-writes the city ordinances that interfere with The Main Directive, i.e. the Nexusification of Onamia.
In order to circumvent the Conditional Use Permit performance standards, the city council had their lawyer write a city ordinance which actually gives juvenile sex offenders a zoning class of their own. Yes folks. I kid you not! We have R1 single residential and R2 multi- family and juvenile sex offender facilities. I know, I know. I couldn't believe it either. After getting acquainted with the city council over these past 9 months of hell, I can believe that they'd come up with a goofy scheme such as creating a zoning classification for sex offenders, but what's up with their lawyer? Wouldn't you think he'd give his clients better advice?
So anyway, I dragged myself out of my warm house into the brrrrsy below zero Minnesnowda winter to once again do battle against this silly business in a pretend public hearing, which the council holds when absolutely mandatory, which this was. Its just for show, of course. The public has no influence. The council's decisions are predetermined and unshakable. And we also know what they are going to do. Everyone just goes through the motions, (no pun intended.)
Don't you think that the Zoning Administrator oughta be present at a zoning public hearing? Nope. He's on vacation again. Left last month and won't be back until April. Jerome Kryzer, one of the city councilman lives in Arizona during the winter. Naturally, he wasn't present at the meeting. How can he be on the council if he lives in Arizona, you ask? Hey, its Onamia. Stranger things than that happen here. Councilman Bob Mickus was another no-show, but that's to be expected. He hardly ever shows up.
That left only three guys left to determine our lives, our property values, our future... a guy who owns a grocery store, a guy who works in a hospital lab, and a retired barber. Aren't you comforted by the thought that somebody like them can take control of your destiny? They can Done the Deal of your life, and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop them. They can force you to live next to 94 convicted criminals. Doesn't seem quite right, somehow.
However, at the end of the public hearing, at least we got them to consider dropping the sex offender zoning classification and zone for Conditional Use after all. I'm not so sure this was a victory for us........
There were a couple of things that really bothered me about the city council meeting tonight. If you look on the Mille Lacs News website (, you can read about a whole lot of lies Nexus has been spinning. A whole lot of manure they have been spreading. I went before the council tonight and shared the Truth with them. I guess it doesn't surprise me that they weren't surprised by Nexus lies. It just disappoints me. They already knew. Still, they are forcing the sex offenders into the neighborhood, aware of the risks they are imposing upon our families. You know the old saying: Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Mayor Bully Milton knows what he's doing.... It just pisses him off that we're not bending over for him.
Its all so wrong.
The other thing that was hard to take was that Poncho videotaped the meeting, including my presentation. We watched the tape with my mom when we got home. (She is still way too weak to consider attending herself.) Being sort of a movie buff, it made me sad that the only films I get to watch these days are tapes of city council meetings I am obligated to attend while trying to save my home from an invasion of sex offenders. (And people wonder what makes Hannabelle so crabby and mean?) Anyway, there I was on the small screen.... Ugh! I hate to watch myself! Yuck! I'm so fat and do I really sound like that??? TELL ME ITS NOT TRUE! ...... wait .... no.... Is that dog hair on my coat?
Same shit, different dog.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Saturday Candy Date

Yesterday I attended the Democratic "meet the candidates" breakfast at the ROC building in Onamia. I heard that Al Franken would be there. I've been a fan of his since Saturday Night Live back in the '70's. I've always thought that he was a great American comedian. Smart and funny. But since he fearlessly took on propaganda-masters Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Riley and the war-mongering Bush Administration, by TELLING THE TRUTH, to me Al became a Great American Hero. But then, anyone who stands up to those jerks is okay by me. Anyway, Al Franken is intelligent, quick-witted, and politically sane. I hope he'll be the next US Senator from Minnesota.
Al Franken wasn't the reason I attended the event. In my line of work, you get over the "celebrity" thing pretty early on. And although it felt good to tell him about all the Anti-American shenanigans being perpetrated by our mayor and city council- especially in the case of Nexus, there's nothing he can do about it now. His reaction to our local government acting as an agent for a private corporation who is destroying our neighborhood by forcing convicted sex offenders next to daycare and elderly widows? "That's just awful!" he said. He was definitely disturbed with what I told him, but it felt good to know that it was them, not me that upset him. I wasn't the Town Pariah. They were! I've found that is the consensus out in the world, by the way. Normal people are simply horrified by our situation in Onamia. (Only certain Onamians and MLA benefitters accept what is being done to us here.)
One of the candidates we were there to meet is actually an old buddy of mine. We've been friends for nearly 30 years. In fact, we used to carpool to university. She is still as brilliant and energetic as she was back then, but now with a wealth of experience to draw upon. It was nice catching up on old times, but I didn't actually come to see her either. I came to meet up with We The People, and indeed they were there; Citizens involved in making a better America, citizens who care about democracy. Actually, I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. Good, wise, ethical, competent, SANE people still exist! In Onamia, I've been dealing with Bully Milton and the Onamia Mafia for so long, that I've forgotten what its like to talk to normal folks who still believe in upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights, rather than searching for sneaky ways to work around them in order to accomplish their own selfish purposes.
I'd hoped to talk to a few individuals about problems with the mayor and city council: about rewriting zoning laws to include juvenile sex offenders as an R2 zoning classification in order to circumvent existing ordinances (which protect citizens from this type of malfeasance); about their violations of the Open Meeting Law; about writing a new ordinance appointing themselves the Onamia Planning Commission - after I found out that they had been breaking city ordinances since 1999! That's nonfeasance, folks. Bully Milton and the Onamia Mafia have been very, very naughty... And very inept. We need to meet some new ONAMIA candidates! Its long overdue.
But there were relatively few citizens from Onamia at the meet the candidates meeting (which explains a lot...) Many attendees were from Princeton and Milaca and other parts of the state - even Grand Rapids. After the last candidate finished speeching, he opened the floor to questions. When nobody else had anything to say, I grasped the serendipitous opportunity to address not only the candidate but the entire audience as well. And I stood up and spoke extemporaneously. I was amazed at how easy public speaking has become. Maybe its just a matter of practice. Maybe its because I am passionate about the message, as we all should be.
But get this! They LISTENED! People LISTENED!!! And wait- it gets better! Many people were outraged by what they heard! Several people approached me after the meeting with questions or to offer advice and support. Most of them seemed quite shocked to hear what's going on in Onamia. Why? Because it is so very bizarre! So unthinkable! So horrific! These voters know that putting sex offenders in a residential neighborhood is WRONG and a government who recklessly endangers its citizens in order to benefit a private corporation is WRONG.
Recently I wrote about having nothing but bad days. Well, I finally had a good one. People want to know the TRUTH. They want to right the wrongs. We The People are alive and well and ready to fight and VOTE against those politicians who abuse the power of their offices. From city officials to county commissioners (yes that means you, Phil and Frank....), from state representatives (start packing Sondra!) to US Senators (bye-bye Norm) and yes, all the way up to the presidency - GOOD RIDDANCE DICK AND GEORGE!!!! We The People will not be bamboozled and Nexusified any longer.
The Dirty Twelve? Make that one hundred and twelve thousand... And WE are not dirty. We are The People.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Yesterday was my mom's first trip to the Onamia clinic since her six weeks of hospitalization in St. Cloud. Just getting her in and out of the car was a monumental event. Her three major surgeries have left her pretty puny, but at 84 years old, she's (we're) lucky she's alive. There were many times we didn't think she'd pull through. But she did! And now she's here staying with us while she recovers! With her condition and the amount of care she requires right now, she really should be in a nursing home, but she tried that for a week and it didn't work for her. She ended up back in the hospital for yet another week. I'm glad to have her home!

I could write a book about the difficult role reversal of parent and child in our situation. It is the first time in my life that I have been solely responsible for her. Making decisions for her, signing her papers, watching out for her .... all very strange. The hardest part is that my own health has deteriorated over this past year with Nexus and even with my strong will and committment to my mother, I'm struggling with the constant physical demands of caring for a frail invalid. It ain't easy, even with the home care nurse and physical therapist who come to help each day.

So yesterday, we struggled to get Mom to her doctor's appointment. She has a wound-care machine hooked up to her and we kept getting tangled up in her tubes while getting her into the car. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as we got underway, the darn vac-pack started beeping and we had to quickly return home to change the canister in the machine. Even so, we arrived on time. The clinic is only five minutes away.

As we were getting Mom out of the car and into a wheelchair, (just as difficult) who should pull up behind us but the Onamia Chief of Police. We've become acquainted with Officer Bob through the city meetings we've attended. "Its always something," he said in passing, as he hurried into the clinic. I wheeled Mom inside and found the clinic in turmoil. A fire alarm had gone off in the hospital! No, this wasn't a drill. We waited by the door, with a group of other patients and a few employees, all of us prepared to stampede the hell out of there if engulfing flames were spotted.

After a few minutes, the receptionists returned to their positions behind the counter and people formed three short lines. There wasn't room for the wheelchair, so Mom and I waited on the side, in front of the fourth window. A young man came to the window, said "Sorry. I'm just the computer guy," and then left. As we waited, there was a slight commotion as three volunteer firemen arrived, in full regalia. We could see their big red firetruck out front. Wow! Quick response time! I was impressed. Then I noticed that all three firemen were from Bradbury Township, not Onamia. I was proud.

One of the firemen, so quick to answer the call, lives right next door to the Nexus property (where the sex offenders are being forced upon him and our neighborhood.) They call us Nay-sayers. Bradbury Idiots. The Dirty Twelve. But here he was, first on the scene. I was impressed. Even after everything that has been done to this man, he is still right there - ready to put his life on the line to save the very town which betrayed him! I greatly admire his character. Especially since I might actually enjoy watching the town burn to the ground at this point, after all the shit and shenanigans...

A receptionist finally appeared at our window. "I'll be with you in a minute," she said dourly. "I just have to finish up what I was doing on the computer." We waited patiently as she did her thing. Tick tock tick tock tick.

After a couple of minutes she peered around the waiting area, ignoring us. "Who's next?" she asked the other patients. I glanced at the gentleman who'd been last in line and he motioned for us to go ahead. Nobody else said anything. Nobody budged. Tick tock tick tock. So I positioned my Mom's wheelchair and stepped up. This woman lit into me like I'd just come into her house and crapped on the carpet. "Were you next?" she snapped. "We have a written policy, right over there that we take the NEXT person in line." Oh my god! She was pissed because she thought we were butting in line!

I stood there, in shock at the big ordeal she was making. She was going on and on! We hadn't butted into line. There WAS NO LINE! We were just standing there, now 5 minutes late due to the fire fiasco. There were only about six other patients in the place!
"WHO WAS AHEAD OF THIS WOMAN?!" she shouted. All of the other patients stared at her. No one moved. Again she yelled, pointing at my mother's head. "WHO. WAS. AHEAD. OF. THIS. WOMAN?!!!!" It was becoming a Twilight Zone kind of moment... Still, nobody budged.
The window next to us opened up. While our banshee from hell was screaming for her next customer, her coworker had processed everyone in her line - except the kind gentleman who'd motioned for us to be next. Embarrassed, he slid over to window #4 and we slid over to the one he'd been standing in front of. We just changed places, actually. I also felt humiliated at the undue attention and the "big deal" which was being made.
Why was this woman so horrible to me and my poor wheelchair-bound mother? What did we ever do to deserve her obvious animosity? We hadn't butted in line. We hadn't done anything except.... Ahhh... publicly fight and oppose sex offenders... It struck me hard. Did she support Nexus? Was that what this was about?
I don't know.
Maybe that's just the way it is in Onamia these days. People are rude. No smile with this service. Well, okay, no service period. Is it just ME? Am I getting paranoid?
The fire alarm turned out to be a dud. Another false alarm. I wondered if the MLA boys were responsible. Maybe that was unfair of me, but after seeing the police reports, those PTBs do like to pull a lot of fire alarms. And Poncho said he'd just seen a group of the sex offenders heading uptown. hmmm. Oh yes. The convicted sex offenders are often out and about in Onamia. Maybe people don't notice so much because they're too busy trying to figure out more important things: like whose next in line...
And that is definitely something everyone should worry about.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Life Sucks

You know things are really bad
when you're too depressed to bother complaining.

There's so much to say, but I'm in a Fuck It state of mind. What difference does it make anyway? Nobody seems to care. I try to stand up for my neighbors against some pretty vile people, and I get called "mean". Yet, it seems the majority of Complacents are all cozy and comfy with the Onamia city council, the mayor, and of course Nexus - who have been more than mean to us. They have been unethical and unfair. We've been lied to. Nobody gets hot about them being mean to the good citizens they're forcing the sex offenders upon. Nobody but the victims themselves even say how wrong things are being handled here in Onamia. The local paper refers to gross injustices and malfeasance as "Boo-boos". Boo-boo is a little bear that lives with Yogi in Jellystone Park. What the mayor and city council are perpetrating is more than just oversights and mistakes. They are guilty of all of the crimes in the feasance family - malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance. Nobody has realized how serious this is.

Like rewriting the city ordinances for the benefit of ONE corporation and at the detriment to the safety and welfare of the community. Not only is this drastically wrong, it sets a terrible precedent. Nobody minds.

What bothers me most, perhaps, is the way we have been lied to about the escapes and violent crimes committed by the Mille Lacs Academy convicted sex offenders during their tenure. We've compiled the sheriff's and Onamia police reports and the figures are outrageous. I should post the facts on the newspaper, but why bother? Nobody wants to hear the truth anyway.

You know what I think? I think that there are a lot of Nobodies in Onamia. But I'd bet money that if all this happened to you, Somebody would get mad, get tough, and try to DO something to stop it. Sometimes the end justifies the mean.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Have a Nice Day

I've concluded that there's nothing natural about human nature. Recently I received an I-don't-like-you email. Its sort of like hate-mail but without the death threats and such. It was from an acquaintance who knows me only through my public opposition against Nexus and City Hall. When I first read it, my feelings were hurt. Its funny how every little thing adds a whole lot of salt to the wounds these days. I was going to write him back but what the hell, he reads my stuff so I might as well selectively respond to him here. There are a lot of people who share his opinion of Hannabelle, I'm sure... I'm not very popular or well-loved. I didn't ask for his analysis of my flaws, but am more than happy to discuss them.

"One reason why you're having trouble winning people over is that you exaggerate compulsively, turning everyone who disagrees with you into some kind of evil monster or blithering idiot, seeing incompetence, conspiracy and illegality around every corner."

First of all, there is a major misconception. I am not trying to 'win people over'. I want people to stay away from me. I don't want to deal with them. Period. I wasn't out looking for love in all the wrong places. I wasn't trying to be popular. I'm chronically ill, disabled with an incurable disease which is painful and difficult to cope with. I was unobtrusively living my little life, minding my own business when suddenly one day it was announced in the newspaper that Nexus was building a sex offender facility right down my street. First I cried - a lot. I knew everything was ruined for me. I soon discovered that there was nothing I could do to stop this institution from being forced upon me and my equally devastated neighbors. From the beginning, we were treated with lack of respect and undeserved hostility. People I'd known for 30 years turned on us, making fun of us in the very unhappy situation they caused. Public officials called us names. Back in the beginning, the Onamia city council called us "Bradbury Idiots". Now they refer to us as "The Dirty Twelve". No. I don't care about winning anyone over. Nothing I could do, or could have done would stop Nexus from coming.

"Turning everyone who disagrees with me...." Disagrees about what? That moving 94 convicted sex offenders into MY residential neighborhood with elderly widows (including my own mother) and disabled folks (including myself) and next to daycare (three of them) isn't spot-zoningly wrong? Hey, I wasn't out there picking fights with Nexus. They came to me! I didn't give a hoot about Mille Lacs Academy until I heard the magic words "Its a Done Deal, there's nothing you can do about it." And the government started tampering with our rights.

To me, they are indeed "evil monsters". And very anti-American monsters. They do not have the right to do what they are doing and they are doing it anyway by any means. Power in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing.
And don't you think that when Councilman Jerome Kryzer stood up at the council meeting in September and shouted, "THEY'RE NOT SEX OFFENDERS!" that he indeed looked like a blithering idiot? (He's the one who only lives in Onamia part of the year). Or how about when the city council - along with their own lawyer failed to read their own city ordinances so that the December 19 meeting had to be canceled because they had denied citizens due process by neglecting to send legal notification to the appropriate parties? That's one corner I saw incompetence around. Yes indeedy. If I reported every instance of incompetence I've seen, I'd be unable to identify the geometric figure. Too many corners...

Conspiracy is difficult to prove. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Have YOU looked into it?

Illegality.... How about those Open Meeting Law violations. How about supplying false information to get tax abatement? How about making threats? How about denying access to public records? How about putting a sex offender facility in our neighborhood - which was against the law - until they changed the law.... Now you can put sex offenders in any R2 in Onamia and there's nothing anybody can do to stop it. Of course, most people aren't aware of these illegalities because they're not reported in the local newspaper.

There are a lot more questions about ethics. How about the city council writing a new law to establish themselves as the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment, thereby removing all checks and balances as well as shutting off the people from having any say in their city? That's pretty big news, I'd say.

The second reason I am having trouble winning people over?

"The second is that you are mean to everyone who doesn't agree with 100 percent of your agenda -- even those who are sympathetic to you but don't toe the line perfectly."

I'm not mean. I'm just a little cranky. Trust me... You'll know mean when you see it.

Seriously, who have I been mean to? I haven't kicked anybody's dog lately...
And there's that "agree" stuff again... My agenda? My agenda is simply that what is being done to us is wrong. Yes, I want honesty, integrity, correctness... Of course, I want Nexus to go away and leave me alone. I want Onamia to refrain from moving their problems on our side of the Rum River. I didn't set out to be mean to anyone. I am trying to defend my home and my principles. Because YOU think its great to build a sex offender facility next to MY house (lowering MY property values as well at putting MY family at risk), I don't have a right to defend myself? The people I've been "mean" to are self-appointed enemies who have declared war on Hannabelle. They challenged me to this duel. Think of the Old West gunslingers... What would you have me do if someone draws on me, serve them tea and crumpets while they take aim and fire? Self-defense. I can't shoot back because I'm unarmed. I am not mean. But I am vindictive. In certain instances where they have wronged me, I have punished them by telling the truth about them. I can't stop them, but I can make them squirm.

Please be informed: No one is sympathetic to me.

"The fact is that many people in your community support this project, and most don't have a problem with it."

They might feel differently if they realized that their rights are being stripped away and if the convicted sex offenders were forced on them in their back yards. The fact is that many people in my community don't have all the facts. If they did, it might be a different story entirely. They might have a problem with it if they knew what we know.

For instance, after obtaining the sheriff's records and Onamia police records covering the MLA sex offenders, we discovered just how badly the community has been lied to and deceived. Hundreds of escapes, assaults, theft, sex crimes... the list is long and eye-opening. The community has been told that there "have been no instances". Yeah. Right. Why hasn't somebody told them the truth?

"The personal attacks are not winning you any support, and may be losing you some. Have a nice day."

We've never had any support. Not from Day 1. A small group of neighbors without any chance at all... As for "personal attacks"... Its all personal. In fact, I can't think of anything more personal than having your own government act as an agent for a private corporation which cannot be stopped from ruining your home and stealing your pursuit of happiness. Well, except maybe rape. We'll see what happens after the 6'2", 200 pound PTBs move in.

When did "Have a nice day" stop meaning "Have a nice day" and begin meaning "Fuck you!" ?

A nice day.... What a concept.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fear and Ignorance

When Onamia school superintendent John Varner spoke at a public meeting several months ago about "fear and ignorance", he was referring to opponents of the Mille Lacs Academy relocating to Bradbury Township. The "naysayers"... He said that the "kids" from the Academy are not violent, and cause no problems. (One wonders why, if they are so innocent and good, how they ever got convicted?) Varner said a lot more crap that day, but his impassioned, indignant "fear and ignorance" speech really stood out. He was quoted in the Mille Lacs Messenger (actually mentioned three times in one paragraph) and made the Messenger's year end review as well. That's apparently one of the main points of the Pronexus propaganda machine: People who don't want sex offenders in their backyards are fearful and ignorant. Stupid cowards.... [Our] ignorance is the reason [we] are afraid. If only [we] weren't so ignorant [we'd] see there is nothing to fear...

Of course, John Varner may indeed be the ignorant one - that is if he actually believes the crap he's been spewing forth. Maybe he just drank the Kool-aid, ate the pudding, believed the bullshit, or is Pronexus for reasons of his own. The Bradburian Rebels are among the few in the community who have sought and inevitably found out Truth about NEXUS and their PTBs (Poor Troubled Boys). Not only are most Onamians ignorant about Mille Lacs Academy, they are shockingly gullible - believing the lies they've been told by NEXUS, City Hall and the Mille Lacs Messenger. "Well, I read it in the paper. It must be true." Not. There's a conspiracy going on, and a lot of people are working hard to keep the Truth from We the People.

We recently obtained the sheriff's records. Allow me to dispell some of the "ignorance"... Would you think of a seventeen year old male as a "poor troubled boy"? A seventeen year old convicted sex offender that stands 6 foot tall and weighs 200 pounds? How about if he's escaped the institution and is out and about in your neighborhood (possibly looking for a car, YOUR car to steal to get out of town)? Comfy with that? Hmmm? Nothing to fear? What if he has serious psychological and behavioral problems? One of the "developmentally delayed" mentally challenged (retarded) PTBs? How would you feel if you are an 82 year old woman living next door? What if you are disabled and unable to defend yourself against an out-of-control disturbed 6 foot, 200 pound escaped convict? How about if you have young children? (Boys or girls. It doesn't matter...) Do you really want to take a chance? Ya wanna risk it?

"Don't try playing the safety/risk card. It won't work," Jim D'Angelo told me. Hmmph. Well it certainly won't work if the cards are all dealt face down. There's a reason we are not being shown the hand. Because the community wouldn't stand for it if they knew the Truth. (Except for those who stand to gain financially, that is...) So everyone is betting that the cards in the blind contain a Royal Flush. Unfortunately they are betting our lives, our mothers' lives, our children's lives. It only takes ONE joker - ONE crazed escaped convicted sex offender to go too far just ONCE..... I don't know about you, but I like to SEE the cards I'm playing. Royal Flushes are pretty rare. But then, its easy to make reckless bets with other people's chips. Ask country-loving MLA administrator Paul Smith who doesn't want to "live next to a .... school". Paul doesn't live in Onamia. He lives by Foley.

John Varner told us all that these NEXUS "kids" are not dangerous. Apparently the school superintendent didn't do his HOMEWORK! Shame on you John Varner! We requested the sheriff's reports concerning calls made about Mille Lacs Academy PTBs. WE checked them out! Why didn't you? Especially since YOU are playing with OUR lives. Our safety. CEO Jim D'Angelo also claimed there have been no incidences of trouble with the "kids". We got over 180 pages reporting trouble. And that only covered the last seven years. Who knows how many crimes took place in the first ten years or so. Runaways? PTBs walking down the street with their counselors in tow? Not to mention assaults, thefts, missing juveniles, vandalism, fights, attacks on employees... The key here is "not to mention". For God's sake don't you dare report the Truth to the People! Let Vivian write a real report about escaped cows but please don't mention escaped sex offenders! The sheer number of incidences is quite shocking - especially since we were told otherwise. We were lied to over and over again.

Remember Mary? The MLA employee who stood up at a public meeting and chastised we Naysayers for being wrong about those PTBs, about how non-dangerous and untroublesome they are? I still don't get what made her think she had the right to decide for us that sex offenders belong in our neighborhood next to elderly women and day care. And wow-ee-oh-boy did the Pronexus attack Hannabelle for critisizing Good Old Mary.... Geez. Well folks, it turns out that There's Something About Mary after all. At least according to one of the sheriff's reports. Something about indecent exposure and assault... Of course, this incident occurred after she had sung the Academy's praises and tried to convince us we were merely IGNORANT and had nothing to FEAR. So.... Shame on you, Mary. And shame on all of the rest of you Pronexus who lied to us.

Perhaps City Hall is the worst of the worst. Not only have they lied to us, but by forcing these violent, disturbed convicted sex offenders (who frequently escape the institution) into our previously safe neighborhood, Larry Milton, Bill Hill, Bob Mickus, Mark Loch, and the missing-the-action Jerome Kryzer are guilty of Reckless Public Endangerment. Is Pronexus city clerk Kathleen McCullum aiding and abetting? Well, what does she care about where "our" sex offenders live - They won't be in her backyard. She lives in Malmo, in Aitkin County.
But the Fear Factor is not restricted to the risk of the sex offenders. People in Onamia also live in fear - of losing their jobs (a threat made by Mayor Larry Milton), of never working in the city again (threat made by Mayor Larry Milton), fear of being persecuted and prosecuted, fear of physical harm or death (threats made towards Hannabelle by members of a MLA employee's family), fear that people will get mad and won't like them anymore, fear that if there's a fire in Bradbury Township, the fire department won't come. Yes, there certainly is a lot of FEAR and IGNORANCE in this town. In that Varner was correct. He just misdirected his statement. And he should have included himself...

Why don't more citizens support their Bradbury neighbors across the Rum? You probably already guessed it! Yep. Fear and ignorance. Fear and ignorance. Fear and ignorance.

Wednesday, January 9th at 4:30 pm there is a public hearing for the proposed spot zoning of the NEXUS property (formerly the Grosslein property). If you have any courage and intelligence, I advise you all to attend. Don't let your own fear and ignorance keep you from stopping the City Government from successfully committing MISFEASANCE. This government is like those out-of-control sex offenders - in need of a take-down.

We must be brave. We must be smart. Its time to turn over the cards and take a look at the Truth. The deck has been stacked, my friends. Its time to insist on an honest game, one played by the rules.