Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Majority Rules

This is a portion of an article I wrote for the Mille Lacs News about our system of democracy, and how the Onamia City Council is out of bounds. Read the full editorial here.
When the Majority has no right to rule

The concept of Majority Rules gets even more complex when we are talking about personal property which the Majority has no right to mess with. Nexus and the city council believe they are entitled to our neighborhood. They're not. Period.

How would you like it if Hannabelle paid you a visit in your home - just showed up unannounced one day and barged into your livingroom uninvited? I know, you'd probably put on coffee and get those cocoanut bars out of the freezer. It would be fun and I'll see you next Tuesday...

So forget that example. Let's say that Vinnie, a 6 foot tall, 200 pound, psychologically disturbed sex offender stops by on his way to the Cities along with a few of his close friends - Orville, Snake, Deadeye, and Captain 666. They decide to tear down your curtains, break your windows, shred your furniture with 12 inch knives, and smash the irreplaceable collection of fine English porcelain your late grandmother gave you as a wedding present. They take turns raping your daughter, drink Aunt Tillie's weekend sherry, kick your dog, take your jewels, and beat you to a bloody pulp just before they set fire to your house and steal your car.

Now please pay attention and answer honestly. Do you think this is o.k. that they did this to you? Do you think that they are entitled to come to your home to harm you, your family, and destroy your personal property?

If you said yes, then you are Pronexus and there is no hope for you. Oh, and I'll give Vinnie and his friends your address and they'll see you next Tuesday...

Sometimes the Majority shouldn't rule. Sometimes it is not entitled to. In this case, the majority is Vinnie, Orville, Snake, Deadeye and Captain 666. You and your daughter (and the dog) are in the minority.

Just because there is a Majority does not give them the automatic right to rule.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clairvoyance and the lack thereof

Now, Poncho's always telling me not to be too subtle. He says there are lots of Onamians that just don't get it, or they're too stupid to understand. (Poncho has developed a chip on his shoulder since having his Constitutional Rights tampered with by this bunch of assholes.) Anyway, I TRY to be as simple and clear as possible. And I take full responsibility when somebody misses a point I'm trying to make, at least the first time. If they fail to comprehend the main issues after a whole year of Hannabelle, then I must concede that they are truly stupid idiots beyond hope.
I received a comment on my latest blog "You Don't Have to be Karnac", which I won't post, since it wasn't addressed to Hannabelle directly, but I'll include the commenter's question here.

"Has it ever occurred to you
that the reason only you and three other people show up
at City Council Meetings to protest Nexus' new campus is because
only you and three other people oppose it?"

No. It has never occurred to me. Because I know that's not true.

If you will please re-read the Karnac blog entry, you will notice in the first sentence that the "public hearing" is scheduled at 3:30 p.m. Yes. In the afternoon - On a work day. Most of the public is working. Oh, I realize that you'll be there... But most people can't get off work to attend the "public hearing". Even some of the Neighbors can't get off work and its their own properties at stake. Now do you see? Why do I doubt that you do? The Onamia city council does this all the time. They schedule public hearings that purposefully exclude the public. Its been an ongoing strategy. Like how they sometimes "stack the deck" with Nexus employees who don't even live in the county. They think they're clever. I'm telling you - these people are just assholes. They are bullies and they don't play fair. It will come back to bite them in the butt, I assure you. But in the meantime, we all suffer for their incompetence.
So yes. People care. Of course, nobody cares as much as those of us who are being violated. Those who can make it, do. Some of the victims in our neighborhood are unable to attend for health reasons. Some outside supporters have told me they miss the meetings because they refuse to subscribe or read the Mille Lacs Messenger, where its listed in the legal notices.
But about the reader who sent in this anonymous comment... the Pronexus reader with his/her head up his/her ass... He/she missed the point of the article - the part about intimidation tactics to dissuade support. But then, he/she missed a whole lot more. Like - Nexus has no right to our Rights. Like, it doesn't matter what YOUR opinion is about putting YOUR sex offenders in MY neighborhood. YOU have NO RIGHT to do this. My apologies, if I was unclear. But somehow - this time, I don't think its my fault that YOU didn't get it. I don't usually attack my readers, but this was nothing more than another obvious attempt to harass Hannabelle. Like the death threats. Didn't work. You'll have to do better.
I guess Poncho is correct as usual.

You Don't Have to be Karnac

On April 30 at 3:30 p.m., there will be a "public hearing" at the Onamia City Hall to address the Conditional Use Permit which will allow Nexus, a multi-million dollar private corporation to spot zone, circumventing MN Statute 462.357 in order to erect a five building mega-complex for 94 convicted sex offenders in an opposing and unforgiving R1 neighborhood. You don't have to be Karnac to read this Future.
Further predictions: The city council will all be present, along with the city attorney and the bigwigs from Nexus. There will only be three or four protesting citizens, and only two of us will speak out. The city council will allow us to voice our objections, while averting their eyes and looking smug or bored, depending on the individual. Larry will turn away from the table and stare at the wall like he always does.
Same old, same old.
The city council will thank us for speaking, and then close the public hearing. Then they will have another meeting where they will unanimously pass the CUP ordinance in favor of Lord and Master - Nexus. Once again, We The People will be betrayed by our local government. America loses points. Fascism wins the game. No, you don't have to be Karnac to know how this Done Deal will go down. We've seen it all before and again.
The purpose of Public Hearings is to let our leaders hear from We The People so that they can understand and follow the Will of the People. After all, that is their job - to represent us. Its a nice, democratic theory, but one which unfortunately doesn't apply in Nexusville. The attitude of the Onamia city council is: Fuck the People. The only reason they hold Public Hearings is because Minnesota State Law says that they shall. Its mandatory.
But nobody can force them to listen to We The People. Nobody can force them to follow the Will of the People. Nobody can make them do the Right Thing. And nobody can stop them from doing the Wrong Thing.
Its easy to say that most of the people don't even care about Nexus, or the Mille Lacs Academy, or whether or not this corporation stays in the Onamia area, or whether or not citizens' rights are being abused and tossed into the garbage can by our totalitarian mayor. Sure they care. At least a good many of them do. Then - where's the outrage? Why aren't the citizens up in arms about the improprieties being committed by these won-by-default politicians?
I've been doing some research on the phenomenon of Ostricism, Bullying, and the use of the Silent Treatment as a strategy to control people. I will probably be writing quite a lot about these and other methods used to manipulate us. All three of these techniques have been implemented by Nexus and the Onamia city government, whether by design or by accident. I say its all been intentional.
Someone informed me last year that Mayor Larry Milton had approached them about Hannabelle... The mayor said that anyone who supported Hannabelle and the Neighbors would no longer be welcomed in town. They would be ostracized from the community.
How many people did Milton make this same threat to? Well, we know that one of our petitioners called to have his name removed after a horrendous three days of "torture" and harassment by Milton's goons. Apparently he was threatened with never being able to get a contract in Onamia again.
One of the Neighbors also had his job threatened by Milton, when the mayor blocked his way into City Hall. According to the Neighbor, Milton loomed over him, using intimidation and threat of physical violence as well as threatening his job.
Is this enough for you? (It certainly should be). But there is a lot more. Milton has used these bullying tactics of fear and intimidation, threats, ridicule, and ostricism throughout the course of his tenure. I've attempted to contact Milton and council members and Nexus and the city attorney.... and have not once been shown one ounce of courtesy. Those I've spoken to on the phone refuse to listen to me. They yell at me and slam the phone down in my ear. CLICK! Or they refuse to answer at all. Milton has not answered a single call, returned or responded to messages. Is the Bully Mayor afraid to speak to Hannabelle? What a wus. I've written emails. No replies. I've sent videos. No responses. THE SILENT TREATMENT used as an orchestrated strategy. Experts say that the Silent Treatment is the most cruel form of societal punishment. That and Ostricism. Keep in mind that these are techniques utilized by Nexus - you know - Nexus.... that company whose mission it is to help poor troubled youth.... hmmm. Would you even want them near your kid? People who strategically use the cruelest forms of societal punishment?
The Bradbury Township Board has been supportive of our protests, but hasn't gotten involved. Know why? Maxine Gingery, our township clerk said to me, "I don't know if we dare stick our necks out. We have to stay on good terms with the Village [Onamia]. What if there's a fire?" Can you believe that the good folks on the Bradbury Township Board actually fear that if they oppose Larry Milton that either the fire department would refuse to respond to a call, or that the city would refuse to renew the fire service contract? Maxine believes it. She believed it enough that she didn't want to stick her neck out.
What about Marge Agnew, who is active in the Initiative Foundation project to form a planning commission (which the city council took out of citizens' hands when they resolved to be the Planning Commission themselves, thus monopolizing all of the power to the council.) At one of the citizen "visioning" meetings, Marge stood in front of a large group of the most prominent civic leaders in our community and called the Naysayers who oppose Nexus a "Special Interest Group". They joked about us and had a big laugh at our expense. In addressing these citizens, Marge let everybody know in no uncertain terms that We The People Cursed By Location were to be ostricized. And most of the people who were there heeded her message.
The Mille Lacs Messenger hasn't done us any favors. But then, the Onamia City Council is one of their customers, spending thousands of dollars on legal notices in their paper. What a loss they would take if the Council chose another paper (probably not the Mille Lacs News...) to spend their money with! And of course, there are other customers who are among the Pronexus. Best not to rile their feathers. So, for the most part, the Mille Lacs Messenger has ignored us. They've printed a few of our letters and written a few stories - which have been so slanted in favor of Nexus that we've almost dreaded having them write anything at all. So, instead of telling the whole story about the injustices perpetrated by a government-for-hire, We The Neighbors have been ostricized again. The Mille Lacs Messenger has spread the word. Milton's Message. Its a real shame too. I hate to admit it, but I personally like Brett Larson and Vivian Clark - and I enjoy Rob Passons' writings. But they have greatly disappointed me in their lack of courage when it comes to standing up to the mayor of Onamia/Nexusville. Maybe its not their fault. Publisher Kevin Anderson is Pronexus to the core, which means he supports Fascism, discrimination, the abuse of civil liberties, etc. etc. But there you go... Kevin's efforts (they fear public speaking more than death....) succeeded in ostricizing the citizens who protested that sex offenders do not belong in residential neighborhoods with elderly widows, children, disabled adults, and day cares. He has the nerve to write about social injustice while denying ours. How hypocritical.
I believe in social justice!
(as long as it is convenient and suits my purposes...)
The Mille Lacs Messenger never reported the Lies of Nexus. They never reported the city council's bogus ordinances. They did however publish stories about our "fear and ignorance - fear and ignorance - fear and ignorance" and about "the children" at the academy. No mention of the falsified sheriff and police reports in the Nexus brochure. No mention of sexual assaults, indecent exposures, staff injuries, and hundreds of escapes by these 6 foot, 200 pound, eighteen year old "children." Its shameful.
IN MY OPINION Jim D'Angelo proved my claim of his arrogance when he told me that "I refuse to give you [me] the satisfaction by answering your [my] emails." IN MY OPINION, it wasn't enough to use the Silent Treatment, he had to make sure I understood it was intentional. A strategy he was proud of. [That is my opinion. The First Amendment gives me the Right to express it here.] I believe he directed others to use this strategy. But then, I could be wrong. What do you think? Maybe its all a big coincidence...
The trouble with these strategies is that they only work if the victim cares. Me? If I wanted anything to do with society, I wouldn't have chosen to be a hermit in the woods. Ostracism doesn't work on me. I self-ostracized long ago. I just want to be left alone, wherein lies the problem. They insist on persisting on being my "neighbor". Nothing will stop them. Not even the Law.
D'Angelo did send me an email once upon a time.... He said that if I give up, he'd reward me by dropping the law suit and welcoming me back "to the fold" like a prodigal daughter.....

To which I must respond:

Fuck you, freak. You're not my father.
Fuck you and fuck your Fold.

Oh no! Is Hannabelle going to get in trouble again?
What's D'Angelo going to do? Sue her?
But won't she offend people in the village?
Didn't you hear? She's aready ostricized. She has nothing left to lose.
Well, that was very mean of them. Why didn't Hannabelle get more support from people? She's generally such a nice person. Why would they hurt her so?
Fear and ignorance
Fear and ignorance
Fear and ignorance
Is it over then?
The fat lady has yet to finish singing.
.... Who was that?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Video - Hold onto your feelings

One thing they can never take away from you: Your Feelings. You own them. They are yours and yours alone. One thing about feelings. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. Things can influence your feelings, but most of the time you can't help the way you feel. Its an instinct. You really can't control your feelings - you can only control your actions and reactions concerning them.
The Onamia City Council doesn't believe you have a right to your feelings. They call your feelings "opinions", which of course, can be argued and disagreed with. And over-ridden. They are wrong, as usual. Opinions are ideas, not feelings. They can be right or wrong or a little of both. Opinions can be educated. Educated opinions should carry more weight than those of the uneducated Onamia government. Should- but they don't. Because opinions, unlike feelings can also be bought.
The bully mayor and city council have disregarded the feelings of the elderly widows living next to the Mille Lacs Academy relocation site. They don't respect these women. They don't honor these daughters, wives, mothers, and friends.
They think these women are foolish to be worried about some 6 feet tall, 200 pound psychologically disturbed sex offenders who might escape the institution and come calling in the night. Bullies like to pick on the weak. That's because bullies are cowards - underneath... where real men keep their balls.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

So... How Goes The War?

I realize that some of you were expecting fireworks and skyrockets (maybe a hand grenade or two) for our Unhappy Anniversary on April 18th. Actually, it was a quiet, reflective day for me. Certainly nothing to celebrate. I mean, who would celebrate something like this? You don't celebrate September 11. You don't celebrate Katrina. You don't celebrate Nexus. To us, Nexus is our personal disaster. Actually, its yours too. You'll figure that out someday. Mark my words.
A year ago my life was on one course - safe, secure, peaceful. The course of my life was changed for me on that fateful day by the Fascist Onamia city council and Nexus - the Sex Offenders R Us Company. War is nothing to celebrate. Especially when its against the guy you used to buy groceries from, the guy you used to work with at the hospital, the guy who claimed to be really good friends with your dad, and the gal you used to buy gas from. Folks you've known for thirty years. A war with old friends, old neighbors, old acquaintances. A war to stop them from taking what doesn't belong to them - your neighborhood. Your home. Your LIBERTY.

People seem to think that once Nexus erects its five building mega-complex, with its huge parking lot, lights, ball field, roads, and signs; once they demolish this peaceful, quiet neighborhood - OUR neighborhood - that we will just fade away into acceptance. Jim D'Angelo said on more than one occasion: "Three years from now, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about!" Well, its already been one year and we still know what all the fuss is about, don't we... I predict that in two more years, Nexus and the city council will wonder "what the fuck were we thinking when we invaded Bradbury Township?"
But by then, many of them will be gone. Some will quit. Some will be fired. Some will probably be dead. Nexus doesn't really matter in the long run. Larry's Legacy of filling the town with sex offenders is pretty silly. He just can't see that now. $$$$$$$$ Too bad he lacks the imagination to do something good for Onamia - to leave a real legacy. Alas. This is an old, slow-changing neighborhood. What happens here matters to the residents. But the other "players"? They'll be gone. (The sooner, the better.)
I claim no influence whatsoever, but in the past year there has been quite a turn-around in participants, beginning with the resignation of Kathe Dellacecca, the Mille Lacs Academy Executive Administrator. The Mille Lacs Area CDC's Craig Hagman (the guy who started the ball rolling with the Bye property) is a thing of the past. Mr. Opinion - Bill Hill, the Man of Many Hats has taken over as the President of the MLACDC, (along with his seats on the Onamia city council, the new "Planning Commission" and "Board of Adjustment", he's got a lot of fingers in the pie, doesn't he...) Mille Lacs Messenger editor Kevin Anderson - Pronexus, receded to the position of publisher, which didn't affect our cause much since he still calls the shots, but every little bit helps. Nexus filled some vacancies on their Board of Directors, including Darnell Allen, vice president of Albertsons, a subsidiary of Super Valu. (Is it merely a coincidence that Bill Hill ceased his affiliation with the company less than a month after we pointed out the obvious conflict of interest? hmmm.) Hospital CEO Dan Reiner - Pronexus, is also a thing of the past, (or soon will be.) There were also changes at the MLA - with staff injuries (at least one who was disabled by a PTB) and one suicide by an MLA employee. And of course, the grand resignation of Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good year.

But of course, there is a lot more work to be done. Its an election year, after all. Several bad politicians need to go! These are people who believe that YOU HAVE NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS anymore: Onamia Mayor Larry E. Milton, councilman Mark Loch, part-time councilman Jerome Kryzer. Its time to get rid of these bad boys... On the Mille Lacs Board of County Commissioners, its definitely time for Frank Courteau and Phil Peterson to move on to some place where they can no longer hurt people. And of course at the State level, Sondra Erickson's time is up.

All of these politicians believe that their "opinions" over-ride yours, are more valid than yours, even if they are messing in your stuff. Their actions indicate that the Rights you think you have don't have any bearing, especially when it comes to their opinions of what's "Good for the Community." When it comes to the "Good of the Community", don't be surprised when They decide that you are no longer part of the Community. Expect to be sacrificed for the "Good of the Community". Expect to be ostracized. What is the "Good of the Community"? What does it mean? The "Good of the Community" actually means that the rights of individual citizens will be forfeited for the POCKETS OF THE FEW, the few who stand to gain financially from the demise of your Freedom. That's when you'll find out how much they care about you. THEY WANT YOU OUT OF THE WAY. This type of politician is tearing down America one citizen at a time, one small town at a time, one Constitutional Right at a time.

So you can see that Hannabelle has her work cut out for her. Of course, there is so much more to this story than mere politics. I see my job as being the Exposer, the Truth-Teller, the Word-Spreader.... sort of the Paul Revere of Mille Lacs County. I want the world to know what has been done to us in our little neighborhood AND by whom. I want everyone to see how nasty and wrong (and dangerous) these Bullies are. I want every citizen to understand Their methods so that they might protect themselves and our society from Them.

After a year of full-time war against Nexus and our Fascist Onamia government, vigorously fighting against this unlawful Taking of our neighborhood, I'll be able to bide my time now. There's no rush. A year ago, I had no interest in any of this shit. I wasn't even aware of what was happening until April 18, 2007. I was just living my life, remember? This issue is about so much more than just relocating the Mille Lacs Academy. What They've done, and how They've done it is critically wrong. Somebody has to stand up to these fascist little dictators with their selfish little schemes. I guess that would be me - and anybody else who has the guts. Its going to be a long cold war indeed. You can bet on it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who Owns You?

George Carlin, telling it like it is here in Nexusville.

Bulldogging Bullies and Their Bullshit

Disclaimer: The following section is imaginary. It didn't happen. It is all in my mind and is fiction, not fact and is definitely not something to sue me over. That said, this is my fictionalized imaginary dialogue, my "skit" - (which I made up for entertainment reasons and to make a political point,) - of Onamia city attorney Bob Ruppe's report to Mayor Larry Milton after Bob's telephone conversation with me.

"You should have seen me! First I kicked that cow out of the chute and got her running really fast. I chased up beside her, jumped off my horse, grabbed ol' Hannabelle by the horns, skidded my feet and twisted her neck 'til it darn near broke off! Yep. I tipped her over and threw her on the ground just as easy as pie. Then, yoo know what? I just got up an' walked away, just left that sorry heiffer in the dust... laying thar with a broken neck an' a broken spirit. Did I do good Lar? huh? huh?"

"Great job, Bob. Real smooth. That fat old cow deserved a good bulldoggin'. Who's she think she is anyhow? Gittin' all pissy over 94 corn-holers rammed down her throat. [a moment of puzzlement]. All we're doing is fuckin' with the law a little and she puts up a video on CNN. I mean, its not like we're the only ones shittin' on the Consitution. Look at the President for Pete's sake. Like I say, anything George can do, I can do better. [they laugh]

Even though the above is fiction, in reality I can see how Bob might interpret our real-life telephone conversation (I use those terms lightly) as The Great Lawyer successfully beating Hannabelle to a bloody pulp. When the "yellee" can't get a word in edgewise, the "yeller" assumes that he won the argument. I just see Ruppe as another unprofessional, nasty bully who refuses to listen and refuses to engage in any kind of meaningful dialogue. He's nobody special. Just another tool used by Nexus to "git 'er done." Maybe I've watched too much Court TV, but Ruppe doesn't impress me at all. In MY OPINION, he's just not bright enough to do a professional job for the city. He's made so many mistakes...

I needed to talk to Ruppe because he instructed the city clerk to deny my access to public information. I asked for and received a letter from him (Ka-ching!) which included Minnesota Statute 13.03 - the Data Practices Act. He didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but he left out the answer to my concern: where does it say in the law that a citizen has to call the city attorney (long distance, mind you) if she has any questions? According to law, the city clerk - the "Keeper of the Crap" is bound to provide access to public information as well as any explanation which may be necessary.

When I pointed that out to the city attorney (I use that term lightly), he asked me to cite the statute where the law says the crap-keeper must explain the crap to citizens. Huh??? I told him. Its in the statute that HE sent ME - in 13.03! He said he hadn't read anything like that and told me to find that part and send it to him. (What am I? His fucking law clerk?) I told him he already had it and could look it over. He told me he refused to look it up, even though he must have just had that law in front of him to copy it in a letter to me. Does this make your head explode?

He gave his reason for singling me out to deny access to public information as I had gone on record declaring that I was going to sue the city - and he told his clients, just as he does his other clients, to stop talking to me. "Have you been served papers?" I asked. No. Of course not. I have made reference to this abomination ending up in District Court, but I have never said that I am personally going to sue Onamia. This attorney stated that because there was "potential" of a lawsuit, that was good enough reason for him. When I tried to explain that all of the neighbors had that potential (and cause), he just over-yelled me that this "conversation is going nowhere". When I asked him for Statute which says that in the event of a potential lawsuit, MN Stat. 13 no longer applies, HE told ME: "You're a learned person. Look it up."
You're the fucking so-called lawyer who is bending and breaking the law with MALFEASANCE - to ruin our lives here with your god damned pudpullers, Bozo. YOU look it up. I didn't say that. I wanted to, but didn't. The rage inside of me has yet to come out. I remained calm. He was the one who was yelling.
Knowing that he was going to hang up on me (for that is their universal strategy in dealing with Hannabelle - The Silent Treatment - The Hang-up Attack) I quickly inquired about his interpretation about MN Statute 462.357, which states succinctly that juvenile sex offender facilities are not permitted in a residential area - he refused to answer, saying, "I don't discuss law with other lawyers.. er ... or public citizens." He refused to discuss it with me, that's for sure. He told me to get my own lawyer to tell me.
"I could hire a hundred lawyers, and not one of them could tell me what's going on in Bob Ruppe's head," I said.
When I asked for a statute which negated 462.357, again he told me to look it up myself.
Mommy, Mommy! Why can't I stop running in circles?
Shut up, or I'll nail your other shoe to the floor.

Okay. I have been forbidden from obtaining public information, and have been directed to a city attorney who refuses to give me information. Only in Onamia.... He also invoked the old Attorney/Client Privilege into the mix, stating that he won't discuss his clients' business. So much for transparency in government, huh. And how he shouted at me... He made it clear that he doesn't represent the citizens. He represents Good Ol' Larry Milton and the Onamia Mafia. (My words, not his.) I told him:

"You're job isn't to protect the Government from the People.
"Your job is to protect the People from the Government."

He told me that We The People always get that wrong... There were a few other things I tried to discuss with him, but he said that our conversation wasn't getting anywhere. (I actually agreed. It had gone nowhere - just like everything else in the past year. Still no answers, no explanations, and the bullying tactics which seem to be the only way the city council and Nexus can operate.) So just before Bob Ruppe hung up on me, I told him.

"I've not been rude to you. I've been nice. You're attacking me so that you can blame ME for your hanging up on me."


I don't know if that last part made sense, but what I meant was that he had refused to talk to me, refused to answer any questions, refused to supply any information, and shouted constantly at me with rapid-fire aggression to what? intimidate me? frighten me? MAKE ME GO AWAY? Who knows. And in the end he will no doubt say that it was all my fault. I am too unreasonable to deal with. I made him hang up on me.

Its kind of like the wife-beater who comes home drunk
and when supper isn't on the table when the second hand crosses twelve, beats the living hell out of his wife, later saying regrettfully,
"God, I wish she hadn't made me do that..."

Note: Now that was a metaphor. Look it up before you sue me. Jim, do you need help? a special translation here? You seem to have trouble picking up my metaphors.

I will conclude that in the past fifty years or so, I cannot recall even once when I was treated with the rudeness, hostility, and disrespect equal to that dished out by Bob Ruppe - Nexusville's Lawyer. (He must feel very inadequate to be acting so tough. Or maybe he's just scared... for reasons I won't go into now... ) In the past year, I've been abused by the rudest, nastiest people I've ever seen - Nexus, Pronexus, and the entire Onamia government, including the zoning administrator and especially the city clerk. Keep in mind, I didn't instigate any of this. I was just living my life. THEY CAME TO ME WITH THEIR FASCIST BULLSHIT!
I used to feel I'd been thrust into the Twilight Zone (R1). But now I realize that is way too mild for the likes of this story. I'm living in a fucking Stephen King novel where everyone in the town turns into some sort of horrible mutant Zombies, trying to destroy and devour the non-Zombies.

There's not many of us non-Zombies left to understand the horror or spread the Truth about what is going wrong in Onamia, Minnesota - Nexusville.

Note: check out Hannabelle's videos on YouTube, featuring none other than that famous (I want to say "charleton" but he'll sue me and you'll think I mean Heston) bulldogging lawyer, Bob Ruppe.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

If You Build It, She Will Write

I just received The Letter. You know, the one that the city of Onamia sent out to announce the Fuck You, We're Building Nexus Anyway Public Hearing on April 30 at 3:30 pm, followed by the We're Voting It In So HaHa Fuck You All Special Meeting at 4:30. Are you surprised?

I'm not.

At least, I'm not surprised that They are going to do the wrong thing. They're too stupid, small-minded, and short-sighted to realize the enormity of their mistake, and too unethical to grasp the significance of their actions. They are going to stay the course... ignoring laws and ordinances, burying YOUR RIGHTS under the shit pile they created. They are going to continue to lie and scheme and make Their money - at YOUR expense. No. This doesn't surprise me in the least.

What surprises me is that YOU will let them.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Icemen Come

Note: I wrote this awhile ago, got side-tracked and didn't get around to publishing it. (I've been busy researching, etc.)
The Icemen Come
Just when I think they can't get any worse, the Onamia city council shocks and awes me again. For a year, I've watched these "people" sit around the city council table - hard and cold, like lumps of dirty ice stuck on the garage floor - you know, the ugly gray shitty stuff that falls off your car in the winter... and in order to get rid of it, you have to wait for Spring because its frozen solid to the concrete... Most of the time you just live with it, but when you're carrying an armload of groceries you just bought at Cashwise in St. Cloud (lower prices, better selection, worth the trip) from your car to your kitchen, you are suddenly reminded of those ugly lumps of dirty ice as they suddenly trip you, as if they were alive....

Or maybe you don't know what I'm talking about... I forget the breadth and scope of this forum. People in Arizona are probably confused. What is she talking about? What is "ice"? Isn't that what's floating in my Tequilla Sunrise? Well, if that be the case, look around you for two goofy old codgers who've been skipping our city council meetings up here in da nort lund and maybe they can tell you, if they still remember. (If you didn't know, one of our councilmen and our zoning administrator have gone missing.)

Ice... Ice is what you might find inside our mayor and city councilmen if you went in looking for their hearts. (Go ahead and sue me for defamation, assholes. Na na na boo boo!) Oh my! There she goes again! Why would she say such a cruel thing about these self-esteemed Public Servants??? Well, I'll tell you why. I've watched them sit stoic and unmoved as tearful citizens plead with them to listen... please LISTEN.... HEAR how you are HURTING me. SEE how your arbitrary and capricious decisions are affecting MY life. YOU are doing THIS to ME! Can't you FEEL my PAIN?

"Thank you. Next," says the Mayor of Nexusville. Tears do not melt the Icemen. Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye (absent).

Yes, I've watched them sit stoic and unmoved as desperate American citizens challenge them with logic and reason - and the Law. Minnesota Statute does not allow sex offender facilities in residential neighborhoods. This is SPOT ZONING. It is about as congruent as chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and pickled giraffe shit. It doesn't fit. If it doesn't fit, you MUST ...uh...QUIT!

"Thank you. Next." Logic and reason and the Law do not melt the Icemen. Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye (absent).

But on Monday, at the "well isn't that special" public hearing for the Watch Us Pull a Re-zoning Out of Our Asses for [trumpet fanfare] NEXUS, NEXUS rah rah rah, I think I witnessed the absolute worst ice storm anyone could imagine.

I watched the Onamia City Council sit stoic and unmoved as I told them about Tanner Wilson, an eleven year old boy who was smothered to death by a Nexus employee.
"What's the relevance?" asked Councilman Bob Mickus. Dead kids. How inconvenient, eh? Man! That's like being one pin short of a perfect game.
Can't anything melt these Icemen?

Take heart, my compassionate human and humane dear readers! Spring always comes eventually, annihilating those pesky, ugly chunks of ice on your garage floor, leaving nothing behind but little puddles of crud. Perhaps the relevance is that innocent lives lost (or sacrificed) tend to be grieved and memorialized. Victims are remembered and mourned. BUT insignificant, nasty little city officials such as the Onamia mayor and councilmen - tend to evaporate without a trace but for a few city minutes and that ugly smudge of crud left on the floor for someone else to sweep away. Forgotten.