Friday, February 15, 2008

Me and Mini-Me

I commented to Mille Lacs Academy Director Paul Smith at the January 30th "We Can't Hear You, We're NOT Listening, So Screw You!" that it was just plain uncanny how similar David Hutchinson - the new NEXUS CEO is to the former NEXUS CEO. I said, "He's just like D'Angelo only smaller!" Kind of like a white rat compared to a white mouse. Oddly alike. I suppose that rat comment will get me into trouble. Free speech isn't free in Nexusville. I'll get sued again. I wonder if Mini-Me's temper is as bad as Dr. Evil's. Dr. Evil is suing me because I called him arrogant. I suppose that comparing Mini-Me to Dr. Evil is just the same as calling him arrogant too. Soooo. Oh well. Let them come after me. They just make themselves look mean, nasty, and.... foolish.

One thing that isn't foolish, is the presentation choreographed by the Onamia city attorney, the Onamia city "Planning Commission" (which is the same as the Onamia city council) between the lawyer and the sex offender CEO. It was unethical, but well-prepared.

There were several problems however. First, Larry had made it clear that there would be no discussion about anything except zoning. He refused to hear anything that we'd been over fifty thousand times last summer. And then, just like that, their cheesy lawyer and Mini-Me went over the same crap we've been over fifty thousand times. Hardly fair, don't you agree? And of course, Mini-Me puked out the same untruths as had his predecessor. Of course, that rhetoric has lost its magic. Everyone now realizes that its nothing but fictional propaganda. Mini-Me needs some practice to become convincing. Jim, (and of course YOU, Victor....) if you're listening, please note that I think D'Angelo has a lot more stage-presence than Mini-Me ever will. Dr. Evil - you're still Number 1 in my book! Sorry, but Mini-Me comes up a bit short. Of course there's also Paul Smith.... Number 2..... It fits. Don'tcha think?
I digress. Why don't you watch for yourself. You'll see Mini-Me in action, spreading falsehoods and trying to convince us that 94 convicted sex offenders is congruent with day care.

Please realize that there is absolutely nothing congruent between this behemoth mega-complex with its 5 institutional buildings, roads, driveways, huge parkinglots and of course - its 94 convicted sex offenders and the rest of our peaceful, rural neighborhoods. They are trying to dodge the Spot Zoning issue. It won't work. We live on small farms in single houses. There are no apartment buildings or schools nearby - although why would you put sex offenders near such places??? We have lots to discuss, my friends. :)


Anonymous said...

Paul is better than Kathe was.

Hannabelle said...

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your comment.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Kathe's poor management style definitely contributes to the community relations problems now.