Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On a Clear Day

So here's what happened.... Poncho read my last blog post (which he said he liked very much! :) except....

except..... he says that Nexus will probably sue me again for what I said. Yeah, I agreed. They probably will. If you tell, they will sue.

Poncho said I should maybe not have mentioned the board members in conjunction with my detective work regarding them. He's probably right, but we have a little different way of looking at things. He's much more pragmatic than I am. I say: THEY SAY ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR - AND THIS AIN'T LOVE, BABY! But it hasn't been fair. I haven't seen anything fair in all of this. I see it as a war Nexus waged upon me when they pushed themselves into MY neck of the woods with the declaration: "WE WILL BE NEIGHBORS!!!", used the city council to change the rules for them, then verbally attacked me and my real neighbors, lied to the public, not to mention ostracizing us from their Nexus Silent Treatment Center after promising to work with us, and on and on and on until it culminated in these two defamation lawsuits SLAPPed against me. This is THEIR war against a private citizen who is opposed to being forced to live next to THEIR sex offenders - convicted sex offenders who do not belong in a residential neighborhood. Nexus is a BUSINESS, folks. It isn't a "home", it isn't a "residence", it isn't even an "academy". It is a correctional juvenile sex offender facility licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

So anyway, after Poncho's warning, I thought about editting my previous post to exclude the part about Jack Abramoff and the Crosier sex offenders, etc. I wanted my readers to know what areas I'm exploring - perhaps somebody will send some hot tips. I've been lucky before in that way. But more importantly, I want Nexus to know that if you continue to sue me, your board members are fair game. Your finances are fair game. Don't be surprised if more skeletons fall out of your closet. I WILL defend myself. I will NOT succumb to your bullying. I wrote an article for the Mille Lacs News entitled "D'Angelo Plays Hardball" about his threats of a lawsuit. Well, Hannabelle can play Hardball too. Why not. Nexus ruined my life. I'm not being melodramatic. You are looking at a woman whose life has been shattered, RAPED, if you will, by Nexus' corporatism. Where were their "cornerstone values" when I needed them? Oops. Guess they only use them when its convenient.

In the past, I've written blogs - some pretty scathing if I do say so myself, which may have come a little close to the edge. On second thought, I've removed them from the Bradbury Buzzz. However, and this is quite interesting, they have come back (to haunt me?) in Nexus attorney Victor Lund's huge pile of papers. One was removed after just about an hour online. What... do they have a fulltime Nexus lawyer sitting at the computer 24/7 just in case I publish something? Am I really that important? Ha. I'm nothing more than a little gadfly buzzing around their heads. One good swat and I'm dead. No more Bradbury Buzzzz. It would be the Bradbury Splattt instead.

So, anyway, I'll leave the previous blog entry alone, knowing it has probably already been printed by the enemy as they prepare for yet another lawsuit against moi. How can I be so cavalier?

Its like this folks: D'Angelo objected to some things I wrote and threatened to sue me. I did remove some, if not most of the material he found offensive. His lawyers did not tell me specifically which material to remove - they just said to remove "anything defamatory", and apparently that is a matter of opinion. I never wrote anything defamatory - and my lawyers have told me I haven't crossed the line. I did remove things I thought had hurt his feelings - like the article when I was told he had committed suicide and I was happy until I found out it was another MLA employee, not D'Angelo. But here's the deal... Even after I removed the "offending" material, Jim D'Angelo continued to sue me. Removing it didn't help. Didn't stop the Nexus Steamroller.

After I removed the video that Nexus is suing me for, they still continued to sue me. Even though I complied with their demands, they continued to prosecute me. Or is the term PERSECUTE? Yes. Me thinks "persecute" is much more fitting. There seems nothing I can do to stop the Nexus Steamroller. I am just a little bump in their road that they are determined to level at any cost. Cover me with tar (and feathers?) and run me into the ground. Unless I go to trial (trials) I probably can't beat them.

But once again I would like to state that I am NOT accusing Crosier Father Jerry Schik of being involved in the Crosier Child Molestation Sex Scandal. Are we clear, Vic? If I was claiming "guilt by association", I'd most likely start with convicted MLA director Paul Smith, embezzler. No. I haven't done anything wrong Vic.

I am NOT accusing Nexus board member Francis Smith with any wrongdoing. The Jack Abramoff connection I mentioned allegedly involves Mr. Smith's son who as I understand it allegedly was NOT convicted with his alleged partner Jack Allegedly Abramoff. Are we clear here, Vic?

Now, Darnell Allen, Vice President of Super Valu is a person of particular interest in my case because of his alleged involvement with Human Rights. Hasn't he even allegedly won awards for his good deeds in this field? I think it is interesting that throughout the Nexus forced-entry into my life, nobody (including Darnell Allen) has lifted a finger to protect MY Human Rights. For some reason, I am not afforded any "rights". Not even Constitutional ones...

Oh. Oh. Oh. Except one. I DO have the Right to Remain Silent.
If I give up the right to remain silent, anything can and WILL be used against me - whether its fair or not. So what? What else is new? Nexus has painted us into such a small corner and keeps painting painting painting until there won't be anywhere to go. But unlike the Nexusians - I have NOTHING left to loose. They've already ruined my life. Irreparable damages.

Just so we're clear.

Yes. Hannabelle IS human. She makes mistakes occasionally. She bleeds when you cut her. She cries when she's been hurt. She cries out when she's been wronged.

Nexus is the Steamroller. I'm just a little bump in their road. But keep in mind - when you build your road on faulty ground, trying to cover up frost boils and ignore old corduroy timbers, you can definitely expect to see a few ugly pot holes in the spring.

High Crimes and Not So Misdemeanors

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for my first experience with the Minnesota Court of Appeals down in St. Paul. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Knowing myself, I won't sleep tonight. I'd be lying if I downplayed the stress; the anxiety. This is hard. There is an incredible amount of pressure in going to court. I know. I've already been to District Court three times - with Motions to Dismiss the two SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) that Jim D'Angelo, Peter Freeman, and Nexus The Corporation have waged against me. For some reason, I keep losing. Am I guilty? Guilty until proven innocent? I've never won even the smallest battle against Nexus. I don't expect to win tomorrow either.

"YOU SLANDERED THEM!" is what Bob Mickus, the unelected mayor of Onamia told me when he bumped into me at the hospital the other day. "Don't they have a right to defend themselves?" (THEY have the right to defend themselves but I don't have the right to defend myself, my family, my neighborhood????? THEY are the intruders. THEY are the aggressors. Go figure. THEY are suing a citizen with YOUR tax dollars! My weapon of choice? Words. Merely words. Their weapons of choice include words too - as well as the local government, the local newspaper, and the Minnesota Justice System. I'm outnumbered and outgunned.)

"I didn't slander anyone," I said.
"Yes you did!" he said, vehemently. And, he said, I was mean to "those boys".

There you have it. The unelected mayor of Onamia has proclaimed that I'm guilty. I've been charged with Defamation because I called Jim D'Angelo a snake. I know it sounds silly, and indeed it is. But apparently Jim D'Angelo isn't man enough to stand up to a little second grader name calling. No sticks and stones for him.... SUE THE GADFLY!!!!! SHE MUST BE STOPPED!!!! Coincidentally, in the Mille Lacs Messenger (the REAL newspaper), one of the commenteers this week called Mille Lacs County Commissioner Frank Courteau "an elected snake". Lawsuit potential here? Will Frank sue the commenteer? hmmm. According to Jim D'Angelo, former CEO of Nexus, "snake" is definitely a word worth suing someone over. We can't allow people to get away with saying such things now can we...

I also got blasted by a local big mouth in the Mille Lacs Messenger this week when I commented on the situation surrounding the Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director Paul L. Smith's October 15th conviction for fraud and embezzlement in an Oklahoma Federal Court. Rather than criticize the corporation or expressing dismay about the convicted felon they hired to oversee the treatment center for the "poor troubled boys", this blowhard seized the opportunity to attack Hannabelle - digging up all of the horrible things I've done in the past three years, virtually ignoring Smith's felonies while concentrating on me and my wicked ways.

I guess we don't see eye to eye here. I am a hateful creature because I: a) called sex offenders "pudpullers", b) I chastised an old "friend" for betraying me, and c) I have remained adamently vocal about the loss of our Constitutional Rights "ad nauseum" (according to Mr. Blowhard). Wicked, wicked Hannabelle... I see myself as sticking up for myself, my family, my neighborhood... I see myself as trying to defend our rights - including those of Mr. Blowhard.

According to Bob Mickus, the unelected mayor, convicted embezzler Paul Smith "made a mistake" and "Anyone can make a mistake." So much for Smith's embezzlement and fraud conviction. I, on the other hand (no pun intended) called a group of convicted sex offenders "Pudpullers". Perhaps I should have stuck to more clinical terms like: rapists, sodomizers, sexual psychopaths, etc. but like Paul Smith, I made a minor "mistake" and called them "Pudpullers". There are many differences between Smith and Hannabelle. As Nexus defended their fraudulent director, Mr. Smith was innocent until proven, and he was proven GUILTY. Although I have not committed any crimes and have not yet faced a jury of my peers, I've been judged GUILTY by the unelected mayor of Onamia and damned by those in my community who believe Nexus' fairy tales - for eternity.. My "guilt" is a "Done Deal." There's nothing I can do about it....

Think about it for a moment. When we first learned, back in 2007, that the Onamia city council had decided to annex, rezone, purchase, and sell land to Nexus to relocate 94 convicted sex offenders into our peaceful, private residential neighborhood, years of Nexus propaganda had miseducated and misled people, firmly intent on keeping the public in the dark. Believe me. Its in their best interest to do so. Lots and lots of money at stake. People had been lied to. The Truth had been cleverly disguised, covered up, or withheld altogether. People did not have accurate information from which to base their opinions. Thusly, most people became sympathetic to the "boys", the "children", the "students" from the "Academy". "Kids" who were "victims of abuse". Some would even welcome these poor troubled boys into their own backyards - if only it were possible..... And let us not forget "They're very well-behaved in church." Who could blame citizens for believing the bullcrap when it came from their own trusted government and trusted pre-bamboozled friends? Was there nobody who would break through the myths, the propaganda, and the bullcrap to bring the Truth to the people? Well.... it's a hard job but somebody's got to do it.

I'm looking forward to putting the first Court of Appeals Motion to Dismiss hearing behind me. "Losing" the two District Court judgments does not mean I'm guilty. They have not ruled on whether calling D'Angelo "Poopsie" is defamation or not. (I sometimes call Poncho "Honey". Heck. I sometimes call Poncho "Poncho". HE hasn't complained. Nor has he sued me.) Is using the phrase "getting away with murder" defamatory when in fact, an 11 year old boy died at the hands of an employee in a Nexus facility and nobody went to prison after the child was killed? (Of course, I was using the idiom in the context of Nexus getting away with murder by getting everything they demanded from the Onamia city council, including 15 years tax abatement. But Nexus got all undie-bundles about it.) Can't one call a spade a spade or must one fear facing jury trial for telling the truth or using a metaphor or idiom? And how will a jury resolve the allegation of "defamation" when Hannabelle expressed suspicion of "possible illegal activity" when the MLA Director - the Head Honcho himself - gets convicted for felony embezzlement and fraud?

If ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS,
shouldn't we be concentrating on the actions of Nexus
rather than abusing the court system
to eliminate a private citizen's words?
For some odd reason yet to be explained, the judges are heavily concerned that Jim D'Angelo, Peter Freeman, and the Nexus corporation have their "DUE PROCESS", although I'd like to mention that throughout the past nearly three years of my harrowing saga, I have never enjoyed such rights myself. No DUE PROCESS for Hannabelle. No representative government. No Freedom of Speech. No right to just say NO to a foreign imperialistic government who forces convicted sex offenders (much worse than your average teenage pudpullers, I might add) into a private residential neighborhood - putting them next to day cares, elderly widows, other vulnerable adults, etc etc etc ad nauseum...


Nexus wants to put me on trial. YESSSSS! So far, under my esteemed lawyer's advice, I've been trying to avoid a jury trial due to the expense involved. But honestly, I'm looking forward to my trials. Both of them. It is only at trial that I will have an opportunity to vindicate myself and get my story out to the judges and to twelve jurors who have NOT been brainwashed by Nexus' propaganda. And whereas there is never publicity about a simple Motion to Dismiss, there should be (there WILL be) plenty of publicity about the CEO of a sex offender institution suing a disabled woman because she called him "Poopsie". Nobody wants to live near sex offenders. I will have public sympathy when this story goes national. And that the sex offender corporation board of directors - including Darnell Allen, Vice President of Super Valu; Francis Smith (the Jack Abramoff connection); Janet Benway, from Ameriprise (what ARE they doing with all that taxpayer money?), etc. etc. AND my personal favorite - FATHER Jerry Schik, CROSIER PRIEST - YES a member of the famous clan of priests, so many who have already been proven guilty of sexual crimes against boys. Poor troubled boys? Well, I would imagine they were pretty messed up after the Crosier priests got through with them...

[[[NOTE: I am in no way, at this time, accusing Father Jerry Schik of being guilty of pedophilia. But it is factual that he is a Crosier priest, he is on the board of Nexus, he has certainly been associated with the Onamia Crosiers, as well as St. Odilia, and others. I'm just getting started on delving into the Crosier child molesters. As Karen Carpenter once sang: We've only just begun... But I repeat - at this time, I am only accusing Father Jerry Schik of being part of the sex offender company that has lodged a bogus SLAPP lawsuit in order to silence me. I do accuse him of being part of that conspiracy. ]]]

In conclusion, Nexus will not let me get on with my life without first being put through two expensive jury trials. Fine by me. As I've said before, I have done nothing wrong. Their talley is adding up. I have always strived to tell you the Truth, nothing but the Truth. They have a few skeletons in their closet and are proven (or will be proven) liars. I will fight forever for our Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech. In fact, I'm now considering writing a book about the horrible ordeal that Nexus has put me through. After all, why let all that good research go to waste? But now, dear friends, I have to concentrate on my appeal for tomorrow. Wish me luck. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paul Smith Convicted - At least they reported it.

Dear Readers,

It never ceases to amaze me how no matter what kind of garbage (or how much) turns up in connection with Nexus, the local papers jump in with what seems to be damage control on behalf of Nexus. What's with all the talk of "exonoration"? What's with including Smith's plea of innocence? Why put THAT in the article? Almost all hardcore criminals claim they are innocent, don't they? Smith was proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Oh well. Maybe its just filler to make a short story long.... NEXUS' MILLE LACS ACADEMY DIRECTOR PAUL LYNN SMITH- GUILTY. GUILTY AND CONVICTED. Yep. That about sums it up. 'Nuff said.

And then there's Hutchinson's lame defense. They SCREENED HIM? They WATCHED him? Oh really? Like they 'watch' their sex offenders? Ye gads! These attempts at bamboozling the public are getting more and more ridiculous. Just how stupid do they think we are?

They always make sure to include that Nexus is a "non-profit" company. I think I'm the only one to notice that this "non-profit" has an annual budget of $40 MILLION? Hey, most of it came from your tax dollars. Maybe Nexus should ask Paul Smith to send you a thank you note for your "contribution" to their "non-profit". Ooops! He doesn't work there anymore. I wonder if his current facility is unlocked.... Personally, I hope he rooms with a 6'7", 12", 300 pound Poor Troubled Boy named Bubba. You going to sue me again for stating my feelings just then Vic? Geez.


Yeah. He was probably very well behaved in church too.

Please contrast the following Mille Lacs County Times article with the comment below by a former Marie Detty employee who actually worked with Smith and bravely came forward to share her experience. Which perception do you think is more accurate? Who is more credible?Who do you believe? Nexus? The ProNexus propaganda? Or the person who knew the real Paul Smith? Because of my own personal experience with that disgusting criminal, I choose Door Number 3, Monty.


From the Mille Lacs County Times,

Mille Lacs Academy Exec. Director convicted

Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director, Paul Smith, was convicted Thursday, Oct. 15 by an Oklahoma Federal District Court on charges stemming from his employment with Marie Detty Youth and Family Services Center, Inc., of Lawton, Okla., from 2001 to 2004.
Smith was convicted of four counts of embezzlement of funds from an employee pension plan and making false claims to investigators. Mail fraud charges were dismissed.
Sentencing is scheduled for late January, 2010.

The Mille Lacs Academy is a residential juvenile sex offender treatment program in Onamia.
Earlier in the year, in a released statement, Smith said, “These charges were thoroughly investigated in 2004 by the Marie Detty board of directors. I was exonerated of all allegations, and all charges were dropped. I’m sure the federal charges will be dropped as well.”

David Hutchinson, the CEO of Nexus, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation which operates Mille Lacs Academy, responded to Smith’s conviction with this statement:
“Paul Smith joined Nexus in 2007 as executive director of Mille Lacs Academy after a thorough
background investigation. At that time, we found that both the Marie Detty organization and the Oklahoma Health & Human Services Department had investigated the same transactions on which the conviction is based, and that both investigations had exonerated Mr. Smith in 2004.
“Paul Smith has always exhibited excellence in his duties as director of Mille Lacs Academy. When we learned of the Oklahoma indictment, our position was to let the justice system take its course. However, we want to assure our referral sources and the public that we maintained vigilant oversight and supervision of all financial and operational matters at Mille Lacs Academy since learning of the indictment and that the independent financial audits performed during Paul’s leadership at Mille Lacs Academy have shown no irregularities.

“As a result of this conviction, Paul has submitted his resignation, and Nexus has accepted it, effective immediately. Patrick Rookey, Vice President Clinical Operations, will serve as interim director. A search for a permanent replacement is already underway.”
The embezzlement and false statement convictions each carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Comments (1)
...written by Melanie Smith, October 23, 2009
I am a former employee of Marie Detty Youth and Family Services in Lawton, Oklahoma. Paul was a brilliant man but unfortnately he lacked ethics and character. I was the former Director of one of his Group Homes. It was obvious to me from early on that he was only interested in the financial aspect of the program and had very little concern for the welfare of the children in his facility. Now it is obvious why he was so concerned about making a profit because he was lining his own pockets. I have known Paul for over 20 years and for the most part I liked him until I went to work for him. He is not a nice man. He has hurt many people by his actions and took money from his own employees. The sad thing is, I know he still slept fine at night. If he has any remorse at all, it is due to the fact that he has been caught.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Waiting to Peel

I think the most frustrating aspect of my war against the Onamia government acting as an agent for a corporation rather than respecting the Rights of the citizens they've been sworn to serve is that I can't find anyone that understands that this is what the war is about. It's about Liberty.
The Right to Liberty. The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness. It's about the Constitution. It's about what it means to be an American Citizen.

Sure, the war between Bradbury and Onamia began as a NIMBY - Not in My Backyard. But think for a moment, about what exactly a NIMBY means. Perhaps the acronym should be niMby... not in MY back yard. There isn't an acronym that I know of for those who would put something in YOUR backyard but if there was it might be BYBYTM.... (Better Your Back Yard Than Mine.) Now in the case of 94 convicted sex offenders (and one convicted ex-executive director), the people who wanted to put this facility in MY back yard are not the people affected by the facility. They're not affected because, obviously, it isn't in THEIR back yard.

Now comes the conflict. Shouldn't the people who are affected by living next to the sex offender facility have some say in the matter? Some control over their own back yards? Or is it perfectly acceptable to impose sex offender facilities on any American citizens anywhere? In our case, as you probably know, we don't have the right to vote for the politicians who made this decision. Yet, we are the ones affected by their decision. There were indeed laws in place to protect property owners but Larry Milton (dead), Bob Mickus, Jerome Kryzer, Bill Hill, Mark Loch (gone) changed these ordinances to accommodate the company in Golden Valley.

I went to Mexico with my dad when I was sixteen. I have a lot of great memories from that trip, don't get me wrong. But I also have a very bad one. Leaving MinneSNOWda for Mexico was like stepping into another world. I couldn't wait to hit the beach. A hot white sand beautiful tropical beach. As I laid out on the beach, in my two-piece swimsuit, my winter-white Minnesoda body soaking up the rays, I was totally unaware that I was getting burned. I didn't feel it. To me, it felt pleasantly warm in the sweet tropical breeze, watching the ocean waves... By the end of the afternoon, I was crimson. I was Lobster Girl. And then, the pain set in. If you haven't experienced this, there is no way I can adequately describe it. Pain like never before. You can't sit still. You can't lay down. You can't wear clothes. You can't sleep. You just have to stand there and endure the hurt! I took cold showers and my daddy gently smeared cream on my back. But that relief only lasted a few moments before the pain came back. But then, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it did. Then the itching began. We are not talking a mild tickle that needs to be scratched. We are talking agony. And of course the deep burn made scratching impossible. There was no relief. If you've ever experienced it, you know exactly what I mean. After that, the vacation was pretty much... not so good...

What happened to me in Onamia was pretty similar. I was merrily living my little life while the city council made their plans. I was unaware that I was burning until the damage, tremendous and irrevokable, had been done. And when the war began, so did the pain. I couldn't sit still. I couldn't sleep. (I did however wear clothes...) The pain was having people I'd never wronged make personal attacks against me just because I didn't want Nexus to change my neighborhood. The pain of people, whose politics I was not allowed to participate in, make decisions about my life without my having any recourse. The terrible pain of having friends turn on me because now they worked for Nexus or because they were intimidated by the mayor or because in actuality, they weren't very good friends after all. The pain of being ostracized. The pain of being ignored. The pain of being ridiculed. The pain of not being heard. My life turned into one huge flaming ball of pain. And my daddy wasn't there to watch my back.

Then the itching began. Jim D'Angelo lying about the safety risk - handing out a brochure stating that in the past 10 years there had only been "one incident" when sheriff and police records indicated that there had been literally hundreds of escapes, assaults, sexual crimes, theft, etc. at the Mille Lacs Academy. Itching, when we found that Jim D'Angelo threatened to leave Onamia if the city council didn't cave in to his demands by giving Nexus tax exemption. Convicted felon former Mille Lacs Academy Executive Administrator Paul Smith told the county commissioners that if they didn't grant Nexus tax exemption or abatement that Nexus would leave the state and they caved as well. Doesn't anyone play poker anymore? Don't they know a bluff when they see one? Anyway, I'm in enough legal trouble right now without bringing up terms like extortion and blackmail, but somehow it just doesn't seem right to threaten the government to manipulate them into handing over tax payer money. Doesn't seem right at all.

The itching grew worse when we found discrepencies in financial figures Nexus used when applying for government funding. (Don't worry about it Vic. This will all come out at my trials.)
When we brought this to the attention of the county board and they ignored us, the itching became unbearable.

Then we uncovered information that an eleven year old boy had been accidentally killed while in a prone-restraint hold by an employee in one of Nexus' facilities. Nexus had not disclosed this to the Onamia city council. And when I did, Nexus sued me for it. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to scratch, the itching got so bad. And even then, the community still supported the Almighty Nexus. Don't they realize that if my old friend who works at the Academy - the one on the sheriff's report charging "child abuse" goes over the top, there could be another scandal like in Mason City? Don't they realize that Nexus sold that institution? What could happen here? Are they going to sell this one if there's an accident?

But wait. There's more. There's the failed Fairmont, MN facility that Nexus tried to sell recently. There's the 30 day testing program we weren't told about. And dare I talk about grant money for research on the poor troubled boys? Using them as guinea pigs? I haven't even begun. The itch kept spreading as we kept finding out more and more reasons for not wanting to keep company with this company. Was I surprised that Paul Smith was convicted in Oklahoma? Yes and no. I wasn't surprised at what he'd done or that he got caught. I just kind of expected the judge to let him off with 15 years of tax abatement. But for once, it seems that Justice prevailed.

A small dab of cream, a bit of relief.

Throughout this war, I've had no community support. I'm told its because Hannabelle called the sex offenders an offensive name, that I rant, and because I was mean to an old friend who betrayed me when she claimed the right to make determinations about my life. Doesn't anybody mind their own business these days? Pain and itching.

Yeah. Hannabelle used the "F" word. She calls sex offenders sex offenders. She said a kid died when a kid died. But nobody seems to mind that the CEO of the corporation lied to the public about safety. That the Executive Director had embezzled. They don't seem to mind that a child died and Nexus failed to mention it. Nobody has shown a lick of sympathy to any of the people who have suffered at the brutality of Nexus (MY OPINION and I'll explain why I say "brutality" at my trials), and the stupidity of the Onamia city council. Nobody has said, "We're sorry for your pain." Nope. They say I did it to myself. Shouldn't have laid out on the beach... The difference is, I didn't. I wasn't laying in the sun. I was sitting at home, minding my own business. This was all done to me against my will. Against my Liberty.

Now, if I sound to you like I'm ranting, that's your problem. Me? Yeah sure. I got badly burned. But I'm sitting here now with ice water in my veins, cool as a cucumber..... waiting to peel.

NIMBY means you didn't have the Right to put it in MY back yard. But you did it anyway.
Itch... itch... itch...
*I'd like to welcome my new readers. I appreciate your support! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director Paul Lynn Smith was convicted yesterday in Federal Court in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

More to follow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MLA Director Paul Smith Trial Continues

Calendar of Proceedings For

CR-08-272-C USA v. Paul L. Smith Jury Trial Crtrm #501

Paul L. Smith is the Executive Director of the Mille Lacs Academy in Onamia, MN. He is on trial for crimes he allegedly committed while acting as Director of the Marie Detty juvenile detention center in Oklahoma, prior to his appointment with the Nexus corporation. Original charges included theft, fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, and lying to federal authorities and carried a penalty of up to 30 years in Federal prison.

In spite of the seriousness of the allegations, Nexus released a statement of support of their indicted director who has apparently continued to perform his duties at the juvenile sex offender correctional facility. Recently, the Mille Lacs Academy distributed propaganda through an insert in the Bargain Hunter Shopper, with a picture of the new sex offender facility with the word "Honesty" printed in bold letters. There was a photograph of Smith in the literature, as well as quotations, but nothing written about his indictment and upcoming trial.

Former Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo is suing me for saying many things against him as well as the unwanted sex offender facility forced down our throats by the Onamia city council who knowingly put sex offenders next to day cares, children, elderly widows, and vulnerable adults.

The city council officials who went to great lengths to keep the sex offender institution in our community, who changed ordinances to accommodate a private corporation while ignoring the safety of their citizens, and who caved in to Nexus demands including 15 years of tax abatement were Mayor Larry Milton (dead), Councilmen Robert Mickus (unelected acting mayor), Bill Hill, (former president of the Mille Lacs Community Development Corporation), Mark Loch (who quit and moved away), and Jerome Kryzer (who did not reside in Onamia during winter months). They were assisted by the Onamia Zoning Guy Mickey Carter who proceeded to misclassify the correctional facility as R2 and allow spot-zoning without a Comprehensive Municipal Plan, bonnified City Planning Commission or Board of Adjustments. Is it any wonder that such a council would make such mistakes?

One of the things I'm being sued for is my statement (in my blog) that we think he's [D'Angelo] running a crooked company. D'Angelo claims that my statement was defamation. (According to the law, it is not.) I claim that it was a warning; apprehension based on disturbing data we found and presented to the Onamia city council and Mille Lacs county board who ignored both our concerns as well as the discovery of discrepencies in questionable financial figures supplied to them by Nexus in order to obtain tax exemption and tax abatement. Perhaps your elected officials should have paid attention to Hannabelle and as we requested, checked out the Nexus corporation before eagerly handing over your tax dollars to them. Who would have known that Nexus would use your tax dollars to pay for a lawsuit against a private citizen who opposed them, i.e. your friend and neighbor - me.

My Friends, as time goes on, Hannabelle is not only becoming vindicated, she is being proved correct in her assessment of this ruthless corporation that bullied its way into a private neighborhood against the wishes of American citizens whose Constitutional Rights have been abolished by the Onamia city council. The statement we think he [D'Angelo] is running a crooked company was not stated as fact, but as speculation within a humorous story. Should I have said such a thing? I don't know. When one is fighting to protect her home, one may have a tendency to react emotionally, especially when trying to keep sex offenders away from her mom. Was D'Angelo's lawsuit an overreaction? Or did Hannabelle touch a nerve? It may be too soon to tell what lies beneath the tip of this iceberg. But if the felony charges against Mille Lacs Academy Director Paul Smith pan out and he is convicted, perhaps a serious investigation into this corporation is in order.

I welcome your thoughts and comments on the Paul Smith matter. If you use this forum to make personal attacks and threats against me, (as so many have in the past), I will not post your comments. Let's keep it smart and civil.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mille Lacs Academy Director's Trial

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Calendar of Proceedings For


9:15 CR-08-272-C USA v. Paul L. Smith Jury Trial Crtrm #501


Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Philosophy of Liberty - Revisited

I just have to post this video again. There are too many people out there who just don't "get it". Maybe they never will. But this is important stuffm, so please try. (Especially you, Victor. Pay attention).