Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Her Golden Years, His Golden Parachute

The other day I sent an email to Janet Benway, chairman of the Nexus Board of Directors, pleading with her to consider my mom and how badly all of this is affecting her. My mom is 84 years old. She moved up to Onamia a few years ago to be near us. Mom was happy here, in spite of health problems that cause her a great deal of pain. Now Nexus has given her a different kind of pain. The kind that causes constant anxiety and emotional distress. So much for her "Golden Years".

Today I noticed that Mahoney Law firm was on the Mille Lacs News website again, which can only mean that either they got hooked on it while Nexus was paying them to read it and they just can't stop! Or it means that they are proceeding with suing me. What do you think?

My guess would be that D'Angelo won't be satisfied until I'm dead. Do you think he cares about his sex offenders? Its difficult for me to believe that anyone connected with Nexus cares a hoot about helping boys when they obviously have no qualms about picking on little old ladies needlessly. They don't have to, you know. Doesn't anyone at Nexus care about how they are hurting people? I get vicious hate-mail from MLA employees on the one hand and harsh criticism for not supporting them on the other. Not one MLA employee has shown me a lick of respect or sympathy. Only scorn and contempt in a situation they imposed upon me. The City has no right to annex the property to build a sex offender facility there, and because I have protested, they smear my name in town. They make life as hard as possible for me. Nobody has even said they were sorry about the pain they are causing. They get really mad at me every time I say "Ouch!" It makes you wonder about people...

I'm reminded of something I saw on news awhile back - one of those "caught on tape" things, where we actually saw an armed bandit burst into a store to rob it. The store owner overpowered the thief, trouncing him with a baseball bat he kept under the counter. The end result was that the thief sued the proprietor for assault.

This is how I see Nexus. They trespassed into my "store" to steal my stuff - my safety, security, happiness, privacy, peace and quiet, my LIFE, to threaten my family, run down my property values, ruin my reputation, destroy old friendships, MAKE ME SUFFER and when I trounce them a little, they sicc their lawyers on me and sue me.

So sue me. Frankly, I'm surprised you're not suing the old ladies and the neighborhood children while you're at it. Nobody here has anything good to say about Nexus. Its not just me. Nobody here wants you. But really, I hope that you will leave them alone. I know you will show me no mercy, but please don't hurt the others anymore than you already have. Since you can't seem to fathom that all of this is YOUR OWN doing, blame it all on me. You can stand before the judge and say, HANNABELLE SHOUTED THIEF WHEN I WAS ROBBING HER! THAT'S NOT FAIR!

Will the people of Onamia support the corporation going after one of their own? Hey, they already have. How dare you sit in your house writing about a building you've never been in! How dare you come to my house univited, MLA BITCH. Onamians are willing to pay higher taxes so Nexus won't have to pay any. They're willing to provide D'Angelo with a nice fat paycheck and a big comfy retirement - a Golden Parachute. How stupid can it get in Onamia? How mean and nasty? How cold can it get? Not as cold as D'Angelo's heart. See you in court.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Follow the Leader?

One has to wonder who is running the show in Mille Lacs County. We've already seen that Nexus is in charge of the city of Onamia. D'Angelo says: JUMP! and Larry Milton asks: How high? Bob Mickus asks: How far? Jerome Kryzer asks: Do you want one jump or two? Mark Loch asks: You want fries with that? And Bill Hill: First let me kiss your royal ass Mr. D'Angelo before I jump from here to eternity in order to serve you. Yes. We have certainly seen the city officials turn over their power, (as if being president of a company makes him dictator of our town.) Some people would say that the mayor and city council have "sold out". I just think it makes them look weak and foolish. They embarrass me.

But will the County Commissioners succumb to the pressures imposed by this offensive multi-million dollar corporation as well? Will they cave in to the sex offenders? Will Nexus succeed in bamboozling them too? Or do they have the balls to stand up for our citizens... We shall have to wait and see. They do not have to give NEXUS anything. The tax abatement policy states that the commission retains the right to reject any application. They should reject this one.

I've heard that both the city and the county board are afraid that if NEXUS doesn't get tax abatement that they will leave the county. They actually think that it would be a "Bad Thing" if the sex offenders split. (After getting to know the NEXUS folks, I have no qualms in saying that THEY are the Bad Things. These people are unscrupulous. They are using and abusing us. But that's just my educated opinion...) Anyway, when told that NEXUS WILL NOT LEAVE NO MATTER WHAT, the officials have said, "You don't know that!"

Yes. I do. Its pretty obvious.

If NEXUS had somewhere else to go, wouldn't they be flaunting it? Its not the kind of thing they'd keep secret. They are players. They would be using it as a bargaining tool, just like they did when they were playing Brainerd and Onamia against each other. (Brainerd won. Onamia lost. We're stuck with the perverts. We're also stuck with the sex offenders...) No. NEXUS has no place to go. Nobody wants them. So what does all of this tough talk mean?

Its the Mille Lacs County World Series of Poker and NEXUS is BLUFFING! Larry Milton and the city council have all folded. Will the County Commissioners call? If I were Queen, I would recommend raising. Make them pay their property taxes AND donate a city swimming pool to the school. Make them earn their keep. Why? Because they have millions of dollars of chips - and they don't have a winning hand. Not even ace high. That's why.

D'Angelo should be asking Mayor Milton what NEXUS can do for the town of Onamia. They should be jumping at the opportunity to support the town - starting with paying their damn taxes! They should be proving to the community that they are worth the space they take up, the air that they breathe. They should be asking how high WE require THEM to jump in order for us to allow them to remain in our community, making their millions here.
Its hard to understand why Mille Lacs County and the City of Onamia would just passively push all their chips into NEXUS' huge stack without even making them show their cards, especially considering that if NEXUS goes all in and loses, there's always another player ready to sit down at the table. We don't need NEXUS in our game. NEXUS needs us. Nobody else will play with them. (Maybe because they cheat...) Its too bad that we lack the strong, smart, BRAVE leaders to stand up to NEXUS and insist that they play honest, that they play fair, and that they play for the good of our community.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Smoke and Mirrors

Do you believe in magic?

In the six months that I've spent studying our upcoming sex offenders - (brought to you by "Nex-t0-us", The Sex Offender Company), I've been truly amazed at their unabashed use of "smoke and mirrors" techniques to manipulate any number of people and situations. One can almost imagine Poopsie on stage, dressed to the metrosexual nines, so debonair in a tuxedo and black silk top hat, waving his magic wand with the practiced flare of an experienced showman. Nothing up my sleeve... Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Abracadabra! Alakazam! Poof. Smoke.

But where's the rabbit? Oops. Well, I guess that's part of the trick. If you wanna actually see the rabbit, you'd better hop on down to the pet store, purchase one and donate it to Nex-to-us because according to Poopsie, they can't afford to buy their own rabbits.

Wait. I think he was really referring to property taxes. Yes. That's it. Nex-to-us, The "nonprofit" Sex-Offender Company that made well over FOUR million dollars in profits last year doesn't want to spend their money on something as mundane as taxes. They'd rather spend our money... And they already do. Who pays for Nex-to-us' sex offenders in the first place? We do! TAXPAYERS! Who will end up making up the loss of revenue for Nex-to-us' tax abatement? We will! TAXPAYERS! For Nex-to-us, Double-Dipping is a way of life. And apparently they have a very gullible audience. For Nex-to-us, The Sex Offender Company, that's the best kind!

One example of their slight-of-hand techniques is how they have managed to trick people into thinking that the sex offenders (who have been convicted for committing sexual crimes which have caused harm to others) aren't dangerous is to portray them as poor, troubled boys attending an "academy". Of course, not all of the sex offenders are a danger to the community, and some are more dangerous than others, but for the sake of PUBLIC RELATIONS, we have heard that none of the "boys" are dangerous at all. They are just sad and confused. Huh?

One of the MLA employees (one of the angry paras) said that they don't know which "kids" are HIV positive and which are not - so they just treat them all as if they have the AIDS virus. YIKES! So... if these employees are not told vital information about something as important to their own safety as knowing if the disturbed individual in their care is HIV positive, do you really think these employees are going to be told that little Johnny forced a seven year old boy to perform oral sex on him? That one of the little angels gang-banged twelve year old girls? Anally raped a toddler? Guns? Weapons? Assault? Do the "caregivers" hear case histories? Please.... somebody tell us. Other than psychiatric professionals, do the employees KNOW what they are dealing with? Or are they also experiencing Nex-to-us Smoke and Mirrors?

Yes. I'm playing the Safety Card. Go to the Mille Lacs News and read the case histories of some of the former MLA inmates. But more important than that some of them are dangerous, is the absence of public information that people are entitled to. Its kind of like we've been lied to... (your Honor).
Smoke and Mirrors.
Mickey: Hey Larry! Watch me pull an R2 zoning out of my ass!
Larry: Heh, heh, heh. Slipped another one by... AYE!
Bill: In my opinion, I question whatever the question is but will agree with whatever answer you come up with, whatever it is. AYE!
Mark: Yeah. Whatever. AYE
Bob: (I sure hope Hannabelle doesn't write about me......) AYE!
Jim: (Hook, line and sinker... How could they be so EASY!)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Foot in the Stirrup

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that I haven't been around much lately. This has not been my choice, I assure you. The MLA Hannabelle-Hate Club will be delighted to know that I've been seriously ill, but they will be disappointed to hear that I am probably going to live. I'm out of the hospital and back home. I'm not back in the saddle yet, but I do have one foot in the stirrup.

I don't know who or what the Hannabelle-Haters think I am... some kind of monster who is mean to poor, troubled boys? Wants to destroy the town? Some nasty bitch causing trouble for MLA employees? The ridiculous accusations and irrational hatred towards me - just because I don't want a sex offender institution in my neighborhood - still amazes me. I'm just a solitary disabled old lady who doesn't give a hoot about your sex offenders or small town politics or the stupidity of the city council. The world is absurd. I want no part of it. I'm a hermit. Really, I just want to be left alone. Keep in mind: They invaded my space. I didn't intrude upon them.

Eleven years ago I had a life-threatening health crisis which terminated my life as it was. I lost everything - my health, my career, my "bright future" - and "retired" to my little farm outside of Onamia. During what I call my "internship" at the Mayo Clinic, I learned that when the end comes, as it will come to everyone, all that matters is biology. When you are struggling to stay alive, I mean REALLY struggling, nothing else matters except staying alive. You'd be surprised how little most anything matters in the end. Biology and your loved ones. That's it. All those little things that you've worried about all your life just disappear. Poof. Gone. Insignificant. When the end comes, I can guarantee that Nexus won't matter to any of us. Those sex offenders won't matter. You won't be thinking about the next presidential election. Is it raining? (who cares). What's for dinner? What is Brittany doing today? ... None of it matters. For me, the only thing that mattered was my next breath and that my family was with me. And I survived - with a new perspective. Someday you'll probably understand what I mean.

Larry Milton doesn't realize these things yet. But I'm sure he will find out for himself. Everybody does. Whatever Larry's reasons for doing this to me - yes - to me... I take this extremely personally.... he will find out that the kind of crap he's pulling is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. People speak about making their mark, making a difference, leaving a legacy, etc. I used to call it "peeing on your tree". But you know, it always rains eventually and your mark usually gets washed away faster than you'd have thought possible. All of us will die and almost all of us will be forgotten.

Last week, after being in remission for the last ten years, I had a relapse. I really do blame it on what the city council and Nexus has put me through these past six months. I've been unable to rest. The constant stress of fighting these bullies, of trying to save my neighborhood finally caught up with me, wreaking havoc with my health until finally I ended up in the Emergency Room. Maybe my anger just overpercolated until I blew some internal gaskets! I dunno! But being so sick, I was reminded once again what is important. To me, what matters (beyond biology and loved ones) is that we conduct ourselves with integrity, stand up for our principles, mind our own business and be kind as often as possible. Life isn't about fame or fortune or who has the most toys. Life isn't about "winning". To me, Life is precious and fragile and should be treated as such. Being a good person is what counts.

Nexus, in my opinion, has not treated the people of Onamia with respect or with dignity or as if we are even human beings worthy of acknowledgement. They are rich, arrogant elitists who think they reign over the common little "hicks" in Onamia. They think they can take what they want from us. They feel superior and therefore entitled. They look down upon all of us. Jim D'Angelo told me that the people in my neighborhood are "bad people". That's what he said. The upper echelon at Nexus all think they are better than us. Not just me.... all of us.

Nexus came into my life uninvited. They have threatened to ruin my life, have ruined my life, and there is nothing I can do to stop them. While I was in the hospital, I got a letter from Nexus' lawyers. Nexus intends to sue me for the newspaper and this blog. That's right. Sue Hannabelle for telling the Truth. When I saw them stealing, I pointed and shouted "THIEF!" They didn't like that, did they? So.... look at them. See them for what they are. See their true colors. And pay their taxes for them if they've convinced you that you need them. (They don't want you to see that they need us!)

I have a lot of catching up to do on the Mille Lacs News. I'm the only webmaster. But please be aware that Nexus can't intimidate me into silence. They created a desperate situation with a person who really has nothing left to lose. What are they going to take from me? My oxygen tank? I bet that they would too! I hope they do sue me. I can't wait to go to court with them and let everyone see the big multi-million dollar corporation bully the disabled musician whose trying to protect her 84 year old mother and save their homes. That would be quite a show, wouldn't it? That will be something to live for....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Have You Done For Us Lately?

"Nexus is a source of employment."

Oh really?

Not really.... at least not in our community.
Jobs Schmobs - Just Propaganda
Sure, a handful of low-paying minimal requirements (must be able to life 50 pounds - while wrestling a hefty teenage sex offender to the ground). The job issue has long been disproved and should be discounted. In the Job/Employment criteria - NEXUS DOESN'T QUALIFY. Don't fall for this silly nonsense. It is nothing but one of a few red herrings.

"Nexus spends money in the community."

Oh really?

Not really....
The Shopping Myth
The majority of Nexus employees commute from distant communities. Get real, folks - Would YOU buy groceries at Mr. Hats' in Onamia on your way home to St. Cloud? Or are you going to wait until you reach the Land of Plenty, shopping at Cashwise, or Coborns, or Cub?

So if Nexus doesn't contribute much to the community by way of employment or spending money here, what exactly has Nexus done for us lately? They are a multi-million dollar corporation. The "bosses" all make six figure salaries. They make over a million dollars of PROFIT per year. And for the past 17 years, they have not paid their proper share of taxes (they've already had a 17 year quasi-tax abatement) So.........................

Where is "The Nexus Community Swimming Pool"?

Where is "The Nexus Community Library"?

Where is "The Nexus Trail Center"?

Where is "The Nexus Sports Medicine Clinic?"

Where is "The Nexus Youth Center"?

Where is "The Nexus High School Track"?

Where is "The Nexus Ball Field"?

Where is "The Mille Lacs Health System STD Treatment Wing" donated by Nexus?

Onamia doesn't even have an honorary
"Jim D'Angelo Park Bench"

None of these things exist because

17 years of nothing.

But they sure know how to beg. And they sure know how to take. And they sure know how to manipulate people who are foolish enough to buy into the con. How can I say this? Well, because Nexus has not paid its fair share at any time in Onamia. If I'm wrong, SHOW ME THE MONEY, and I will retract my statement. But after 6 months of researching, I can find NOTHING that Nexus has contributed to the community. No wonder the town is falling apart. No wonder good people don't want to move here. No wonder good citizens won't stay. No wonder the school is suffering.


Who are they trying to kid? Nexus has no place to go. They won't leave.

Why give them tax abatement???

Nexus Immigration
Raking the leaves that your kids won't rake.

The Einsteins at City Hall have set the "tax abatement policy" so that you are eligible to apply as long as your business creates ONE new job.

That's right. One new job = NO MORE TAXES!!!!!!

I encourage you all to apply.

But while you watch the town crash and burn in the next few years, wondering how in the world things could get so bad ... don't you dare come crying to Hannabelle. Don't blame me.... I tried to warn you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Our Way to Auschwitz

Someday we might discover what the NEXUS/Onamia deal was really about. Or maybe we won't. Maybe we will find out why a small town government forgot its purpose, gave up its job of governing in order to become an agent for a large, prosperous corporation. Were they blinded by the glitter of a $38 million dollar annual budget? They must be blinded by something, or why wouldn't they see the obvious advantage of NEXUS paying property taxes?

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has determined that NEXUS is not a charity. Along with Crow Wing, Mower, and Mille Lacs Counties, the Minnesota Revenue has found NEXUS is TAXABLE. NEXUS doesn't qualify for property tax exemption. Then why is the Onamia government going to hand them property tax abatement on a silver platter? What's up with that?

None of this makes sense. The school referendum will raise our taxes if it passes. If NEXUS had to pay its taxes (like the rest of us do), these taxes could greatly serve the Onamia school district as well as lowering our taxes. So why would the Onamia government accommodate NEXUS rather than help the citizens and the school district?

Isn't anyone curious about this? Especially because it just doesn't make sense?

And then there is the 38 acre Grosslein/Bye property which still has not been cleared of the homestead tax fraud committed by the owners. (Shhhh. Let's just pretend that doesn't exist.....) HEY! Maybe this is a good reason why government should stick to trying to govern and let somebody else deal in real estate....

Well, maybe someday we'll figure it all out. One thing about dirt... you can only cover it up for so long. And the Onamia City Hall seems really dirty. Give it a slap and watch the dust rise. I can't imagine what we'll find under the rug. But then, maybe we'll never know what's really going on - like why they are picking on widows, elderly citizens, disabled and sick people, children, - you know the most vulnerable people. What's the deal there? Sure makes the government look bad... But going after vulnerable citizens is probably the only way Larry Milton, Bill Hill, Bob Mickus, Mark Loch, and Jerome Kryzer can get away with what they're doing. I have absolutely no respect for these .... weenies. I can tell you from personal experience that the Onamia City Council, including the mayor are a dishonest group. They lie, they mislead, they threaten, they bully, and they cheat. Again, this is my personal experience with them. Ask my 84 year old mom her opinion...

But as unethical and incompetent the city officials may be, there is hope. No matter how long it takes, if we are diligent and dedicated, in the end, we can clean up this dirty little town. If we as a people continue to allow dirty, corrupt, BAD government, however small, to act unethically, to abandon principles, to ignore laws, the constitution, to intentionally hurt their citizens on a whim, to lie and use dishonesty as their base of operation, if we allow this .... we're standing in line waiting for the cattle car doors to open.
Wissen Sie den Weg zu Auschwitz?
Ja. Folgen Sie dem Beispiel der Onamia Stadt.
Wake up, Onamia. Open your eyes.