Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Absence of Malice

Well, Dear Readers... our first court proceeding in the Jim D'Angelo/Peter Freeman (of the Nexus Corporation) vs. Hannabelle (of We The People) trial is fast approaching. Mid-August... I'm looking forward to it. You know, before Nexus rudely bashed its way into my insignificant, obsolete little life, my benign hobbies included collecting marbles, reading, and learning to speak German. Now my primary hobbies are - writing about the horrible things Nexus has done, and getting sued for expressing myself. It has been a life-altering time of self-discovery for me. For instance, I've found that I'm much more talented at researching this crap than I am at German. (Wie schade!)

Naturally, I've had to spend time researching and learning SLAPP suits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) and all sorts of court stuff. Frankly, I'm encouraged.
One of the things that the notorious D'Angelo/Freeman team has to prove is "MALICE" on my part. And they can't do it. I don't have any. Oh, don't get me wrong. Everyone knows how angry I am to have the rights of our citizens discarded by the local government in order to kiss the ass of the mighty corporation which has invaded our formerly peaceful neighborhood, bringing in 94 convicted sex offenders, raising our taxes, lowering our property values and making it difficult if not impossible for us to sell our homes so that we can move to a DECENT community somewhere over the rainbow where they RESPECT the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Who wouldn't be angry at having capricious people who, on a whim, decide to fuck up your life? But malice?

1. A desire to harm others or to see others suffer; extreme ill will or spite.
2. Law The intent, without just cause or reason, to commit a wrongful act that will result in harm to another.

hmmm. I don't believe that reporting malfeasance, uncovering lies, telling the Truth and exposing a local government which has abused its power to best serve a multi-million dollar corporation (with very questionable ethics...) qualifies as "malice". Considering the safety-risk to my family, it sounds more like Self-Defense.

If you build it, she will tell...

And they have given me plenty to talk about... Jim D'Angelo and Peter Freeman may feel differently, (at least according to statements in their lawsuit) but last time I looked, telling the Truth is not a "wrongful act". Maybe they don't want anyone to know how they really are. Maybe they don't want people to see the letter from the Minnesota Department of Revenue denying them property tax exemption because they shuffled money between bank accounts and then claimed it as "donations"... Maybe they don't want people to know how they lied about the number of criminal incidences and escapes at the Mille Lacs Academy. We've uncovered a whole lot of things that I'm sure Nexus doesn't want people to know. Telling the Truth is not defamation. And if the Pronexus and Nexusians are entitled to their opinions - such as it is okay to change the ordinances to allow this commercial facility into my residential neighborhood and that in three years I'll wonder what all the fuss was about and their fucking "small footprint", etc. etc. Well, I'm entitled to MY opinions too. If they don't like my opinions, well, too bad. I don't like theirs. But I was not the AGGRESSOR and I am not the SUER.

My intent has never been to cause anyone harm. My intent was to stop an improperly classified sex offender institution from being built down the street on property which is improperly zoned. My intent was to do what I could to protect my family. I attended city council meetings, went to the County Board. How malicious is that? Nothing I did stopped Nexus. Nothing I did harmed them. They have no case.


Let us not forget that Jim D'Angelo said they were suing Hannabelle because "We thought you'd go away." [SLAPP]

After being awarded 7 years of tax abatement from the county, he said, "Game Over. You lost."

Commenting on my mother's perforated ulcer last winter (we almost lost her), which the doctors stated was caused by severe stress, Jim D'Angelo said to me, "I think it was her daughter that caused the stress..." Right.... Nexus bullying her and imploding her life had nothing to do with it.

Then there was the time when Jim D'Angelo told Hannabelle that if she would just cooperate, that she would be welcomed back into the Fold, like the Prodigal Daughter.... (That was the first time I realized I'd been ostracized from "the Fold" - another Scapegoating strategy...)

Or how about Mille Lacs Academy director Paul Smith telling me that D'Angelo was suing me because I "didn't show Mr. D'Angelo the proper respect."?

And let us not forget Peter Freeman, who after refusing to acknowledge Hannabelle (a strategic technique familiar to this Social Work teacher with special interest in "Scapegoating"), after rudely slamming the phone in her ear, sent her a short email which said: "Thank you for your interest in Nexus Treatment Centers".

How about threats and innuendo by MLA employees and their families? Let's talk about carefully orchestrated harassment and general Scapegoating on the part of Nexus to intentionally harm Hannabelle, knowing full well what they were doing. (They are, after all, experts on abusive behavior.) Now, THAT'S MALICE, my friends. There is plenty of malice on the Jim D'Angelo/ Peter Freeman side. Malice towards an American citizen who is exercising her RIGHT to free speech to inform her fellow citizens as to the Truth about Nexus. Citizens have a right to know. Especially since we subsidize the sex offenders with our tax dollars. It isn't "defamation". It is "debunking". A tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

"The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it,
ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is"
Winston Churchill

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Loch-ness Monster Resigns

Gone, but (unfortunately) not forgotten...

Although the "Loch-ness Monster" has resigned from the Onamia City Council and is moving out of the city he was elected to represent (but failed), the damage caused by this yes-man is everlasting, un-do-able, un-fix-able, AND citizens will be paying for Mark Loch's bad judgment and absence of testicular fortitude for many years to come.

Milton's Marionette

Mark Loch is the quintessence of what is wrong with local governments throughout small town America today. However he got on the city council, he did not belong there. After observing him at city council meetings over the past year, it became clear that Mark Loch's only function on the council was to second motions proposed by other councilmen and to help make Mayor Larry Milton's schemes come true. He also fulfilled the requirements for the quorum - i.e. his butt occupied a chair at the council table so that the council could still have a quorum, even with councilman Mickus' frequent absences and councilman Kryzer's wintering in Arizona. But what exactly did Mark Loch contribute? Ideas? No. Checks and balances? No. Was he fair and open to citizens' concerns? NO! Did he serve the community? NO!!! Did he make the town a better place? NO!!!!!!!

In essence, Mark Loch was not a leader. Mark was a follower. And he would follow his fellow lemmings on whatever course Milton set, even if it meant the abolishment of our human rights, our civil rights, ignored our Constitution and was a detriment to the community. You can blame your higher taxes on Mark Loch. You can blame most of Onamia's current problems on Mark Loch because he merely went along. He squandered his vote. Why is Hannabelle so mean to Mark? Because when it came to governing, Mark was a dishrag. He seemed caught up in the junior high school mentality of Milton's town council, succumbing to peer pressure, and like the pawn that he was, doing whatever Bully Milton wanted. Mark Loch may not have served Onamia well, but he definitely served a purpose. Milton's purpose. Nexus' purpose. From that perspective, they were lucky to have him as long as they did. The rest of us - not so lucky.

One of the lessons we should (but probably won't) learn from former councilman Mark Loch's time in office is that POWER is fleeting. But decisions made while in power can be everlasting and devastating. Choose your friends wisely. Yes. But choose your local leaders with extreme caution. They can screw up your life as easily and thoughtlessly as a seventh grade boy throwing spitballs at a classmate. You think your local councilman cares about the people he was elected to represent? You'd better make sure BEFORE you elect him. Will he vote his conscience? Hey, you'd better find out if he has one BEFORE he sits down at the table to determine YOUR life.

Mark is leaving the community but he's also leaving a mess in his wake, a mess of which he has given up all responsibility. What does he care about Nexus and their sex offenders? He doesn't have to deal with them anymore. What does he care about the neighborhood which by his bad decisions was destroyed? He no longer has to face those people. What does he care about the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP of machines he doesn't have to listen to from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.? He is free to move away, move on and forget about what happened here. Forget what HE DID here. He is free to have a nice life after ruining ours.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Crosier/Nexus Connection

On June 29th, 2008, Pronexus The Mille Lacs Messenger published this nice little gem about the Crosiers of Onamia, including some Pronexus blurbs (got to love those Crosier/Nexus values....) Here is a portion of the nice little article Brett Larson wrote about this nice group of child molesting pedophiles and Nexus' convicted sex offenders. (I'm getting close to puking, folksies. This is getting surreal.) First read the Mess' article, (click the link for the entire article if you like), then see below.

A new church, an ancient order
by Brett Larson

"In Onamia, their schools have closed, but the Crosiers have continued to host the Mille Lacs Academy. Now, as the Academy builds a new facility, the Crosiers are looking ahead again.Holl said the Crosiers see their community and surroundings as a place of healing for the mind, body and spirit.

Their relationships with Mille Lacs Health System and Nexus have promoted those values, and the renovated church and the new shrine of St. Odilia complement what Holl calls "Onamia commons.""

Hannabelle doesn't like pedophiles, perverts, toddler molesters - no matter what their age or religion. Is she the ONLY ONE in Onamia who doesn't condone abuse or worship abusers? JEEEZ!

Strange, but True...

Father Jerry Schik is a Nexus Board member. He resides at the St. Odilia facility in Shoreview (where they are apparently sending some of these pedophile priests).

Do the priests molest these poor troubled boys, then turn around and support their victims "treatment"? Of course, I got no answers from Father Jerry... He refused to talk to Hannabelle (see Hannabelle's HALL OF SHAME on millelacsnews.com )
Please read on...
Crosiers Address Sex Abuse Shoreview Religious Order Identifies Eight Offenders

By Chris Graves, Warren Wolfe and Richard Meryhew Star Tribune [Minneapolis MN]October 10, 2002

A Roman Catholic religious order based in Shoreview on Wednesday publicly identified eight members who sexually abused minors, and it announced a stronger policy against sexual misconduct that is aimed at restoring the public's trust. The eight Crosier priests and brothers who abused minors have been removed from public ministry and are living under restrictions, according to a summary of an independent audit released by the Crosier order.


Eight Crosier members living on restrictions

Eight Crosier members were found to be the subject of credible claims of sexual abuse of a minor.

All have been removed from public ministry; may not perform any work with minors, including volunteer work; cannot be in the presence of a minor without adult supervision, and cannot leave the grounds of a Crosier community without permission.

Some also have additional restrictions. Where the number of victims is not specified below, there were multiple victims, investigators said.

Neil Emon, 61, a priest living in the Crosier Community of Phoenix, Ariz. He served in Hastings, Neb., 1967-74; in Onamia, Minn., 1974-80; at St. Peter Church in St. Cloud, Minn., 1980-89, and at St. Alfred Church in Taylor, Mich., and the Crosier Community in Riverview, Mich., 1989-2000. Since then he has been assigned to the Crosier Community of Phoenix.

Gabriel Guerrero, 66, a brother living in the Crosier Community of Phoenix. He served in Onamia, Minn., 1953-55 and 1958-79; in Syracuse, Ind., 1955-57; in Hastings, Neb., 1957-58 and 1979-90, and in the Crosier Community of New York, 1990-2000. Since then he has been assigned to the Crosier Community of Phoenix.

Gregory Madigan, 67, a brother living under restrictions with another unspecified religious community while his assignment to live as a member of the Crosier Community of Shoreview is evaluated. He served in Hastings, Neb., 1956-58; in Syracuse, Ind., 1958-60; in White Plains, N.Y., 1960-61; in Onamia, Minn., 1961-87; in Chicago, 1988-90, and in the Crosier Community of New York, 1990-2000. Then he was assigned to the Crosier Community of Shoreview, but the Crosiers said in June that Madigan had been moved to an undisclosed location.

Bruce Maxwell, 62, a priest; a single incident of abuse with one minor. Performing administrative duties while completing separation from the military. He served in Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1975; in Hastings, Neb., 1975-82; in the Detroit area, 1983-89, and as a military chaplain, 1989-2002.

James Moeglein, 59, a priest living in the Crosier Community of Onamia, Minn. He served in Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1970; in Onamia, Minn., 1970-88; in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, 1988-89; in the Riverview, Mich., area, 1989-90, and in Hastings, Neb., 1990-99. Since then he has been assigned to the Crosier Community of Onamia.

Thomas O'Brien, 55, a priest; abuse with one minor. Performing internal administrative duties for the Crosier Generalate. He served in Syracuse, Ind., 1974-75; in Onamia, Minn., 1975-87; in Riverview, Mich., 1989-94; in St. Paul, 1994-2001, and in Rome, 2001 to the present.

Richard Ohlemacher, 80, a priest living in the Crosier Community of Phoenix. Retired. He served in Onamia, Minn., 1955-58; in Syracuse, Ind., 1958-75; in Three Rivers, Mich., 1975-79; in the Fort Wayne, Ind., area, 1979-87, and in the Phoenix/Glendale area since 1987.

Justin Weger, 77, a priest living in the Crosier Community of Phoenix. Will become a resident in a long-term-care senior housing facility. He served in Fort Ripley, Minn., 1953-54; in Onamia, Minn., 1954-73 with some service in St. Paul, 1968-72; in Fort Wayne, Ind., 1973-74, and in the Tucson and Phoenix areas since 1974.

Read the full article

Hannabelle highly recommends that you check out BishopAccountability.org

After a long career of child molestation, it appears that many of the pedophile priests retire to sunny Arizona. Hey, isn't that where councilman Jerome Kryzer spends his winters? Co-inkidink?