Friday, February 29, 2008

The Philosophy of Liberty

I am loving YouTube. I found this video. It says it all.

Repeat Offenders

On Monday, at 3 p.m., the Onamia city council will once again hold a public hearing on rezoning the Nexus (former Onamia/Grosslein/Bye) property. They are providing this forum only because under state law, public hearings are mandatory. Believe me, they have no interest whatsoever in anything we have to say. They will allow us, the citizens to "air it out one last time", and then, ignoring us, they will unanimously pass an amendment to a city ordinance which will classify this sex offender facility as residential with conditional use. (You don't have to be clairvoyant to see this coming.) What this means, basically, is that the Mille Lacs Academy will have the city council's blessing to build a huge, multi-million dollar mega-complex forcing 94 sex offenders next to day cares, elderly widows, children, and vulnerable disabled adults. But with conditional use, the institution will be required to hood their outdoor streetlamps surrounding their several buildings, roads, and over the vast parking lot in order to keep from disturbing the neighbors should they ever look up again after what has been done to them. If its any consolation, at least they get shaded lighting... well, except for the flood lights at the bottom of the MLA flagpole, which will be shining brightly up at Old Glory (and the sky beyond), thrusting light at a flag that symbolizes heart-in-the-throat patriotism and lets people know that indeed, if ever there was a doubt, these sex offenders are the Future of AMERICA, god damn it! (ooh, just a minute while I remove a tear from my eye. The thought of all those shoeless PTBs saluting our country's flag with their spermy little hands always gets me...) And let us not forget that some of these "children" are old enough to be fighting in Iraq, instead of playing with their balls in the new gymnasium the taxpayers are building for them.
"We're not Liberals," the mayor said at the last meeting, grinning like a wolf. "We're not Liberals here." What did he mean by that, I wonder. There are so many possibilities. My knee-jerk reaction was "Well, duh!" No Liberal could strip the Rights from We The People so forcefully, so thoroughly and absolutely without conscience. Swatting a fly with a bulldozer. Since he said it twice, it must have been important. What was he saying? That since I am a Liberal, its okay for THEM to do this to ME? I deserve this torment and torture? (I assume he meant me since I might be the only Liberal in the neighborhood as far as I know; well, besides Poncho and my mom of course... They're cool.)
I don't even like the term "Liberal". I prefer "Liberty Oriented." And Liberty is definitely not something found in the small town of Onamia. I'm not a "fish out of water here." I've been thrown into the city sewer, drowning in a sea of shit and stupidity. But that's okay. It must be. The mayor has proclaimed and ordained my doom. They all said "Its a Done Deal, there's nothing you can do about it." D'Angelo said, "We WILL be neighbors." Its perfectly acceptable to destroy somebody's life - as long as they are a Liberal. Or Jewish... or black... or red... depending on if you live in Onamia, in 1940 Germany, in the 1960s South, or ... in Onamia. "With Liberty and Justice for all"? Not in Nexusville. You want to get ahead in Nexusville, you'd better be prepared to molest a child. I'm beginning to think that's what it takes.
The parallels of what has happened in Bradbury Township to the Iraq War should be eye-opening. But of course they aren't. I suspect that most people in Mille Lacs County haven't given it much thought, just like few Americans think about all of the Iraqi civilians who have been killed during the invasion of their country. A tyrant, a bullying president, used to getting his way by whatever methods necessary, invaded a country under false pretenses, using a pack of lies to garner public support. Iraq had something he wanted: oil, of course, and land on which to set up a base or two to gain control over the area - for future oil. As they say: Location, location, location.
The same thing happened here. I could get in trouble for what I'm about to say next, however it would be pretty weird to see a lawyer in a defamation law suit against me stand before a judge and declare: "Your Honor, she compared my client to the President of the United States!" Definite defamation in my opinion.... But that would be even weirder than "Your Honor, she called my client POOPSIE!" which is my reality, by the way.
The mayor is indeed comparable to the President. Both are at the center of their own universes. They have small, narrow minds filled to capacity with their own agendas (25 cents per page, if you please), their own self-serving schemes to obtain greater wealth for themselves and their cronies, "friends" whom they need in order to assuage their own insecurities and affirm their power. Why be a god if you don't have anybody to worship you? I could go on and on. It took me awhile to figure out that Mickus, the vice mayor is a lot like Cheney, the vice president. It took awhile because the councilman has missed so many of the meetings, to me he was an invisible force acting behind the scenes - much like Cheney. The others are basically Yes-men. Hill is useful like Condoleeza is useful, but they have no power. Their purpose is to spread the canned message, lie to the public if necessary (and its always necessary), convert the naysayers, and to smooth over any ripples caused by their clumsy, ogre bosses. Like so many of the Bushmen, Loch and Kryzer just occupy chairs in the room, voting along and trying to win favor with the Big Cheese. Well, at least that applies to Loch. Kryzer doesn't vote along because he doesn't live here in the winter. If he were here, he'd probably, in my opinion, do as he was told. The clerk resembles Harriet Miers.... there to stand by "her" man and do his dirty work for him while trying to make him appear to be honest and decent and... competent. (Again, my opinion.) Of course, there is only so much a person can do before the Truth gets out, whether in Washington or on Main Street. Personally I find them all disgusting creatures. But that's just my opinion. Fortunately, there isn't a Karl Rove on the Onamia city council. As bad as they are now, think how dangerous they would be if they had a brain...
So the Onamia city council invaded Bradbury Township and took over 38.81 acres. Believe me, there's a lot of "oil" for the mayor in this deal. And of course, by setting up a "base" across the Rum River, we've heard rumors of industrial parks, trailer courts, double-wides, etc. Hell, why not a Walmart? They have ruined their own area. Now they want to ruin ours.
Come Monday, the city council will once again ignore We The People and proceed with their evil deeds which will illegally squeeze sex offenders into a residential neighborhood, like using a shoehorn to fit size twelve feet into a size seven loafer. They have absolutely no right to this spot zoning. They will ignore We The Insurgents, who oppose the forced occupation by a foreign government into our country. Even after all of this, there is no purple ink for our fingers here in Bradbury Township. We are voiceless and voteless. To put it bluntly, it is unfair and it sucks.
Yesterday, "Harriet Miers" - the town clerk - answering my question about what the city council has discussed or thought about us (the neighbors)and how we'll handle it when they pass the ordinance; she told me, "Actually, we don't talk about you. We don't think about you much." My knee-jerk reaction was, "Well, duh!"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pennywise, Pound FOOLISH!

The End Zone

I'm no good with football, so a terrific title - "The End Zone" is pretty much a wasted metaphor with me. But it sounded good at the time I thought of it. I can picture it... A quarterback gets the ball hiked to him; he tosses it to his teammate- who catches the ball and runs his butt as fast as he can down the field, past the crowed screaming from the stands, all the way down all of those yardlines, head down, arm outstretched to fend off opponents rushing at him from either side, legs churning, faster, faster, to the goal.... THE GOAL...THE GOAL... and then... Oops. There's a fence - right between the goal posts. He skids to a stop. He stands there dazed and confused, motionless; the ball still tucked under his arm. What does he do now? He can't get to the end zone! He's stuck! There is a sign hanging on the fence which says:
No Admittance!
This end is zoned residential.
Game over.

*I wasn't at all surprised to see the results of the poll which asked: "What do you think a sex offender facility should be zoned as?" As I anticipated, the Pronexus answered D. Residential. No surprise. They would say that whether they knew the correct answer or not, just to be .... well... Pronexus. But the fact is, a "residential" sex offender facility just isn't the same as a residential zoning. And call it what you like, there is no way of getting around what it really is: A correctional treatment center for juvenile sex offenders.


Remember that old show back in the seventies, the one that gave Tom Hanks his start on the road to stardom: Bossom Buddies? The story was about two guys who couldn't find an apartment. Needing a place to live, they pretended to be girls so they could get an affordable room in a boarding house for women only. To make their charade work, the guys had to dress up in stuffed bras and panties, girly sweaters and skirts, wearing wigs and make-up... They adopted girl's names, talked in high falsetto voices, struggled with high-heeled shoes, and faked their lives for all they were worth. Fooled a lot of people, those lovable tv transvestites did...


But underneath all of the drag, they were just guys dressed up as girls. No amount of make-up could change who and what they really were. Just like nothing can disguise who and what the Nexus Mille Lacs Academy really is...


The Mille Lacs "Academy" isn't a "home" for "children". It isn't a house with a mom and dad and 2.5 children with a labrador retriever and two cars in the garage. You can call it "Buffy", but that doesn't make it a house. It doesn't even make it Tom Hanks. I live in an area which is zoned SINGLE RESIDENTIAL. Granted, not everyone in my neighborhood has a labrador retriever, but we definitely fit the R1 zone. So Nexus bought some land down the street. That's fine. No problem. But there is no way they are going to be able to dress up and pretend to be something they're not- with their five massive institutional buildings, including a school and gymnasium - huge parking lots and paved roads, ball fields (with goal posts?). Nope. Ain't gonna happen. Not here. (I certainly hope they have a Plan B... )


The Mille Lacs Academy is an institution licensed by the Department of Corrections where counties throughout Minnesota (and some out-of-state) send juvenile sex offenders who have been adjudicated through the court system after committing sexual crimes which have caused harm to someone, and have been found to be a risk to their own communities. You can dress them up anyway you like. (Some of the metrosexuals actually like this sort of thing.) You can call them Buffy or Fluffy or Puff... but it won't change who or what they really are. Perhaps the best name for them is: Spot. Spot.... See Spot. See Spot run. Run Spot, Run. All the way to - but not into - the End Zone.
No Admittance.
Residential. The End.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Long and Short of It

Some days I just cry. I think of what my life once was, and all that I lost when I got sick. All I had left was this farm. And now everything is ruined, even if Nexus can't build here.

Would you all be happy if I just ended my life and got out of your way? Would that do ya? Maybe life isn't too short. Maybe its too long.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bully Bully

Der Fuhrer of Nexusville

NIMBY You Fools

I dedicate the following video to all the Pronexus:
Frank Coureau, Sondra Erickson, Bully Milton,
Bill Hill, Mark Loch, Bob Mickus,
Jerome Kryzer, Mickey Carter, Kathy McCullum, Bob Ruppe,
Dr. Evil and Mini-Me,
the Nexus Board of Directors
and the others who have paved the way for
Facism in our County.

Without them, there would be no Bradbury Buzzz.
And to my Mom. If this ever happens to her,
there will be no Pronexus...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Me and Mini-Me

I commented to Mille Lacs Academy Director Paul Smith at the January 30th "We Can't Hear You, We're NOT Listening, So Screw You!" that it was just plain uncanny how similar David Hutchinson - the new NEXUS CEO is to the former NEXUS CEO. I said, "He's just like D'Angelo only smaller!" Kind of like a white rat compared to a white mouse. Oddly alike. I suppose that rat comment will get me into trouble. Free speech isn't free in Nexusville. I'll get sued again. I wonder if Mini-Me's temper is as bad as Dr. Evil's. Dr. Evil is suing me because I called him arrogant. I suppose that comparing Mini-Me to Dr. Evil is just the same as calling him arrogant too. Soooo. Oh well. Let them come after me. They just make themselves look mean, nasty, and.... foolish.

One thing that isn't foolish, is the presentation choreographed by the Onamia city attorney, the Onamia city "Planning Commission" (which is the same as the Onamia city council) between the lawyer and the sex offender CEO. It was unethical, but well-prepared.

There were several problems however. First, Larry had made it clear that there would be no discussion about anything except zoning. He refused to hear anything that we'd been over fifty thousand times last summer. And then, just like that, their cheesy lawyer and Mini-Me went over the same crap we've been over fifty thousand times. Hardly fair, don't you agree? And of course, Mini-Me puked out the same untruths as had his predecessor. Of course, that rhetoric has lost its magic. Everyone now realizes that its nothing but fictional propaganda. Mini-Me needs some practice to become convincing. Jim, (and of course YOU, Victor....) if you're listening, please note that I think D'Angelo has a lot more stage-presence than Mini-Me ever will. Dr. Evil - you're still Number 1 in my book! Sorry, but Mini-Me comes up a bit short. Of course there's also Paul Smith.... Number 2..... It fits. Don'tcha think?
I digress. Why don't you watch for yourself. You'll see Mini-Me in action, spreading falsehoods and trying to convince us that 94 convicted sex offenders is congruent with day care.

Please realize that there is absolutely nothing congruent between this behemoth mega-complex with its 5 institutional buildings, roads, driveways, huge parkinglots and of course - its 94 convicted sex offenders and the rest of our peaceful, rural neighborhoods. They are trying to dodge the Spot Zoning issue. It won't work. We live on small farms in single houses. There are no apartment buildings or schools nearby - although why would you put sex offenders near such places??? We have lots to discuss, my friends. :)

Their World and Welcome to it.

So I was searching for images on the Internet. I can't recall the exact phrase, but I typed in some innocent key words like "little old lady" and came up with a gazillion pictures, including a photo of a topless woman giving a horse a blow job. It left me utterly speechless. When I was looking for a graphic of a telephone one day, I typed in "telephone" (it made sense to me...) Up popped a photo on the screen which I couldn't quite make out. Curious, I clicked the thumbnail to enlarge it. What was that... I stared, unable to comprehend. It took me a few seconds to realize I was looking at a photomontage of four pictures illustrating the various stages of a man inserting a telephone receiver into his own rectum. The last shot had the curly cord sticking out of his anus.

It was then I realized that I am not nearly as open minded as I once thought I was. Call me a prude. It grossed me out. Since I've been called upon to save the neighborhood, I've dealt with things I could not have imagined. Try researching into deviant sex and violence. Yuck. I hate what I've learned. Has it jaded me? I dunno. Probably. The first time I read about a teenage boy sodomizing a toddler, I was so outraged, I was shaking. By the time a three year old boy was raped by an eight year old at the Mille Lacs Casino Kid Quest a couple of weeks ago, I'd become so deconditioned to such things that I wasn't even shocked. How can you NOT be shocked by something like that?! Raping little kids is commonplace in our society. I've read horror stories of abuse that have brought me to tears. Some have been told in court cases of Mille Lacs Academy juvenile sex offenders that are supposedly moving into my neighborhood. It turns my stomach to read about what some of these "kids" have done.

Frank Courteau, Larry Milton, Bill Hill, Bob Mickus, Mark Loch, Jerome Kryzer, Mickey Carter and Kathy McCullum might think that its fine and dandy to put deviant sexual offenders next to day care. I do not share their OPINION. One thing is for certain. Not all the deviants in our twisted, screwed up society are juveniles.

As a person who strongly believes in the Constitution, I support people's rights to their own perversions, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, (including the horse). However, forcing sex offenders next to toddlers and elderly widows is one perversion which must not be tolerated.

The Nexusville City Council has worked diligently to manufacture
a disaster waiting to happen.

As a somewhat prudish, highly temperamental, complex medley of June Cleaver, Judge Judy, and the Lone Ranger, I believe that children and animals need to be protected. In my opinion, it takes a sick, twisted person to knowingly put them at risk. That is, of course, only my OPINION.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nexusville Podunkers

Hey! I've got news for you!

All over the United States, people are working hard to keep sex offenders OUT of their towns! It seems that Onamia is unique in wanting to keep sex offenders IN. Hannabelle's future project, filling the Mille Lacs area with sex offenders is going to be easier than I first thought.

I read an article last night about it. (Several, actually). Sex offenders have been moving into Minnesota, where they can quite easily avoid being tracked, monitored, or classified. When they come here from other states, they just fade into society and disappear. There are hundreds of Level 3 sex offenders (the most dangerous kind) already here. Nobody knows for sure how many there are, because they lose track of them all. Lots. And more are coming! Just think about what will happen when homeless sex offenders from all over the country find out that the Podunkers in Onamia - the CITY COUNCIL, fer christsake, bend over to service sex offenders. The town will be flooded with them. (Although it seems we already are...) Justice makes Hannabelle a happy panda.

Most towns change their zoning ordinances to prohibit sex offenders from settling in residential areas. For example, sex offenders are not allowed within 2000 ft of daycare or schools - any place where children might be. Not our town. The Podunkers in Nexusville are putting our sex offenders by three daycare centers, making sure that our sex offenders have everything they need! They put the juvenile sex offenders right IN the school. Nobody knows who has the HIV AIDS virus. Nobody cares? Naw. These convicted sex offenders are interacting sexually with local sons and daughters - and nobody cares. (They have more trouble with the town kids, remember?) So who cares? Nobody in Onamia seems to. Nobody in Mille Lacs County. When their kids get AIDS, maybe they'll care.... or perhaps they'll be appeased when the town holds fundraisers for them. Nexusville loves that kind of thing. They love a good show of support.

The sex offenders at the Mille Lacs Academy have been placed here to protect the communities where they live (they aren't our kids...). Counties throughout Minnesota must breathe a sigh of relief that there is a place where people are so blind, deaf, and DUMB that they actually look to the problem perverts as some kind of asset!
Mayor Bully Milton and Commissioner Frank Courteau, and especially Councilman Bill Write-in Hill all think they know what's best for us. They've decided that Democracy, Constitutional Rights, etc. are obsolete. They've seen the future! And their vision is that sex offenders will save the dying town. The town killed by the Podunkers' previous lack of vision and poor management...

I know, I know. This is a really stupid idea. But this is a town of STUPID R US. Sig Heil! However, not everyone in Mille Lacs County is stupid. Lazy, apethetic, mis-informed, yes. Stupid, no. There is sure to be a temendous backlash when the voters finally figure out how they have been corn-holed by these elected Podunkers. Wait until they feel it in their updated TAX statements. Surprise!

The Podunkers will be gone someday, and that's something that would really improve Onamia. Unfortunately, much like President Bush, the Podunkers are leaving a big clean-up job in their wake. Of course, the town will still be filled to capacity with sex offenders. I guess that makes Nexusville a special place to live.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Daddy's Girl

"All too often arrogance
accompanies strength,
and we must never assume that justice
is on the side of the strong.
The use of power must always
be accompanied by moral choice."

Theodore Bikel
One day early last summer, I found myself standing outside the Onamia city hall, chatting with the mayor. I remember it well, especially considering that it is the only time other than at public meetings that Larry Milton (aka "Clippers", aka "Bully") has ever faced me since he orchestrated the Onamia Invasion into my township to dump 104 sex offenders* in my front yard. (*The number of sex offenders has now been upped from 94 to 104. Nexus is inconsistent when it comes to numbers... They will now have, according to them, a capacity for 104 sex offenders in their new facility.)
Anyway, it was a beautiful, sunny day. Larry was reminiscing about my father, whom he claimed to know well - actually, he inferred that he knew my dad better than I did. I listened politely as Larry told the story about how Larry helped my dad buy my farm in Onamia. According to Milton, he himself had located this property and recommended that my dad purchase it. (Always messing around with Bradbury land.... tsk tsk) Of course, being such good pals, my dad always listened to Larry and like everyone else, always did what Larry told him... In fact, if it weren't for Larry, I'd never have come to Onamia. According to Larry.
"So you're saying that all of the trouble you've had with me - you brought upon yourself?" I said. (Poncho got a chuckle out of that.)
Larry went on to indicate how ashamed of me, how disappointed in me Dad would have been, if he were still alive. Larry looked sad. Larry talked to me a lot that day. He wasn't wearing that snarly I'm-The-Big-Cheese-Here hat that he wears in public. No.... Larry was my concerned friend. Just like he'd been my father's friend... Right. I could have puked.
We discussed the Crosier property, where the academy should have been built. That plan was rejected so that Larry's buddy Mike, who owned the adjoining property could make as small fortune selling his land to another buddy who wanted to build a supper club there. You see, you can't get a liquor license within 1000 feet of a correctional facility, which the Mille Lacs Academy is... a correctional facility. Larry traded our lives, our dreams, our happiness - for a liquor license. Besides, if the sex offender institution was built on the Crosier property, all surrounding land would drop in value and be difficult to sell. Larry takes care of his pals. At least when they're still alive. Ask Kenny Apel if you don't believe me.
So much for Larry's "friendship" with my dad. But the bully mayor wanted no hard feelings. Larry said, "Its business. Its not personal." The Mayor of Nexusville said that when this was all over, he hoped I wouldn't drive through town giving him the finger when I saw him. Yes. As Poncho is my witness, he actually said that.
My mother was waiting for us in the car. "Come see what you're doing to my mom," I said, opening the car door to reveal a tiny, dignified old lady in the backseat. Larry said how nice it was to see her again, explaining that he had met her years ago, when her husband was alive. She just stared at him, politely. Larry apologized to my mother for ruining her life (he didn't put it that way, of course. I'm paraphrasing.) It was an apology the rest of us never received from the Mayor of Nexusville. They briefly chatted about my dad and then it was time for us to go. "Nice meeting you," my mother said.
As we got in the car and started to leave, my mom asked, "Who was that man?" We told her. "That's Larry Milton? I've never seen him before in my life!" she said. Now, this is one incident where I'm not calling Larry a liar. Nor is my mom the least bit senile. He probably did meet her years ago. He just didn't make a lasting impression on her back then. He certainly has now. You can bet that my mom will NEVER forget the Mayor of Nexusville.
The true story about how I ended up in Onamia: My dad was up here fishing on Mille Lacs Lake with his friend Chris. (Chris was a real friend.) My dad talked about how much he liked the area and how he might like to retire here someday. The fishing guide had 85 acres to sell. My dad saw it as a good investment. They made the deal that day. Dad died from lung cancer - just one year shy of that retirement. Although he visited often, he never got the chance to live on his farm and be part of the wonderful Nexusville community... You see, he didn't buy the farm for me, but I ended up living on it for thirty years - time Daddy's Girl bitterly now considers as totally wasted.
Its true that my father would not have stood behind me in the Nexusville War. He would have stood ahead of me, making me as proud of him as he is of me now - wherever he is - watching what his "old pal Larry" is doing to his wife and daughter and the farm that he loved. But unlike Hannabelle, my father would have been a force to be reckoned with, I assure you. Perhaps he still is. Perhaps...
I once asked my dad about the Mayor of Nexusville. This is what he said:
"Watch out for him," he warned. "He's a real shyster."
That really stuck with me, since my dad rarely made statements like that about people. But as usual, Father knew best.
As for driving through town, giving Larry the finger? Why limit myself to Mainstreet in Nexusville when I have the entire world at my finger tip........

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two Bits

When I presented a letter to the city council at the January "Public We're Not Listening, We Can't Hear You" meeting, I made a mistake. Councilman Mark Loch asked me for a copy of the document, which covered Spot Zoning, as well as Minnesota Statutes and Onamia Ordinances which prohibit placing sex offender facilities in residential areas - and I didn't give him one. The truth is, I didn't have enough copies for everyone. I had only one copy each for the city attorney and one for the record. Why bother?
1. the city council has determined to proceed no matter what, 2. they don't educate themselves prior to making up their minds, and 3. they do whatever Larry wants anyway, and Larry wants sex offenders in our community. Its a Done Deal. Larry's Legacy.
But when Mark Loch asked for a copy of the document, I told him, "Sorry Mark, I'd have to charge you for one," or something to that effect. That was in snide retaliation for the city council voting to charge us - the Not Nexus Never Naysayers - 25 cents per page for copies of city documents, including city council agendas and minutes of the meetings. I have spent a lot of money in paperwork alone, just trying to save my home. Some of the agendas have cost me over $25. (All other cities and counties in Minnesota hand theirs out for free.) City Clerk Kathleen McCullum told me that I'm the only one who requests these documents. Its just another way the City Council is hurting us, using this to punish us for protesting.
Or maybe they're hoping to build up funding for the 15 years of tax abatement they gave Nexus. Let us pay for Nexus through our tax dollars and meeting agendas...
It never occurred to me that Mark Loch would actually read the document I presented to the council. Or if by some miracle he did, it wouldn't change anything anyway. The Onamia City Council has absolutely no regard for the citizens it is supposed to be serving. None. Zilch. Nada.
So Mark, if you're reading this blog (which I'm sure you are not...) I apologize for not having a copy for you. I just assumed that you wouldn't read it anyway, or if you did, it wouldn't make any difference. This is Nexusville, after all. Dr. Evil and Mini-Me make the decisions, call the shots. And even if you did read the document and had an epiphany, nobody has the balls to stand up to Nexus' city administrator Bully Milton -
except for Hannabelle, of course....

Friday, February 8, 2008

Falling into the Evil Trap

I once had a beautiful black labrador retriever. His name was Luke. He was a joy. Luke was my constant companion. Oh how he loved to play! When he was very little, one of our favorite games was "Evil Trap!" I'd sit on the floor and this energetic little guy would run across my legs, at which time I'd scoop him up, raise him into the air, and cry "You fell into my evil trap!" I'd release him and he'd go nuts - running circles in that scooty fashion that happy puppies have when they abandon all reason and give in to silly business. Of course, he'd come right back for more.

The problem was that Luke didn't stay little. He grew. And grew. There came a time when I could no longer fulfill my role as the trap-master. I couldn't lift him anymore. But even at 105 pounds, Luke still wanted to play the game. I finally had to modify. I just put my arms around his big body and said the magic words, "You fell into my evil trap!" Fortunately, that was enough to make the big boy happy.

Nexus and the City Council like to play this game too. They play it with people's lives. But their traps, however profitable for themselves, aren't fun for those who fall into them. These are nasty assholes, playing God where they have no right to do so. Their victims are real victims. Scooping people into their trap has been easy for them. We are just a little group of protesters. Little puppies. Its too bad that our numbers never grew until we, like Luke could no longer be lifted. But the people in Onamia have believed the lies. The Neighbors are negotiating with Nexus in a last ditch effort to make the best of a badly Done Deal. Bill Hill and Paul Smith, two very bad guys that I truly hate with all of my heart, are no doubt now delighted to be able to cry, "You fell into our Evil Trap." Bwahaha.
Of course, they didn't catch Hannabelle.

Deadly Rampage at City Hall

Six Die in Missouri City Council Shooting
KIRKWOOD, Mo. (Feb. 8) - Ten days after losing a federal lawsuit against this St. Louis suburb he insisted harassed him, a gunman stormed a council meeting and opened fire, killing two police officers and three city officials.
The gunman, identified as Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton, critically injured the city's mayor and wounded a reporter Thursday night before law enforcers fatally shot him."The only way that I can put into context that you might understand is that my brother went to war tonight with the people, the government that was putting torment and strife into his life," Thornton's brother, Gerald Thornton, told St. Louis' KMOV-TV.
One has to wonder what the mayor and city council had done to Cookie to cause him to go to war with his own government. City councils can really mess up a person's life. Believe me. I know. And because of what has happened to me and my neighborhood, I tend to side with Cookie, even without knowing the details. I don't condone what he did, but I think I understand it. I see Cookie as a victim. The particulars might not be the same, but there is no doubt in my mind that Cookie felt that the city council was unfair and deserved to die. I suspect that they were unfair. Our mayor and city council in Onamia certainly are, forcing their sex offenders into our lives. Of course, the full article about the shooting didn't tell Cookie's side of the story. I'm sure Cookie had his reasons.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

O.K. Shoot the Messenger!

Silly me. I take it back.

There was a story in the Mille Lacs Messenger last week, covering the bogus January 30 "public hearing". First, I'll tell you why the story pleased me. (Yes. Hannabelle is pleasable.) I was pleased because for once the reporter reported the Truth. Videotape was displayed on the Mille Lacs Messenger website (and also on YouTube and also on this blog titled "Don't Shoot the Messenger"). It gave you a picture better than 1000 words (which Hannabelle can so easily spew forth while over-writing her lengthy blogs). The article was simple and straight forward, expertly written. I didn't find it overly sympathetic to our side, but for once it wasn't slanted towards the Oppressors. It was a pretty fair article, in my humble opinion.

But then ..... it was updated......

Wow! What a difference. Somebody came back and added the same old shitty rhetoric, the lies and propaganda of Nexus and the Onamia City Council. Plugged it right into the existing story to nullify the Truth! Typical of the old Mille Lacs Messenger. Now everything is twisted. For instance - There is a quote by Onamia Chief of Police Robert Matzky which discredits our reports of his own police statistics, slanting it to make the Nexus "children" seem harmless. Its a bunch of bullshit. But because people read it in the paper, they'll believe it.

Are you ready for this, my friends? Officer Bob wasn't even at the meeting! You heard me. Even though the Updated article lists his comments under TESTIMONY, he wasn't there. Nor should he and his misleading statements have been included in this particular story. This is totally irresponsible journalism. This story was about the meeting. It was about us fighting city hall for rights we have been denied.

The Mille Lacs Messenger also reported Paul Smith's comments. Paul Smith was at the meeting BUT HE DID NOT SPEAK AT THE MEETING. Maybe the asshole fears public speaking more than death. He did not make those comments at the meeting - You can bet that Hannabelle would have objected FOR THE RECORD of his use of the word "child". He used that word 7 times in one paragraph. (Remember a previous quote: "fear and ignorance, fear and ignorance, fear and ignorance?"
I get it.

How many times do I have to say it to erase the mind-fucking you people are receiving from the Mille Lacs Messenger?

And at the end of this totally propagandized piece of shit, it talks about Mini-Me stating that money for a fence is not an issue. He said that the Department of Corrections won't allow them to put up a fence (which is true, by the way. Stupid too.). However, when I asked Mini-Me if Nexus would pay for a fence that the neighbors put up, he shook his head in the negative.

I ask you: Why was this perfectly good story destroyed? And who ruined it? Those, my friends, are questions worth pursuing. There's more to this than meets the eye.
Follow the money Follow the money Follow the money

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cops and Rubbers

Sorry Officer Bob. We need new cops in Onamia. You guys don't seem to be cutting it.
Or so we hear.
Over and over...
What do we hear? The "town kids" are more trouble than the Mille Lacs Academy convicted sex offenders. (Who are pretty much confined to that institution, by the way - where they are under "constant" supervision. Even so, look at the statistics for assaults, runaways, etc.) But the town kids are another story. Why can't the Onamia police handle the town kids? Why, in a city with a population of approximately 900 is there so much crime? According to statistics provided by the city - to compare vast numbers of local crime to the minimalized, down-played crimes committed by the MLA PTBs, our city of Onamia has a much higher crime rate than New York City! Wow!
One big promoter of the MLA propaganda is Mayor Larry Milton. I've heard him talk about the crime problems in Onamia. Problems with the locals. Town kids.... Well, as mayor, isn't it up to him to deal with the problem? If our cops are that inept, that we have a higher crime percentage than New York City, isn't it up to Mayor Bully Milton to get some cops who can do the job?
Now, I'm not personally picking on Officer Bob. I'm not making personal attacks. Larry is. And so are others who will say anything and do anything to keep the Mille Lacs Academy in Onamia. Don't you wonder why they are fighting so hard? Why not just say, well... the people don't want you in their neighborhood so you'll have to find somewhere else to go - someplace that isn't next to toddlers and elderly widows. But geez.... It just makes you wonder why the city government would go to such lengths - such as tarnishing the reputations of their own police force... I actually feel embarrassed for our chief of police - being used in such a manner.
If I were Officer Bob, I'd be furious. Or maybe he really is just a big incompetent dork, as the MLA Royals, the Emperor and City Council, and Pronexus imply. Can't handle local kids. A real lunkhead. Can't protect the city. Thank goodness that the MLA PTBs are so well behaved. Only 40 assaults and 256 runaways and a few thefts, burglaries, sex crimes, etc.... Not like the town kids Officer Bob can't handle. Yep. If I were on the Onamia Police Force, I'd be pissed as hell. Putting my life on the line everyday and being accused of being too incompetent to be able to control town kids!
I would also think that knowing that our crime rate beats NYC, the citizens would hurry to replace the mayor and city councilmen, as well as the police force. We are talking some serious safety concerns.
Dr. Evil, former CEO of the Sex Offenders R Us Company has said time and again that the MLA PTBs are less trouble than the town kids. (He even had a printed brochure with statistics - False statistics, of course.) What he claimed about the town kids may or may not be true. The town joke that is circulating is: "How can you tell he's lying? His lips are moving." (Don't sue me! I'm not the one who said it!) He has shown a great deal of disrespect to our police department. Personally, I don't appreciate someone like Dr. Evil bringing a whole bunch of convicted criminals into our community and then putting down our cops. But that's just me. Seems o.k. with Larry and his friends. Then again, I still respect the law.
Larry hasn't said much about the crimes committed by the Mille Lacs Academy sex offenders, other than to declare that he has been aware of the numbers and types of crimes. The MLA PTBs are all convicted of sexual crimes which have hurt people. They do things like rape, sodomy, forced oral sex on teenagers, children and toddlers - both little girls and little boys. I know that besides these terrible sex crimes, many of the MLA PTBs have overlapping psycological problems such as impulse control issues, violence, and sociopathic characteristics such as lack of empathy, etc. Some are borderline or south of the border - retarded. Some are really big and really strong and really, really disturbed. Some have committed other crimes like theft and assault, etc.
That kid who raped that three-year-old boy at Kid's Quest the other day? Did it make you sick hearing what happened to that poor little toddler? We are getting 94 juvenile sex offenders right here in our backyard. Do you want them? Take them. Please.
Now we hear Dr. Evil's replacement, Mini-Me, spouting the same crap about how safe little old ladies and three-year-old toddlers will be in our neighborhood... Hey! The sheriff's deputy cruising our neighborhood was looking for an escaped sex offender. There were no escaped counselors running alongside. I'm sick of hearing all of the lies. I want the Truth! But nope. They just keep pouring it on. Slather it thick. Bamboozle the folks. If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe you. (I think Hitler said that, but don't hold me to it.) Will the people buy into the propaganda? Sure. Why not? They have since the beginning. It is much more comfortable than the truth. Ask Representative Sondra Erickson about that. She knows.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Now ain't that a SLAPP in the face

A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation,
in which a corporation or developer sues an organization in an attempt to scare it into dropping protests
against a corporate initiative.
Imagine you've been summoned for jury duty. (Bummer, eh?)
Plaintiff #1 was the CEO of a multi-million dollar private corporation whose main source of funding comes from you, the tax-payer.
Plaintiff #2 is a member of the corporation's Board of Directors. He is a college professor of social work at an elite university. He teaches a course in "communication and interviewing". One of his current research interests: Scapegoating.
The Defendant is a middle-aged chronically ill disabled woman, living on a small fixed-income. She has lived peacefully for thirty years on the small farm she shares with her retired husband and her elderly mother.
The Plaintiffs are relocating 94 convicted juvenile sex offenders right down the street from the Defendant, greatly impacting her life. The Defendant has voiced her objections publicly, including on the Internet. Plaintiffs are suing her for Defamation.
You and your fellow jury members will learn a lot about the Nexus Corporation and Nexus Diversified. You will hear how the Defendant is but one of several neighbors who have been protesting the annexation of 38.81 acres in Bradbury Township; the sale of the property to the city of Onamia; the subsequent sale of the property to Nexus/Nexus Diversified; the rezoning to permit approximately 94 sex offenders into their R1 residential area - next to elderly widows and daycare.
You'll hear a lot of testimony from the Defendant and her neighbors about the terrible impact upon their lives. You'll hear about lost property values, shattered dreams, and safety concerns. And you will learn how Nexus and the city government of Onamia deceived, misled, and lied to the public in order to build a $14 million dollar 5 building unlocked facility for the 94 sex offenders and approximately 140 employees who are forcing their way into this quiet, peaceful spot. You'll see the actual police and sheriff's reports and learn that the mayor and city council intentionally lied and hid the truth from citizens: reckless public endangerment. There will be evidence of Nexus submitting false information on their application in order to gain tax abatement from the city and county, after the State of Minnesota denied them tax exemption. All of the dirt on these Plaintiffs, Nexus and the Onamia Mayor and City Council will be exposed in court.
You will learn a lot about sexual deviancy and the type of offenses these adolescent males have committed. You'll hear about their crimes, the harm they have caused to others, and the reasons they have been removed from their communities and placed in the Mille Lacs Academy. You may hear about what they did to some of their victims. (I hope you have a strong stomach. There are toddlers involved.) By the end of the trial, you'll be quite an expert on paraphilia. You'll understand why these juvenile offenders are safety risks in their own community. I guarantee you won't want them living in your backyard.
Besides a lengthy examination of the sex offender issue, you'll hear evidence of how the five guys on the Onamia city council have acted as agents for Nexus; how they have repeatedly attempted to circumvent laws, ordinances, and the Constitution in order to force the sex offender facility upon their citizens - for purely economic reasons as well as for personal gain. You'll hear about conflicts of interest. There will be evidence of conspiracy and corruption. You'll also get to know the county commissioners. I guarantee you won't want to vote for any of these guys again.
The trial will most likely be long, but it is sure to be interesting. And when it finally comes down to the Defamation charges, you could be amused if the high-buck attorney for the Plaintiffs stands up in a moment of courtroom drama, whirls around and points at the Defendant and shouts with indignation, "Your Honor! Members of the Jury! SHE CALLED MY CLIENT 'POOPSIE'!!!!!"
How would you decide this case?
Isn't it bad enough that the Plaintiffs - neither of whom live here or are part of the community - are forcing 94 convicted sex offenders onto innocent long-term residents, using local government and strong-arm tactics to ensure that these American citizens have absolutely no say in a matter that intensely and adversely affects them? But for these Plaintiffs, the rich, self-important bullies attacking one of their NIMBY victims with a frivolous lawsuit - out of spite, out of embarrassment for being exposed, or as an example to silence and intimidate others... to sue a person for telling the truth - while she's just trying to defend herself, her property, her way of life, and to protect her mom....
Now ain't that just a SLAPP in the face...
Oddly enough, just by bringing this frivolous lawsuit, the plaintiffs have basically affirmed the defendant's claims
and proven her case.
See you in court.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I'd like to thank our local newspaper - the real newspaper - The Mille Lacs Messenger for their coverage of the January 30 Zoning Public Hearing at the Onamia City Hall, and for making this video available to the world through YouTube.
Sitting left to right are: Councilman Bill Hill, Councilman Mark Loch, Mayor Larry Milton, city clerk Kathleen McCullum, and city attorney Bob Ruppe. The speakers are Bradbury Township residents who, against all odds have been fighting to save their homes from the inevitable devastation of Nexus' sex offenders.

Read the article.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

On THEIR Terms

Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time going through stacks of public information we've collected regarding Nexus' and Onamia's mission to keep the Mille Lacs Academy from leaving town. Personally, I'd rather be reading the new Michael Crichton novel I haven't had time for, but - oh well. We do what we must. There will be time for other things after This Too Has Passed.
Anyway, in the beginning, nobody connected with the Nexus Project was out to "get" anyone. Decisions were based on economic needs of our area. When Nexus originally decided to relocate the Mille Lacs Academy, Onamia officials scrambled to compete with Brainerd. In horse-trainer lingo, Nexus made everyone "move their feet." Nexus has always been in charge.
The mayor, members of the city council, the area CDC, and others all bent over backwards to meet the requirements dictated by Nexus. They courted Nexus hard to win the coveted prize - 94 convicted sex offenders. If only they had stood back and looked at the entire picture, maybe they would have seen that Nexus was playing them all along. Nexus has always been in charge. And many feet have moved.
You can't see the forest for the trees.

The problem was that this group of local decision-makers, most of them elected - but not by us, of course - concentrated so hard on meeting the terms of one and only one "tree" that not only did they miss seeing the "forest", they completely forgot there were other "trees". They never considered anyone else. Never even gave us a thought. That pissed us off.

By the time they noticed us at all, they'd spent some time, some money. At this point, they really should have cut their losses, abandoned the absurd idea of putting sex offenders into this residential neighborhood and found land on the commercial east or south side of town. Instead, they decided to sacrifice We-The-Saplings in order to appease the Great Nexus Tree. We were in the way. They decided to chop down the Not-Nexus-Never NIMBY Naysayers. The Bradbury Idiots. The Dirty Twelve. *

Looking at documents from the past couple of years, it troubles me that nobody bothered to research the company or its impact on our community - other than the jobs issue, that is. The city council became so intent on winning that they never asked: Is the prize worth it?

Our research indicates that Nexus has a pattern of telling lies and spreading propaganda in order to get what they want. Like their "clients", Nexus is adept at deception and are masters of manipulation. For example: Nexus claims to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in Onamia, when in fact very little of the money actually benefits the community. When it comes to numbers, Nexus seems arithmetically challenged. Things just don't add up.
In my opinion, the mayor, the city council, the commissioners, and others who were involved in the Nexus Affair were obligated to thoroughly examine this company before both the city and the county gave thousands and thousands of dollars for years and years of property tax abatement. They based their decision on unsubstantiated, unconfirmed information supplied by Nexus. They simply accepted everything Nexus told them as fact. Face value follymeisters. To me, their failure to research Nexus was horribly irresponsible. It was dumb.

You can't see the forest for the TREE. The one, omnipotent NEXUS TREE.

All other trees need not apply.
They should have definitely considered the rights of and impact on individual citizens - after all, this is still America, isn't it? But they didn't.
Since realizing the depth of our discontent, the gravity of our grievances, the city council has been on the scramble again - no... not to find a solution that might please us.... This time they're scrambling to rewrite city ordinances to circumvent the law in order to permit the sex offenders to live beside elderly widows and daycare. They've been abusing their power.*
One of the problems with small town government is that there is a limited well from which to draw public servants. Our well runs dry after only a few buckets. Few people are interested in such things.
"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."
At the last election, Bill Hill won by "write-in". Jerome Kryzer spends the winters in Arizona. Bob Mickus, who ran unopposed, misses so many council meetings that you have to wonder why he took the job in the first place. Mark Loch doesn't say much, just goes through the motions. The Zoning Administrator didn't even show up for the recent zoning public hearing. Our rude, bitchy city clerk doesn't even live in the county. Even though the town has gone to hell over the past twenty years, Larry Milton remains mayor. Unless they stack the deck with Nexus employees, usually the only citizens who attend the meetings are from Bradbury Township. Its all so sad.
All of these people in our local government have forgotten the "servant" part of "public servant." Sadly, they have also forgotten the "public" part as well. They are now the private agents of Nexus.
When it comes to dealing with them on their terms,
we need term limits.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Crimes and Misdemeanest

Bad boys, bad boys - whatcha gonna do?

For the past nine months we've been hearing reports about the Mille Lacs Academy's "safety record". In fact, we Naysayers have been scoffed at and scorned for our concern about the safety of our children, our elderly parents, our property, and ourselves. What the hell is wrong with us? How can we be so 'afraid' of these poor troubled boys? Geez.
Every one of our concerns has been countered by the opposition. Nexus even published a brochure of its lies - in order to hide the Truth and control public opinion. (Jim D'Angelo himself was there as the lies on the Mille Lacs Academy "Fact Sheet" were distributed at the November 14 tax abatement public hearing.) Nexus tells us that in the last decade there has only been "one incident". It involved a stolen vehicle. They had to fess up to the stolen van - because it belonged to one of the Naysayers in the Neighborhood. Nexus tells us that there have been no incidents in the past five years. This is blatantly false.
In the last 5 years, there have been:
11 assaults
2 burglaries
3 criminal damage to property
4 disorderly conduct
1 criminal sex
4 disturbances/fights
2 indecent exposures
5 out of control juveniles
43 runaways
Now, I'm a musician. I'm only required to count to four. But it doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that 11+2+3+4+1+4+2+5+43 does not equal 0.
So maybe it was a typo? Maybe they didn't mean zero. Maybe they really MEANT 75. But nevertheless they published their incorrect figures as FACT on the Mille Lacs Academy "Fact Sheet" and handed it out to the public, knowing that they would believe all the bullshit. Now, we don't know how many actual incidents there have been in the past 16 years, including unreported in-house 'situations', but the sheriff and police reports indicate
389 calls
256 runaways
Not zero. Not one.

Why are we being lied to?
Imagine if 256 convicts escaped from Stillwater State Prison. An average of one per month. Would neighbors be chastised for complaining? Would the community stand for such a breach of their safety? Would they accept being lied to?
One MLA employee took umbrage at our use of the term "escape" when talking about the convicted sex offenders escaping. She said at a public meeting that sometimes the boys "get confused" and just walk away, most often with their counselors in tow cajoling the PTB to return to his program. Please! She misled us. Onamia school superintendent John Varner told us that the MLA boys are not violent. That's a misconception. Councilman Jerome Kryzer publicly stated that they are NOT sex offenders! That's just plain stupid. (He's up for re-election, by the way. I wonder if he'll start his campaign when he returns from Arizona, where he spends the winter missing city council meetings.)
Some of these convicted PTBs on the police reports, including some young men standing 6 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds, are violent and dangerous and disturbed. They are at the Academy because they have already hurt people - and they continue to hurt people. And they do escape. 256 and counting!
Why are we being told that they are not violent when they are? Why are we being told that they don't escape when they do? The statistics also don't include the local girl who got pregnant by the MLA sex offender, or the poor troubled teenage girl who was exposed to the AIDS virus. We're told that these MLA PTBs are under constant supervision. Does that mean their counselors are with them while these boys are sexually engaged with local teenage girls? Then there are the serious injuries to staff that we discovered. One man was disabled, perhaps permanently by one of the PTBs. Nobody has been talking about stuff like that. But they're starting to. And of course, there's a lot we don't know and will never know about what goes on at the Academy.
Why are we being lied to?
The city government - 5 nothing-special guys - have made the decision that a few jobs in the community take priority over the safety and welfare of citizens. They claim there are no danger issues, and in fact point to the Mille Lacs Academy's long record of "being a good neighbor". Good neighbors don't lie. Especially about things that could harm you and your family. Good neighbors don't put 94 sex offenders next to daycare.
Have the city council and county commissioners ever looked at the record? Or have they blindly accepted the lies? Are they intentionally misleading the citizens? Or are they ignorant of what's going on?
At the rezoning public hearing on Wednesday, January 30, Mayor Bully Milton revealed that he has been well-aware of the crime statistics. He's known all along. He's seen all the reports for the past seventeen years, he said. Actually, he didn't seem bothered about the crime statistics or Nexus' lies. He was, however obviously very agitated and angry that we Bradbury Idiots got hold of the information. In fact, he bellowed at us, accusing us of some wrong-doings in obtaining it. "Its public information," we informed the mayor.
We've compiled the sheriff and police reports together and published the statistics in the Mille Lacs News so that everyone can see for themselves what's going on. We've also debunked the Mille Lacs Academy "Fact Sheet".
Check it out at
The Truth shall set you free!