Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicken Little vs Big Chickens

Well, Dear Readers...

Shucks. I have yet to face my accusers. At mediation, Freeman was hidden off in his own room and D'Angelo didn't even bother to show up.

The trial will be scheduled for December.

"Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards;
they simply unveil them to the eyes of men."
Bishop Westcott

Friday, September 17, 2010

More Taxes Needed to Fund Nexus Lawsuits?

Something sure smells rotton in Denmark, or at least like pig manure in Illinois when a member of congress explains the need for "revenue enhancements" (i.e. higher taxes) - especially when this particular member of congress is, in effect, using tax payer dollars to sue a private citizen who exercised her Right to Freedom of Speech in opposing the government imposition of mandating a sex offender facility next to day care. Shocked? You should be. Illinois State Representative Lisa Dugan (D - 79th District) is not only a member of the House, she's a member of the Board! The Nexus board of directors, that is. (Can't you just smell the ... power?)
hmmm... Can you say conflict of interest?
Congresswoman Dugan serves on the Illinois House Bipartisan Task Force on Budget Reform and Spending Reductions. What? Maybe she could start reducing spending by telling "her" company to stop wasting Illinois taxpayer dollars on frivolous SLAPP lawsuits against private whistleblowing citizens who speak out against the un-American conspiracy between "her" multi-million dollar corporation and a small, malfeasant government (yes, I mean the Onamia city council) to strip citizens of their rights - especially my favorite - the 1st Amendment one.
She also serves on the State Commission on the Elimination of Poverty. Well, she didn't eliminate MY poverty. "Her" company's lawsuits CAUSED my poverty. Rule Number 1: If you want to eliminate poverty, don't sue. Just say "no!" to the sue-age you feel so compelled to spew. Nexus got everything they wanted. Why are they continuing to persecute me? Why not ask Lisa Dugan?
According to Nexus, Congresswoman Dugan provides Nexus with "extensive experience in community planning, education initiatives, and nonprofit fundraising". Well, well, well... Where was Congresswoman Dugan when Onamia screwed up their community planning and I was trying to initiate education? Oh yeah. Maybe she was busy helping with a little nonprofit fundraising... (i.e. raising taxes.)
Illinois - she's all yours. I don't think I'd vote for her in November - even if I had the privilege. At least from this video, she doesn't sound like she thinks very highly of her constituents' knowledge and intelligence. But then, maybe she's counting on that.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The First Domino

"[Ramsey] county no longer has funds available to subsidize treatment for sex offenders ...."


And so it's begun...

According to an article in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune today, the cuts made in Ramsey County affect adult sex offender programs. All of you Pro-nexus can relax... for now.


Of course, the news was no surprise to me. However, I was stunned to read that adult sex offender treatment programs can cost "more than $5,000 a year" and that the offenders themselves will now have to "pick up the whole tab." Those without health insurance have to pay "a minimum of more than $100 per month."


$100 per month??? Wow!


Contrast that with the 2007 figure of each MLA juvenile sex offender costing us about $245 per DAY, which adds up to not $100 per month, but $7,350 per month, or roughly $88,200 per year... 1


And who pays the fiddler? Why, you do.

If you pay county taxes, you foot the bill - unless, of course, you've been granted tax abatement - like Nexus was back in 2007. If so, read my lips.


I called Mille Lacs County Commissioner Frank Courteau one day and asked if I too could get some taxpayer dollars to help pay for my legal costs in the two harassment lawsuits Nexus has waged against me. The answer, of course was a definite NO WAY JOSE'... Was I nuts to think that taxpayers would pay for a taxpayer's lawsuits she was SLAPPed with while standing up for taxpayers' rights in fighting tax abatement for a company primarily subsidized by taxpayers??? What was I thinking! (Actually, I was thinking it would be nice to have a lawyer...)


Although I'm pretty sure they intend your taxes to be spent on sex offender treatment and not on lawyer and court fees, it would appear that the county unwittingly only provides funding for the multi-million dollar corporate Plaintiffs in my bogus court cases. I am just the unlucky Defendant. I'm just a ... citizen... one who happenstancingly ended up in the way, darn it all. Besides. I'm honest. I'm broke. I'm not a wheeler-dealer. There's nothing to be gained politically or otherwise by granting me favors. I'm just a citizen like you. I am disposible. Like a diaper.


For those of you following the Trials of Hannabelle, the next step is court-ordered "Mediation"... Yeah, yeah... I know... yet another pointless and inconvenient trip to the Cities as I begrudgingly lend my support to BP (the other oil spill tycoon). It's yucky. I hate it. But then, I'm also used to it. These grab-a-rope proceedings have become my world according to garp- complement of my new cornerstone valued neighbors on the corner. (sigh)

Well, Dear Readers... with my "Free Speech" having been methodically and significantly "chilled" over these past three years and with "Mediation" scheduled for next Wednesday, I'd better just "well shut my mouth" before I acquire a few new frivilous lawsuits. After all, if I give up my Right to Remain Silent, anything I say WILL be used against me... or twisted by the opposing attorney into something that will be used against me. What a privilege these lawyers have! They can say anything at all - even lie to the judge - without fear of being sued for defamation! Lucky for them. Lawyers still have Freedom of Speech! Too bad the rest of us don't.


Like me, you'll just have to wait to see what happens.

To write, or not to write... That will be the question.

I'm pretty sure they'll demand that I "chill" out. But hey! I'm just getting warmed up! I don't know what they've got to whine about anyway. They brought me on by themselves. It wasn't my choice to play in their game. By concentrating their efforts to defeat me, they have provided me with a very important cause, while making sure I've got nothing left to lose. A clever strategy??? My personal opinion (so sue me) is that their time and our tax money would be more wisely spent on county politics - preventing the escalation of the Domino Effect that could and might actually destroy their business, rather than on beat up on harmless old Hannabelle who, as always, just wants to be left alone by them.


To all you casino patrons - wish me luck.

To all you Christ-y folks - say a prayer for me.

To Freeman and D'Angelo - see you there. Face to face at last. ;)


Cuts made to Ramsey County offender programs
The county no longer has funds available to subsidize treatment for sex offenders and domestic abusers.
By PAT PHEIFER, Star Tribune


1 The $245 per day figures apply to 2007-2008 data. It probably costs more now. (Everything does). Does anyone know what the per diem costs are today? Send me a comment if you do! Thanks.