Monday, September 22, 2008


I didn't need NEXUS or the Onamia Gestapo to show me how bamboozleable the folks are in our country these days. The 2000 and 2004 elections should have served as a wake-up call for us all. Nuh-uh. We have a two-term president who won neither election. A lot of local voters don't understand this, because they themselves did indeed vote for Bush - TWICE! Scary, isn't it? Apparently, they STILL haven't learned.

Now these same Bush voters are rallying behind an old (really old) man with a life history of dishonesty and corruption, a philanderer who supports war-mongering in Iraq. This guy thought it was funny to sing (off-key) "bomb, bomb, bomb - bomb, bomb Iran". Some joke. People actually think John McCain will keep them safe? Please tell me people aren't THAT dumb! Better yet, SHOW me in November!

And what about that pistol-packing hockey-momming beauty queen Sarah Palin? The Republicans love her! Why? Because she kills moose? Because she is a "good Christian"? Because she has a Downs Syndrome baby? They think that's refreshing? Geez. The fact that she isn't qualified to be president of the United States of America doesn't even raise eyebrows. Only happy, hysterical cheers from the masses of brainwashed Fox News viewers... This is definitely a case of pretending something is okay - when it isn't.

In Mille Lacs county, we see the same sort foolishness. I predict that come November, the citizens will actually vote for people like Norm Coleman, Sondra Erickson, Frank Courteau, Phil Peterson, Jack Edmonds, and Jerome Kryzer. Why? Well, just look at what has already happened in Nexusville... What was ALLOWED to happen. A friend told me that if the people are stupid enough to vote for these candidates, that they deserve what they get.

Unfortunately, they saddle the rest of us with their incompetent choices. So be it. I tell you what: We need a majority of SMART voters. THINKING voters. We The People need to take back our country, re-establish the principles of our Founding Fathers. Forget "American Idol" and work towards reclaiming "America - Land of the Free, Home of the Brave."

Sadly, we have a majority of frightened, unprincipled sheep standing in line at the voting booths - people who are afraid of Obama because they believe the lies spread about him (and he's BLACK!). People so unaware and uninvolved that they will vote for an extremist such as Tim Tinglestad just because he has a funny name. (I went to his website... What I saw... now THAT'S scary!)

The following video tells it like it is. Many of you won't like it - if for no other reason than George uses the word "fuck", and I know how overly sensitive people are about the word... Let them build a bridge to nowhere, let them screw up the economy, let them put convicted sex offenders next to day care and helpless little old ladies, but NEVER, EVER utter the F-word.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Help Hannabelle Fight Corporate Terrorism

Dear Friends,

Freedom of Speech isn't free. But you knew that, right? Well, the time has come to ask for some help in defending not only MY Freedom of Speech, but also YOURS. The First Amendment belongs to us all.

It's hard to believe that a private American citizen can get sued over merely telling the Truth or expressing their opinion.

If you've been following our battle against Nexus and it's agents, you know the story. ( If not, you can EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT on the Mille Lacs News website. In my efforts to stop this atrocious abuse of power by Nexus and the Onamia city government, I presented facts, figures, and my opinion to the public. Yes. At public meetings. Yes. In the local newspaper. Yes. On the Internet. I didn't fold. I didn't pretend that everything was O.K. when it wasn't. I stood up against the Tyranny. I told The Truth, as unflattering as it might be to people like Mayor Larry Milton, former Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo, Chairman of the Nexus Board of Directors Peter D. Freeman, as well as the Nexus corporation itself.

Can you believe I'm being sued for telling the Truth? Of course, I did refer to James D'Angelo as "Poopsie".... (Egads! How DARE I?) The purpose of their vindictive lawsuit is obvious. They are determined to 1. SILENCE Hannabelle. 2. PUNISH Hannabelle. 3. Make sure none of YOU dare oppose or resist their power. It is a SLAPP - a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

Neither D'Angelo, Freeman, or Nexus ever attempted to communicate with me or resolve any conflicts. They sicked their high-powered lawyers on me, bullying me with threats and intimidation. NASTY!!! By forcing me to defend myself (I'M INNOCENT!) in this frivilous, bogus, SILLY lawsuit, they are also trying to break my bank. It's effective. These rich bastards (oops! another suit coming my way!) can enjoy torturing Hannabelle, a disabled, chronically ill woman on a small, fixed income with this expensive legal tangle. The months of constant BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEPing from the Nexus building suit must really tickle these sadistic assholes (oops! another suit coming my way!)

Anyway, please help me fight them in court. Show them that this is STILL America, the Beautiful, Land of the Free. This type of Corporate Terrorism, if not nipped in the bud, will spread - like the Virginia Creeper vines killing the few remaining trees on the 38.81 acres... We must take a stand against the Nexus Creeps. (oops!)

I realize that times are tough, but please, if you can, kick in a few bucks for my legal battle. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Snow Job

Even in Minnesota, we don't expect a good snow in September - unless, of course it is a Snow JOB from a county commissioner seeking re-election. That would be, of course, Frank Courteau.

For all of you Hannabelle supporters who have followed our ordeal for the past year and a half, you know what we went through to try to keep 94 convicted sex offenders from encroaching on our residential (R1 zoned) neighborhood. When I think of the hours and hours of research, the dedication, the drive, the tenacity, all of those awful meetings with all of those awful people - i.e. the Onamia city officials and the Mille Lacs county commission, (I'm rather fond of the Bradbury bunch on the township board. They may be powerless, but they are at least honest, have good intentions, and when it comes to gravel for our roads, they sincerely take it seriously.) Anyway, I don't know how we could have fought any harder than we did, considering that the Mille Lacs Messenger, (the local rag) seemed intent on aiding and abetting Nexus' bamboozlement of The People, undermining our attempts to get the Truth to We The People.

This week the Nexusville Messenger published a letter by commissioner Frank Courteau in which he has the nerve to say:

"Mille Lacs County recognizes and respects the right of property owners to restrict who and where others might encroach upon their property. This respect and recognition extends to all property owners in the County, including the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe."
FRANK COURTEAU, Mille Lacs County Commissioner

Can you believe it??? This goes under the heading of: You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you CAN'T fool ALL of We The People ALL of the time. Except in Mille Lacs County...
Here, as Courteau well knows, you can fool MOST of the people MOST of the time. (Just look at all the Sondra Erickson signs in the yards! LOL)

Rights indeed!

When I spoke on the telephone with commissioner Frank Courteau (who DIDN'T I call?), he told me that after spending one afternoon with the infamous Jim D'Angelo at the Mille Lacs Academy, he was supportive of the program for the sex offenders. Fine. BUT, don't put it where people don't want it. Don't ENCROACH. And don't obliterate OUR rights, don't allow OUR laws to be rewritten - stripping us of OUR protection in order to benefit the corporation, don't lower OUR property values, and don't give away OUR tax dollars because YOU were impressed with D'Angelo's propaganda on your little tour on that fateful one afternoon.

Yes. Frank's afternoon undid thirty years of my life. Do you think he cared about what happened in our neighborhood? Did he care about us? Do you think he cares about YOU? Frank Courteau was instrumental in pushing the Nexus agenda. And he was UNWAVERING (stubborn and stupid) when it came to listening to the citizens who opposed his "baby". Well, maybe that's a little strong... After all, at least he didn't hang up on me like the others... Let's put it this way - when I stood up in front of the commissioners at the county board public hearing last December, I had months of research to present - facts and figures which contradicted the facts and figures on Nexus' tax abatement application. I had enough information to raise the eyebrows of even the most rigid sex offender institution supporter. However....

"YOU HAVE ONE MINUTE!" snapped a hostile commissioner Phil Peterson (also running for re-election).

A few of us (those brave enough to stand up against Peterson's agressive intimidation tactics) used our ONE MINUTE to impress upon the commissioners that not only should they examine Nexus more carefully before handing over hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax abatement - since what we discovered about the multi-million dollar private corporation was very questionable, if not highly suspicious that they provided false and misleading information in order to gain public assistance. We asked for a continuance. Denied. Public hearing closed. Voted. Tax Abatement passed.

What information? It's all public information. I'm no great sleuth. We found that Nexus claimed to spend approximately $2 million dollars in the county each year. When the county asked for a detailed account of where they might be spending that money, the figure suddenly dropped. Oh, did I say $2 MILLION? Pardon me. I meant $600,000... And of course, we found that they only actually spend about $200,000 in the county. If you were on the county board, wouldn't this send up a red flag? Wouldn't you at least look into such discrepencies before giving away the tax payers' hard earned dollars? Not in Mille Lacs County. Not these commissioners.

Frank Courteau.... how DARE you bamboozle the people by telling them that Mille Lacs County "respects the right of property owners to restrict who and where others might encroach upon their property."

When the RIGHTS of individuals are disregarded for the "good of the community", that is NOT democracy. When a man like Frank Courteau disregards the RIGHTS of individuals and then says that he RESPECTS those rights.... well, I'd say that Frank Courteau lied quite bald-facedly to the people in his letter to the Mille Lacs Messenger, wouldn't you? Maybe in order to get re-elected so he can continue to "do ya"? (Of course, he'll probably sue me for saying that, but he'll have to wait in line behind D'Angelo, Freeman, and Nexus...)

But I will stick my neck out further and say that if you trust someone like Frank Courteau representing you at the county level, if you are dumb enough, gullible enough, or bamboozled enough to vote for someone who thinks he knows what's best even while refusing to consider all sides or review evidence which might contradict his mind-set, if you haven't learned by now - then, you deserve to have Frank abusing his power to allow anybody to encroach upon your property - even 94 beloved sex offenders.


Vote them OUT or shame on you too.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wusses and Weasels

Hear ye, hear ye... All rise...

Of course they didn't show up at court... I knew they wouldn't. Bullies are generally cowards. And, of course, Peter Freeman (former St. Thomas Social Work instructor, now self-employed with Integral Organization Consulting) and Jim D'Angelo (former Nexus CEO, now self-employed with D'Angelo Consulting) are just that: Bullies. But perhaps I'm wrong in just assuming their absence was "small balls". Maybe it was strategic - showing the judge how insignificant this case is to them. Or perhaps they just had a "play date" and couldn't fit court into their schedule. Maybe it conflicted with tee time. Oh, there I go again... They'll probably sue me for wondering out loud as to why neither of them showed up to face Hannabelle. (sigh).

There are many Peter Freemans and a couple of James D'Angelos in the world today. (People in MY neighborhood might tell you that there are two too many... that is, if they weren't so afraid of getting sued...) I want you, dear readers, to be sure which Pete and Jim I'm talking about. These are the two Nexus affiliates who are suing me for telling the truth about them and exposing things they apparently didn't want exposed. Tough. They're tampering with our First Amendment Rights by monitoring and trying to censor MY blogs! They aggressively force themselves into MY life, and expect me to just lie down or go away - quietly... They should know that: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. [Newton's Third Law] But then, I guess they're no Einsteins... (They're not even Newtons...) For every offense, there is a defense. When D'Angelo decided to TAKE my neighborhood, he definitely got a defensive reaction. One he obviously didn't expect. He certainly didn't handle things well over here across the river. (Perhaps he should consult a consultant?)

If a thief gets caught for stealing, he doesn't sue the police. He goes to jail. If a bigwig CEO gets caught in his own lies, he sues the one who caught him. Doesn't seem right, does it? Actually, I'm not the only one who caught Jim D'Angelo lying. He was quite public about it. He even distributed pamphlets. Cheeky, huh. There are many witnesses. I'm just the one he singled out to SLAPP with a lawsuit. I'm the "fall guy", the "scapegoat", the "patsy", the EXAMPLE.

"I THINK SHE MADE IT ALL UP!" Victor Lund (their lawyer) cried indignantly to the judge. I made it all up? Yeah. Right. That's his opinion. We know otherwise. Perhaps Vic was just trying to do his job, or maybe he is easily bamboozled and actually believes whatever his clients - D'Angelo and Freeman said about me that wasn't true: like maybe that I just made it all up. How lame can they get?

Okay. So Victor Lund is entitled to his opinion. But is it ethical or proper for a lawyer to testify to the judge - I THINK, therefore she IS guilty as charged. If it is, I never saw it on Court TV... Of course, Vic was arguing against my Motion to Dismiss (because this is a stupid, silly, frivolous SLAPP suit, a wasteful burden with which they are saddling our court system.) Nope. D'Angelo and Freeman wish to continue on to trial. Why? They have no case. They never did. I haven't defamed anybody. Seriously - I called the man "Poopsie"! So sue me... They want to go to trial now because they have in essence, painted us all into a corner. And apparently they just make stuff up about ME in order to WIN.

In one affidavit for the Plaintiffs, it not only states that I just made everything up, it states that I just sit at my computer making things up because I think its FUNNY. Doubly false. It states that I have NOT RESEARCHED. This, my friends, is just IN-YOUR-FACE false. (Check out the Mille Lacs News to see the extent of our research.) Therefore, the Plaintiffs and their lawyer have actually defamed me to the judge. Perhaps I should sue them?

Victor Lund also took my words out of context and paraphrased them to suit his purpose. For example, I did say that Jim D'Angelo "preyed" on the elderly and infirm. The frail and elderly widows in our neighborhood didn't stand a chance against the rich and powerful Nexus or the determined and misguided Onamia city council. Nobody wants to live next to 94 sex offenders (except, perhaps, other sex offenders...) In a larger neighborhood, the resistance could succeed. Like a sick giraffe or an old zebra, our neighorhood was easy prey. Suddenly Vic is using words like "child molestor", "pedophile", and "stalker"!!! Hey, where did THAT come from? I never said any of those things. I guess those words, HIS words, sound a bit more inflamatory and defamatory than mine. (arrogant, snake, heartless, and of course "Poopsie"). To me, Vic's tactics seem like cheating in order to win a bogus case...

And the Plaintiffs are insisting upon DISCOVERY. What a joke! All they need to do is read the Mille Lacs News and they can discover lots of facts and figures. DOCUMENTATION! If we go to trial, all of the dirt we've dug up will be entered into the record FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE. I've been very open and honest. (A tough job but SOMEBODY'S got to do it...)

Apparently their strategy is to extend this lawsuit, to run up my lawyer fees and court costs to the breaking point. MY breaking point. They are both wealthy men who are into The Game and want to WIN at any cost. They can afford it. Remember what D'Angelo told the good ol' boys at city hall? What's $10,000... what's $50,000 on a project this size? Jim D'Angelo actually told me with a SMIRK that he doubted he'd see me in court because: "I think you'll find its not worth it." To me, his smile indicated the true nature of his lawsuit. SLAPP. Remember D'Angelo's vicious, spiteful comment to one of my Neighbors after the December 4, 2007 County Commissioner hearing where he got seven years of tax abatement for Nexus? "Game over," he said. "You lose."


There are games and there are games. Some games are fun, some are not. Some think that Life itself is only a game. Victor Lund said that it is wrong that anybody (me) can sit at a computer and write whatever they want about anybody. (I think its called "Freedom of Speech"? and you can only offer your opinion - which I have - and only tell the Truth - which I have. You can't tell lies - which I haven't. ) I think it's wrong that anybody can DO whatever they want TO anybody and if anybody objects that anybody can SUE anybody for anything.

The Golden Rule
He who has the most gold, rules. (It worked for O.J.)

I hope to prove that wrong. I hope that for once in this crazy world that JUSTICE will prevail, that Good will triumph over Evil, and I sincerely hope with all of my heart that

Jim D'Angelo will get what he deserves for lying on his sworn affadavit.

Yes indeed. He lied about confessing that by suing me "We thought you'd go away." SLAPP. All games have rules. If you break them, if you cheat, if you can't win by your own skill - you're not much of a player.

The judge recused herself due to conflict of interest. We're rescheduling. I hope that Attorney Lund chooses to present this blog to the next judge. Justice is supposedly blind. We shall see. We shall see.

Note: To all Mille Lacs County Commissioners and Onamia city officials who may be reading this - Jim D'Angelo was CEO of Nexus during their application for tax abatement. We tried to provide evidence showing that figures presented by Nexus to obtain public assistance were false, inaccurate, and misleading but you flat out refused to hear us. I strongly urge you now to reconsider the granting of tax abatement based on figures supplied by Jim D'Angelo, Nexus, and Nexus Diversified Community Services. Considering that this CEO lied on a sworn affadavit - to beat Hannabelle in court, how can you trust information provided to obtain hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars? I also urge YOU, dear Readers, to contact your government and alert them to discrepencies in the figures provided by Nexus. Scared of getting sued? Do it anonymously. Let the government know that we don't tolerate liars in Mille Lacs County!