Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Mille Lacs News - Update vs Downdate

Time flies like the wind. (Fruitflies like bananas).

It's been five years since the Nexus/Onamia City Council coalition conspired to build their juvenile sex offender facility in Bradbury Township. It's been four and a half years since Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo, Nexus Board Member Peter Freeman, and Nexus, a Not for Profit Corporation sued me for talking about it. It's been about two years since I abandoned my home of 30 years and moved far, far away. It's been about eight months since Nexus dropped its bogus charges against me (a week before I was scheduled for jury trial.) Yep. Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Actually, it wasn't much fun for me... Not much fun at all. I don't know if I will ever recover from the mental anguish and emotional stress of what happened to me as I stood up for my Constitutional Rights against the local government and its boss corporation. I know I will never recover financially from two SLAPP lawsuits waged against me by Freeman & D'Angelo and Nexus. I don't know if Larry Milton, Bob Mickus, Bill Hill, Mark Loch, and Jerome Kryzer set out to intentionally ruin my life. I do know that they did absolutely nothing to stop Nexus in its efforts to destroy me with their costly legal assaults and harassment. You might want to take my case under consideration in any upcoming elections. That is, if you have the luxury of voting. I did not have that luxury. My rights were obliterated by the Onamia City Council.

If you read my blog over the course of the past five years, you're aware of what happened in Bradbury Township and of my long, impossible fight for Liberty and Justice for all. You may have visited my website: The Mille Lacs News. Well, the time has come... The website is expiring soon. Although I still have lots of people visiting it each and every day and would like to leave the record up for others to learn from, I really can't afford to renew it. The lawyers left me with nothing.

The future? Well, of course, there are free websites available on the Internet. I might even start up a new blog or, possibly, a book, should I feel the need to write. But the old Mille Lacs News, which was created simply to bring you the Truth that the local "real" newspaper - the  Mille Lacs Messenger wouldn't tell you, will soon gone. I've had my differences with the "Mess" in the past, but I would like to commend them on the way they report on the "buffoonery" of the current city council of Onamia. Ha! All that news of who brought cookies to the meetings! Well done, Messenger! You are spot-on! (I guess you get what you vote for!)

As for me - I'm doing better. Thanks for asking.