Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three Degrees Below Zero

So I told you about last week when the cops were hanging out down the street and we just assumed another one of the sex offenders escaped. I haven't even bothered to confirm it. When you have 94 convicted sex offenders living in an unlocked institution in your back yard, and with Nexus' hefty track record of escapes, you are always on guard.

I live on a dead end road. Except for the mailman, we don't get much traffic. Last night two vehicles parked in front of my neighbor's house, leaving their headlights on. Eventually Poncho and I saddled up the old pickup truck and mosied up that-a-way to see what was what. We found a car with one headlight and an SUV. There were a couple of teenage boys from the car standing in the road talking to the people in the other vehicle. It was hard to see in the dark.

"You need help?" Poncho asked through the open window.
"No. No. We're fine. We're just talking," the blond boy answered. "We just came from the basketball game and...."
"Drugs," Poncho interupted. I didn't know if he was talking to me or the young man.
"No! No drugs!" the young man said. 'We were just talking! Can't we talk?"

Technically, they can. Its a public road after all. But we asked them to leave anyway and they suddenly seemed quite anxious to go. Perhaps they were all talked out. I didn't think they'd complain to the sheriff about Poncho and me. It would seem a trifle hard to explain why they chose to meet in front of a darkened house at night just to stand in the road and talk when it was three degrees below zero. (sigh)

We didn't know these guys. For all we knew, they planned to burglarize my neighbor. They could indeed be local drug dealers. Possibly, they were get-away vehicles waiting for escaping sex offenders. Or ... they could have just needed someone to talk to...

"WE WILL LEAVE A SMALL FOOTPRINT," Jim D'Angelo once said. Yeah. After metaphorically kicking us in the teeth and considering how much our lives have been ruined, I'd say Nexus wears a damn big shoe.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Well, it used to be "Paradise". Now its "Nexusville" or better yet - "Dahmerville". Just another fine day in Dahmerville.

There was a sheriff's SUV parked down my road for about an hour this morning - parked by the day care place, but on the road, not in the driveway. The officer was in and out of the vehicle as if he was searching for something (or someone) and then perhaps the cold drove him inside to warm up. Its all conjecture. I don't know what he was doing there.

My conclusions were: 1. One of the sex offenders has again escaped from Mille Lacs Academy, an unlocked sex offender facility the Onamia city government helped Nexus build in our residential neighborhood; or 2. the deputy is here to serve me yet more papers for yet another Nexus lawsuit and can't find my house. hmmm. Well, let's put it this way - no papers were served here today. So what do YOU think?

You see, whether or not one of the sex offenders has escaped - (I have not verified that one has, and certainly nobody would bother to call to warn us if one or more did indeed escape) - those of us who have been forced to live with this clear and ever-present danger can only wonder WHEN something disasterous will happen. Its just a matter of time.

We don't know who is currently spending time at the Mille Lacs Academy. What we do know is that every inmate has been convicted of a sexual crime that has harmed someone. What we do know is that we have not been told the truth. We have been lied to. And our neighborhood is no longer safe. We will never be able to feel safe again.

In the thirty years that I've lived here, I've only seen the sheriff's deputy here in my neighborhood a handful of times. Once he was was searching in this vicinity when a Nexus sex offender escaped from the old sex offender facility - when it was still at Crosier in town. Twice he has been here to serve Nexus lawsuits upon me.

Why do you think he parked his vehicle next to the day care for at least an hour today?

You know, I think SOMEONE owes me an apology.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When you DON'T have the Right to Remain Silent

Dear Readers,

Below is just one of the sources on which I based information I shared with the Onamia City Council at the tax abatement meeting (oh my, its been a couple of years ago now! The wheels of justice do indeed grind slowly!) It is because I found out about Tanner Wilson's death - and, like any good citizen, relayed the information to the city council at a public meeting - that Nexus has sued me - in order to shut me up. (Perhaps, and this is speculation, Nexus already knew about their Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director's criminal activities and impending conviction for embezzlement in Oklahoma.... Maybe we've only seen the tip of the Nexus Iceberg...) The Onamia City council had no knowledge that a child had died at Gerard (a branch of the Nexus Corporation), nor were they aware of the failed Fairmont, MN Nexus facility. (I'd bet money - if I had any left, that is - that Nexus also failed to disclose the Paul Smith indictiment of which he was recently convicted. I know that it didn't come up at a public meeting. I know that.)

Let me ask you this, my friends - do you think it is fair that Nexus sued me for repeating information which is and has been for years readily available over the Internet? I mean, really - I acted responsibly and checked out the validity of the case. It turned out to be TRUE! So, do you think that Nexus has the right to sue me because I told the TRUTH?

Here's a shout-out: Does anybody know if Nexus sued Dave Reynolds, the Inclusion Daily Express, or the Des Moines Register? (or anybody else - since these bullies seem highly litigious...) I would really like to know the extremes Nexus has taken to bury their skeletons- or did they just sue only little old Hannabelle when she discovered the Tanner Wilson case? (Information which is even available on Ebay, folks! Check it out!) Has Nexus sued anyone else who wrote or spoke about this child's death? Just me? Wow! Why do you think that is??? I don't know - since those folks with all the "Cornerstone Values" gave me the Nexus Silent Treatment.

Now, my enemies (yes... I know you're still here) I ask you this: If I, as a concerned citizen, discovered information about a company that the city council in MY town was unaware of , maybe a little dirt that uh... slipped past the overzealous councilmen - and this city council intended to grant this company a huge free ride of tax abatement, knowing what I know - did I really have the right to remain silent? Wasn't it my civic DUTY to inform that government as to suspicious data my research uncovered? BEFORE they committed to 15 years of tax abatement? Before it was too late?

Whether you are Pronexus or a patriotic American citizen, do you agree that a citizen has an obligation to be forthright with information - expecially when the company in question has withheld important (and quite controverial) information? I personally witnessed former Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo LIE about safety records to both the city council as well as the public. (He also lied on his sworn affidavit in one of my lawsuits....) Of course I don't have a high opinion of liars and I don't want to live next to sex offenders. I also admit a bias against bullies. But what about YOU? So, my enemies.... you The Loyal Pronexus.... what would you have done had you discovered something pretty bad about the company your city council was about to hand over the taxpayer dollars? Would you tell them? Or would you exercise your Right to Remain Silent?

OF COURSE YOU WOULD REMAIN SILENT!!!! You wouldn't want to get involved. (All that harassment and intimidation!!! "What if there is a fire?") What if Nexus got all huffy and sued you? What if the mayor organized your ostracization from the town you chose to build your life? What if the city council called you names? What if the local newspaper portrayed you in a negative light? Nope. Don't get involved. Don't share that important information with the Deciders.... You do have the Right to Remain Silent. Cherish it! It's just about the only right you have left. (You certainly no longer have your Right to Free Speech... At least I don't. That's pretty much as extinct as the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.)

Just one last thing and then we can all go to sleep. :) This is soooo sad! Nexus refuses to acknowledge Tanner Wilson's LIFE! Yes - the LIFE he lost at one of their institutions. Nexus attorney Victor Lund has made a big deal about me using this dead child's name. In the legal papers, Tanner is referred to as " T_W" or described as the "minor". I've been chastised for speaking his name. Although I no longer have any Freedom of Speech, I refuse my Right to Remain Silent (even though everything can and will be used against me in a court of law) - when it comes to the NAME of this minor T_W_ He had a LIFE and he had a NAME. Tanner Wilson is a name that nobody should ever forget- no matter how many lawsuits Nexus launches to silence those of us who care about children and dare to speak out (both of which I do, by the way. I devoted my life to teaching.)

I know I'm not always good at getting my points across - I know because of so much negativity surrounding .... well... ME. But I don't believe that I should be punished by Nexus - as they use the Justice System as their butt-paddle to beat me up and make me go away - because I found out about a few of their boo-boos and oopses. Tanner Wilson, age 11 died in a prone restraint hold at a Nexus facility and I didn't know about it until years after he was gone. But then, Tanner touched my heart. (Yes, its been proven that I have one. Look at how many times it has broken in the past few years!) Not only did I tell the city council about him, I tried to honor the memory of this little boy in a video - this T_W_ - this "minor" inconvenience which Hannabelle pulled out of the Nexus closet of secrets. His NAME was Tanner Wilson. And he didn't deserve to die.

Parents Sue Facility And Staff For Boy's Restraint Death
By Dave Reynolds,
Inclusion Daily ExpressAugust 16, 2001MASON CITY, IOWA--

On Tanner Wilson's first day at Gerard of Iowa care center two years ago, staff member Lori Ingham tried to "take him to the ground". During the attempt to restrain him, Ingham succeeded in breaking the boy's leg.

On February 9 of this year, a year and a half after being admitted to the mental health facility, Wilson died while being restrained in a "routine physical holding".
He was 11 years old.

Officials have ruled the cause of death as asphyxiation -- he suffocated to death -- and are considering it a homicide.

One of the employees allegedly involved in restraining Wilson when he died was none other than Lori Ingham. She now faces a charge of child endangerment in connection with the death.

This Tuesday, Tanner's parents, Robert and Karen Wilson, filed a lawsuit against Ingham and fellow employee Jeremy Witt, along with Gerard Treatment Programs and an affiliate known as Nexus Inc..

According to the Des Moines Register, the suit claims Ingham and Witt "used unreasonable and unnecessary force in restraining and eventually killing" the boy. It also charges Gerard, which was being paid $9,000 a month to care for Wilson, with failing to properly train and supervise its employees.

The Wilsons are asking for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. They say they do not want other parents to go through what they have gone through.


[Hannabelle's Note: Charges against the employee responsible for the deadly restraint hold were eventually dropped, the Wilson lawsuit was eventually settled out of court, and Nexus is still here.)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On a Clear Day

So here's what happened.... Poncho read my last blog post (which he said he liked very much! :) except....

except..... he says that Nexus will probably sue me again for what I said. Yeah, I agreed. They probably will. If you tell, they will sue.

Poncho said I should maybe not have mentioned the board members in conjunction with my detective work regarding them. He's probably right, but we have a little different way of looking at things. He's much more pragmatic than I am. I say: THEY SAY ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR - AND THIS AIN'T LOVE, BABY! But it hasn't been fair. I haven't seen anything fair in all of this. I see it as a war Nexus waged upon me when they pushed themselves into MY neck of the woods with the declaration: "WE WILL BE NEIGHBORS!!!", used the city council to change the rules for them, then verbally attacked me and my real neighbors, lied to the public, not to mention ostracizing us from their Nexus Silent Treatment Center after promising to work with us, and on and on and on until it culminated in these two defamation lawsuits SLAPPed against me. This is THEIR war against a private citizen who is opposed to being forced to live next to THEIR sex offenders - convicted sex offenders who do not belong in a residential neighborhood. Nexus is a BUSINESS, folks. It isn't a "home", it isn't a "residence", it isn't even an "academy". It is a correctional juvenile sex offender facility licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

So anyway, after Poncho's warning, I thought about editting my previous post to exclude the part about Jack Abramoff and the Crosier sex offenders, etc. I wanted my readers to know what areas I'm exploring - perhaps somebody will send some hot tips. I've been lucky before in that way. But more importantly, I want Nexus to know that if you continue to sue me, your board members are fair game. Your finances are fair game. Don't be surprised if more skeletons fall out of your closet. I WILL defend myself. I will NOT succumb to your bullying. I wrote an article for the Mille Lacs News entitled "D'Angelo Plays Hardball" about his threats of a lawsuit. Well, Hannabelle can play Hardball too. Why not. Nexus ruined my life. I'm not being melodramatic. You are looking at a woman whose life has been shattered, RAPED, if you will, by Nexus' corporatism. Where were their "cornerstone values" when I needed them? Oops. Guess they only use them when its convenient.

In the past, I've written blogs - some pretty scathing if I do say so myself, which may have come a little close to the edge. On second thought, I've removed them from the Bradbury Buzzz. However, and this is quite interesting, they have come back (to haunt me?) in Nexus attorney Victor Lund's huge pile of papers. One was removed after just about an hour online. What... do they have a fulltime Nexus lawyer sitting at the computer 24/7 just in case I publish something? Am I really that important? Ha. I'm nothing more than a little gadfly buzzing around their heads. One good swat and I'm dead. No more Bradbury Buzzzz. It would be the Bradbury Splattt instead.

So, anyway, I'll leave the previous blog entry alone, knowing it has probably already been printed by the enemy as they prepare for yet another lawsuit against moi. How can I be so cavalier?

Its like this folks: D'Angelo objected to some things I wrote and threatened to sue me. I did remove some, if not most of the material he found offensive. His lawyers did not tell me specifically which material to remove - they just said to remove "anything defamatory", and apparently that is a matter of opinion. I never wrote anything defamatory - and my lawyers have told me I haven't crossed the line. I did remove things I thought had hurt his feelings - like the article when I was told he had committed suicide and I was happy until I found out it was another MLA employee, not D'Angelo. But here's the deal... Even after I removed the "offending" material, Jim D'Angelo continued to sue me. Removing it didn't help. Didn't stop the Nexus Steamroller.

After I removed the video that Nexus is suing me for, they still continued to sue me. Even though I complied with their demands, they continued to prosecute me. Or is the term PERSECUTE? Yes. Me thinks "persecute" is much more fitting. There seems nothing I can do to stop the Nexus Steamroller. I am just a little bump in their road that they are determined to level at any cost. Cover me with tar (and feathers?) and run me into the ground. Unless I go to trial (trials) I probably can't beat them.

But once again I would like to state that I am NOT accusing Crosier Father Jerry Schik of being involved in the Crosier Child Molestation Sex Scandal. Are we clear, Vic? If I was claiming "guilt by association", I'd most likely start with convicted MLA director Paul Smith, embezzler. No. I haven't done anything wrong Vic.

I am NOT accusing Nexus board member Francis Smith with any wrongdoing. The Jack Abramoff connection I mentioned allegedly involves Mr. Smith's son who as I understand it allegedly was NOT convicted with his alleged partner Jack Allegedly Abramoff. Are we clear here, Vic?

Now, Darnell Allen, Vice President of Super Valu is a person of particular interest in my case because of his alleged involvement with Human Rights. Hasn't he even allegedly won awards for his good deeds in this field? I think it is interesting that throughout the Nexus forced-entry into my life, nobody (including Darnell Allen) has lifted a finger to protect MY Human Rights. For some reason, I am not afforded any "rights". Not even Constitutional ones...

Oh. Oh. Oh. Except one. I DO have the Right to Remain Silent.
If I give up the right to remain silent, anything can and WILL be used against me - whether its fair or not. So what? What else is new? Nexus has painted us into such a small corner and keeps painting painting painting until there won't be anywhere to go. But unlike the Nexusians - I have NOTHING left to loose. They've already ruined my life. Irreparable damages.

Just so we're clear.

Yes. Hannabelle IS human. She makes mistakes occasionally. She bleeds when you cut her. She cries when she's been hurt. She cries out when she's been wronged.

Nexus is the Steamroller. I'm just a little bump in their road. But keep in mind - when you build your road on faulty ground, trying to cover up frost boils and ignore old corduroy timbers, you can definitely expect to see a few ugly pot holes in the spring.

High Crimes and Not So Misdemeanors

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for my first experience with the Minnesota Court of Appeals down in St. Paul. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Knowing myself, I won't sleep tonight. I'd be lying if I downplayed the stress; the anxiety. This is hard. There is an incredible amount of pressure in going to court. I know. I've already been to District Court three times - with Motions to Dismiss the two SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) that Jim D'Angelo, Peter Freeman, and Nexus The Corporation have waged against me. For some reason, I keep losing. Am I guilty? Guilty until proven innocent? I've never won even the smallest battle against Nexus. I don't expect to win tomorrow either.

"YOU SLANDERED THEM!" is what Bob Mickus, the unelected mayor of Onamia told me when he bumped into me at the hospital the other day. "Don't they have a right to defend themselves?" (THEY have the right to defend themselves but I don't have the right to defend myself, my family, my neighborhood????? THEY are the intruders. THEY are the aggressors. Go figure. THEY are suing a citizen with YOUR tax dollars! My weapon of choice? Words. Merely words. Their weapons of choice include words too - as well as the local government, the local newspaper, and the Minnesota Justice System. I'm outnumbered and outgunned.)

"I didn't slander anyone," I said.
"Yes you did!" he said, vehemently. And, he said, I was mean to "those boys".

There you have it. The unelected mayor of Onamia has proclaimed that I'm guilty. I've been charged with Defamation because I called Jim D'Angelo a snake. I know it sounds silly, and indeed it is. But apparently Jim D'Angelo isn't man enough to stand up to a little second grader name calling. No sticks and stones for him.... SUE THE GADFLY!!!!! SHE MUST BE STOPPED!!!! Coincidentally, in the Mille Lacs Messenger (the REAL newspaper), one of the commenteers this week called Mille Lacs County Commissioner Frank Courteau "an elected snake". Lawsuit potential here? Will Frank sue the commenteer? hmmm. According to Jim D'Angelo, former CEO of Nexus, "snake" is definitely a word worth suing someone over. We can't allow people to get away with saying such things now can we...

I also got blasted by a local big mouth in the Mille Lacs Messenger this week when I commented on the situation surrounding the Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director Paul L. Smith's October 15th conviction for fraud and embezzlement in an Oklahoma Federal Court. Rather than criticize the corporation or expressing dismay about the convicted felon they hired to oversee the treatment center for the "poor troubled boys", this blowhard seized the opportunity to attack Hannabelle - digging up all of the horrible things I've done in the past three years, virtually ignoring Smith's felonies while concentrating on me and my wicked ways.

I guess we don't see eye to eye here. I am a hateful creature because I: a) called sex offenders "pudpullers", b) I chastised an old "friend" for betraying me, and c) I have remained adamently vocal about the loss of our Constitutional Rights "ad nauseum" (according to Mr. Blowhard). Wicked, wicked Hannabelle... I see myself as sticking up for myself, my family, my neighborhood... I see myself as trying to defend our rights - including those of Mr. Blowhard.

According to Bob Mickus, the unelected mayor, convicted embezzler Paul Smith "made a mistake" and "Anyone can make a mistake." So much for Smith's embezzlement and fraud conviction. I, on the other hand (no pun intended) called a group of convicted sex offenders "Pudpullers". Perhaps I should have stuck to more clinical terms like: rapists, sodomizers, sexual psychopaths, etc. but like Paul Smith, I made a minor "mistake" and called them "Pudpullers". There are many differences between Smith and Hannabelle. As Nexus defended their fraudulent director, Mr. Smith was innocent until proven, and he was proven GUILTY. Although I have not committed any crimes and have not yet faced a jury of my peers, I've been judged GUILTY by the unelected mayor of Onamia and damned by those in my community who believe Nexus' fairy tales - for eternity.. My "guilt" is a "Done Deal." There's nothing I can do about it....

Think about it for a moment. When we first learned, back in 2007, that the Onamia city council had decided to annex, rezone, purchase, and sell land to Nexus to relocate 94 convicted sex offenders into our peaceful, private residential neighborhood, years of Nexus propaganda had miseducated and misled people, firmly intent on keeping the public in the dark. Believe me. Its in their best interest to do so. Lots and lots of money at stake. People had been lied to. The Truth had been cleverly disguised, covered up, or withheld altogether. People did not have accurate information from which to base their opinions. Thusly, most people became sympathetic to the "boys", the "children", the "students" from the "Academy". "Kids" who were "victims of abuse". Some would even welcome these poor troubled boys into their own backyards - if only it were possible..... And let us not forget "They're very well-behaved in church." Who could blame citizens for believing the bullcrap when it came from their own trusted government and trusted pre-bamboozled friends? Was there nobody who would break through the myths, the propaganda, and the bullcrap to bring the Truth to the people? Well.... it's a hard job but somebody's got to do it.

I'm looking forward to putting the first Court of Appeals Motion to Dismiss hearing behind me. "Losing" the two District Court judgments does not mean I'm guilty. They have not ruled on whether calling D'Angelo "Poopsie" is defamation or not. (I sometimes call Poncho "Honey". Heck. I sometimes call Poncho "Poncho". HE hasn't complained. Nor has he sued me.) Is using the phrase "getting away with murder" defamatory when in fact, an 11 year old boy died at the hands of an employee in a Nexus facility and nobody went to prison after the child was killed? (Of course, I was using the idiom in the context of Nexus getting away with murder by getting everything they demanded from the Onamia city council, including 15 years tax abatement. But Nexus got all undie-bundles about it.) Can't one call a spade a spade or must one fear facing jury trial for telling the truth or using a metaphor or idiom? And how will a jury resolve the allegation of "defamation" when Hannabelle expressed suspicion of "possible illegal activity" when the MLA Director - the Head Honcho himself - gets convicted for felony embezzlement and fraud?

If ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS,
shouldn't we be concentrating on the actions of Nexus
rather than abusing the court system
to eliminate a private citizen's words?
For some odd reason yet to be explained, the judges are heavily concerned that Jim D'Angelo, Peter Freeman, and the Nexus corporation have their "DUE PROCESS", although I'd like to mention that throughout the past nearly three years of my harrowing saga, I have never enjoyed such rights myself. No DUE PROCESS for Hannabelle. No representative government. No Freedom of Speech. No right to just say NO to a foreign imperialistic government who forces convicted sex offenders (much worse than your average teenage pudpullers, I might add) into a private residential neighborhood - putting them next to day cares, elderly widows, other vulnerable adults, etc etc etc ad nauseum...


Nexus wants to put me on trial. YESSSSS! So far, under my esteemed lawyer's advice, I've been trying to avoid a jury trial due to the expense involved. But honestly, I'm looking forward to my trials. Both of them. It is only at trial that I will have an opportunity to vindicate myself and get my story out to the judges and to twelve jurors who have NOT been brainwashed by Nexus' propaganda. And whereas there is never publicity about a simple Motion to Dismiss, there should be (there WILL be) plenty of publicity about the CEO of a sex offender institution suing a disabled woman because she called him "Poopsie". Nobody wants to live near sex offenders. I will have public sympathy when this story goes national. And that the sex offender corporation board of directors - including Darnell Allen, Vice President of Super Valu; Francis Smith (the Jack Abramoff connection); Janet Benway, from Ameriprise (what ARE they doing with all that taxpayer money?), etc. etc. AND my personal favorite - FATHER Jerry Schik, CROSIER PRIEST - YES a member of the famous clan of priests, so many who have already been proven guilty of sexual crimes against boys. Poor troubled boys? Well, I would imagine they were pretty messed up after the Crosier priests got through with them...

[[[NOTE: I am in no way, at this time, accusing Father Jerry Schik of being guilty of pedophilia. But it is factual that he is a Crosier priest, he is on the board of Nexus, he has certainly been associated with the Onamia Crosiers, as well as St. Odilia, and others. I'm just getting started on delving into the Crosier child molesters. As Karen Carpenter once sang: We've only just begun... But I repeat - at this time, I am only accusing Father Jerry Schik of being part of the sex offender company that has lodged a bogus SLAPP lawsuit in order to silence me. I do accuse him of being part of that conspiracy. ]]]

In conclusion, Nexus will not let me get on with my life without first being put through two expensive jury trials. Fine by me. As I've said before, I have done nothing wrong. Their talley is adding up. I have always strived to tell you the Truth, nothing but the Truth. They have a few skeletons in their closet and are proven (or will be proven) liars. I will fight forever for our Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech. In fact, I'm now considering writing a book about the horrible ordeal that Nexus has put me through. After all, why let all that good research go to waste? But now, dear friends, I have to concentrate on my appeal for tomorrow. Wish me luck. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paul Smith Convicted - At least they reported it.

Dear Readers,

It never ceases to amaze me how no matter what kind of garbage (or how much) turns up in connection with Nexus, the local papers jump in with what seems to be damage control on behalf of Nexus. What's with all the talk of "exonoration"? What's with including Smith's plea of innocence? Why put THAT in the article? Almost all hardcore criminals claim they are innocent, don't they? Smith was proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Oh well. Maybe its just filler to make a short story long.... NEXUS' MILLE LACS ACADEMY DIRECTOR PAUL LYNN SMITH- GUILTY. GUILTY AND CONVICTED. Yep. That about sums it up. 'Nuff said.

And then there's Hutchinson's lame defense. They SCREENED HIM? They WATCHED him? Oh really? Like they 'watch' their sex offenders? Ye gads! These attempts at bamboozling the public are getting more and more ridiculous. Just how stupid do they think we are?

They always make sure to include that Nexus is a "non-profit" company. I think I'm the only one to notice that this "non-profit" has an annual budget of $40 MILLION? Hey, most of it came from your tax dollars. Maybe Nexus should ask Paul Smith to send you a thank you note for your "contribution" to their "non-profit". Ooops! He doesn't work there anymore. I wonder if his current facility is unlocked.... Personally, I hope he rooms with a 6'7", 12", 300 pound Poor Troubled Boy named Bubba. You going to sue me again for stating my feelings just then Vic? Geez.


Yeah. He was probably very well behaved in church too.

Please contrast the following Mille Lacs County Times article with the comment below by a former Marie Detty employee who actually worked with Smith and bravely came forward to share her experience. Which perception do you think is more accurate? Who is more credible?Who do you believe? Nexus? The ProNexus propaganda? Or the person who knew the real Paul Smith? Because of my own personal experience with that disgusting criminal, I choose Door Number 3, Monty.


From the Mille Lacs County Times,

Mille Lacs Academy Exec. Director convicted

Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director, Paul Smith, was convicted Thursday, Oct. 15 by an Oklahoma Federal District Court on charges stemming from his employment with Marie Detty Youth and Family Services Center, Inc., of Lawton, Okla., from 2001 to 2004.
Smith was convicted of four counts of embezzlement of funds from an employee pension plan and making false claims to investigators. Mail fraud charges were dismissed.
Sentencing is scheduled for late January, 2010.

The Mille Lacs Academy is a residential juvenile sex offender treatment program in Onamia.
Earlier in the year, in a released statement, Smith said, “These charges were thoroughly investigated in 2004 by the Marie Detty board of directors. I was exonerated of all allegations, and all charges were dropped. I’m sure the federal charges will be dropped as well.”

David Hutchinson, the CEO of Nexus, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation which operates Mille Lacs Academy, responded to Smith’s conviction with this statement:
“Paul Smith joined Nexus in 2007 as executive director of Mille Lacs Academy after a thorough
background investigation. At that time, we found that both the Marie Detty organization and the Oklahoma Health & Human Services Department had investigated the same transactions on which the conviction is based, and that both investigations had exonerated Mr. Smith in 2004.
“Paul Smith has always exhibited excellence in his duties as director of Mille Lacs Academy. When we learned of the Oklahoma indictment, our position was to let the justice system take its course. However, we want to assure our referral sources and the public that we maintained vigilant oversight and supervision of all financial and operational matters at Mille Lacs Academy since learning of the indictment and that the independent financial audits performed during Paul’s leadership at Mille Lacs Academy have shown no irregularities.

“As a result of this conviction, Paul has submitted his resignation, and Nexus has accepted it, effective immediately. Patrick Rookey, Vice President Clinical Operations, will serve as interim director. A search for a permanent replacement is already underway.”
The embezzlement and false statement convictions each carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Comments (1)
...written by Melanie Smith, October 23, 2009
I am a former employee of Marie Detty Youth and Family Services in Lawton, Oklahoma. Paul was a brilliant man but unfortnately he lacked ethics and character. I was the former Director of one of his Group Homes. It was obvious to me from early on that he was only interested in the financial aspect of the program and had very little concern for the welfare of the children in his facility. Now it is obvious why he was so concerned about making a profit because he was lining his own pockets. I have known Paul for over 20 years and for the most part I liked him until I went to work for him. He is not a nice man. He has hurt many people by his actions and took money from his own employees. The sad thing is, I know he still slept fine at night. If he has any remorse at all, it is due to the fact that he has been caught.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Waiting to Peel

I think the most frustrating aspect of my war against the Onamia government acting as an agent for a corporation rather than respecting the Rights of the citizens they've been sworn to serve is that I can't find anyone that understands that this is what the war is about. It's about Liberty.
The Right to Liberty. The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness. It's about the Constitution. It's about what it means to be an American Citizen.

Sure, the war between Bradbury and Onamia began as a NIMBY - Not in My Backyard. But think for a moment, about what exactly a NIMBY means. Perhaps the acronym should be niMby... not in MY back yard. There isn't an acronym that I know of for those who would put something in YOUR backyard but if there was it might be BYBYTM.... (Better Your Back Yard Than Mine.) Now in the case of 94 convicted sex offenders (and one convicted ex-executive director), the people who wanted to put this facility in MY back yard are not the people affected by the facility. They're not affected because, obviously, it isn't in THEIR back yard.

Now comes the conflict. Shouldn't the people who are affected by living next to the sex offender facility have some say in the matter? Some control over their own back yards? Or is it perfectly acceptable to impose sex offender facilities on any American citizens anywhere? In our case, as you probably know, we don't have the right to vote for the politicians who made this decision. Yet, we are the ones affected by their decision. There were indeed laws in place to protect property owners but Larry Milton (dead), Bob Mickus, Jerome Kryzer, Bill Hill, Mark Loch (gone) changed these ordinances to accommodate the company in Golden Valley.

I went to Mexico with my dad when I was sixteen. I have a lot of great memories from that trip, don't get me wrong. But I also have a very bad one. Leaving MinneSNOWda for Mexico was like stepping into another world. I couldn't wait to hit the beach. A hot white sand beautiful tropical beach. As I laid out on the beach, in my two-piece swimsuit, my winter-white Minnesoda body soaking up the rays, I was totally unaware that I was getting burned. I didn't feel it. To me, it felt pleasantly warm in the sweet tropical breeze, watching the ocean waves... By the end of the afternoon, I was crimson. I was Lobster Girl. And then, the pain set in. If you haven't experienced this, there is no way I can adequately describe it. Pain like never before. You can't sit still. You can't lay down. You can't wear clothes. You can't sleep. You just have to stand there and endure the hurt! I took cold showers and my daddy gently smeared cream on my back. But that relief only lasted a few moments before the pain came back. But then, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it did. Then the itching began. We are not talking a mild tickle that needs to be scratched. We are talking agony. And of course the deep burn made scratching impossible. There was no relief. If you've ever experienced it, you know exactly what I mean. After that, the vacation was pretty much... not so good...

What happened to me in Onamia was pretty similar. I was merrily living my little life while the city council made their plans. I was unaware that I was burning until the damage, tremendous and irrevokable, had been done. And when the war began, so did the pain. I couldn't sit still. I couldn't sleep. (I did however wear clothes...) The pain was having people I'd never wronged make personal attacks against me just because I didn't want Nexus to change my neighborhood. The pain of people, whose politics I was not allowed to participate in, make decisions about my life without my having any recourse. The terrible pain of having friends turn on me because now they worked for Nexus or because they were intimidated by the mayor or because in actuality, they weren't very good friends after all. The pain of being ostracized. The pain of being ignored. The pain of being ridiculed. The pain of not being heard. My life turned into one huge flaming ball of pain. And my daddy wasn't there to watch my back.

Then the itching began. Jim D'Angelo lying about the safety risk - handing out a brochure stating that in the past 10 years there had only been "one incident" when sheriff and police records indicated that there had been literally hundreds of escapes, assaults, sexual crimes, theft, etc. at the Mille Lacs Academy. Itching, when we found that Jim D'Angelo threatened to leave Onamia if the city council didn't cave in to his demands by giving Nexus tax exemption. Convicted felon former Mille Lacs Academy Executive Administrator Paul Smith told the county commissioners that if they didn't grant Nexus tax exemption or abatement that Nexus would leave the state and they caved as well. Doesn't anyone play poker anymore? Don't they know a bluff when they see one? Anyway, I'm in enough legal trouble right now without bringing up terms like extortion and blackmail, but somehow it just doesn't seem right to threaten the government to manipulate them into handing over tax payer money. Doesn't seem right at all.

The itching grew worse when we found discrepencies in financial figures Nexus used when applying for government funding. (Don't worry about it Vic. This will all come out at my trials.)
When we brought this to the attention of the county board and they ignored us, the itching became unbearable.

Then we uncovered information that an eleven year old boy had been accidentally killed while in a prone-restraint hold by an employee in one of Nexus' facilities. Nexus had not disclosed this to the Onamia city council. And when I did, Nexus sued me for it. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to scratch, the itching got so bad. And even then, the community still supported the Almighty Nexus. Don't they realize that if my old friend who works at the Academy - the one on the sheriff's report charging "child abuse" goes over the top, there could be another scandal like in Mason City? Don't they realize that Nexus sold that institution? What could happen here? Are they going to sell this one if there's an accident?

But wait. There's more. There's the failed Fairmont, MN facility that Nexus tried to sell recently. There's the 30 day testing program we weren't told about. And dare I talk about grant money for research on the poor troubled boys? Using them as guinea pigs? I haven't even begun. The itch kept spreading as we kept finding out more and more reasons for not wanting to keep company with this company. Was I surprised that Paul Smith was convicted in Oklahoma? Yes and no. I wasn't surprised at what he'd done or that he got caught. I just kind of expected the judge to let him off with 15 years of tax abatement. But for once, it seems that Justice prevailed.

A small dab of cream, a bit of relief.

Throughout this war, I've had no community support. I'm told its because Hannabelle called the sex offenders an offensive name, that I rant, and because I was mean to an old friend who betrayed me when she claimed the right to make determinations about my life. Doesn't anybody mind their own business these days? Pain and itching.

Yeah. Hannabelle used the "F" word. She calls sex offenders sex offenders. She said a kid died when a kid died. But nobody seems to mind that the CEO of the corporation lied to the public about safety. That the Executive Director had embezzled. They don't seem to mind that a child died and Nexus failed to mention it. Nobody has shown a lick of sympathy to any of the people who have suffered at the brutality of Nexus (MY OPINION and I'll explain why I say "brutality" at my trials), and the stupidity of the Onamia city council. Nobody has said, "We're sorry for your pain." Nope. They say I did it to myself. Shouldn't have laid out on the beach... The difference is, I didn't. I wasn't laying in the sun. I was sitting at home, minding my own business. This was all done to me against my will. Against my Liberty.

Now, if I sound to you like I'm ranting, that's your problem. Me? Yeah sure. I got badly burned. But I'm sitting here now with ice water in my veins, cool as a cucumber..... waiting to peel.

NIMBY means you didn't have the Right to put it in MY back yard. But you did it anyway.
Itch... itch... itch...
*I'd like to welcome my new readers. I appreciate your support! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director Paul Lynn Smith was convicted yesterday in Federal Court in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

More to follow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MLA Director Paul Smith Trial Continues

Calendar of Proceedings For

CR-08-272-C USA v. Paul L. Smith Jury Trial Crtrm #501

Paul L. Smith is the Executive Director of the Mille Lacs Academy in Onamia, MN. He is on trial for crimes he allegedly committed while acting as Director of the Marie Detty juvenile detention center in Oklahoma, prior to his appointment with the Nexus corporation. Original charges included theft, fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, and lying to federal authorities and carried a penalty of up to 30 years in Federal prison.

In spite of the seriousness of the allegations, Nexus released a statement of support of their indicted director who has apparently continued to perform his duties at the juvenile sex offender correctional facility. Recently, the Mille Lacs Academy distributed propaganda through an insert in the Bargain Hunter Shopper, with a picture of the new sex offender facility with the word "Honesty" printed in bold letters. There was a photograph of Smith in the literature, as well as quotations, but nothing written about his indictment and upcoming trial.

Former Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo is suing me for saying many things against him as well as the unwanted sex offender facility forced down our throats by the Onamia city council who knowingly put sex offenders next to day cares, children, elderly widows, and vulnerable adults.

The city council officials who went to great lengths to keep the sex offender institution in our community, who changed ordinances to accommodate a private corporation while ignoring the safety of their citizens, and who caved in to Nexus demands including 15 years of tax abatement were Mayor Larry Milton (dead), Councilmen Robert Mickus (unelected acting mayor), Bill Hill, (former president of the Mille Lacs Community Development Corporation), Mark Loch (who quit and moved away), and Jerome Kryzer (who did not reside in Onamia during winter months). They were assisted by the Onamia Zoning Guy Mickey Carter who proceeded to misclassify the correctional facility as R2 and allow spot-zoning without a Comprehensive Municipal Plan, bonnified City Planning Commission or Board of Adjustments. Is it any wonder that such a council would make such mistakes?

One of the things I'm being sued for is my statement (in my blog) that we think he's [D'Angelo] running a crooked company. D'Angelo claims that my statement was defamation. (According to the law, it is not.) I claim that it was a warning; apprehension based on disturbing data we found and presented to the Onamia city council and Mille Lacs county board who ignored both our concerns as well as the discovery of discrepencies in questionable financial figures supplied to them by Nexus in order to obtain tax exemption and tax abatement. Perhaps your elected officials should have paid attention to Hannabelle and as we requested, checked out the Nexus corporation before eagerly handing over your tax dollars to them. Who would have known that Nexus would use your tax dollars to pay for a lawsuit against a private citizen who opposed them, i.e. your friend and neighbor - me.

My Friends, as time goes on, Hannabelle is not only becoming vindicated, she is being proved correct in her assessment of this ruthless corporation that bullied its way into a private neighborhood against the wishes of American citizens whose Constitutional Rights have been abolished by the Onamia city council. The statement we think he [D'Angelo] is running a crooked company was not stated as fact, but as speculation within a humorous story. Should I have said such a thing? I don't know. When one is fighting to protect her home, one may have a tendency to react emotionally, especially when trying to keep sex offenders away from her mom. Was D'Angelo's lawsuit an overreaction? Or did Hannabelle touch a nerve? It may be too soon to tell what lies beneath the tip of this iceberg. But if the felony charges against Mille Lacs Academy Director Paul Smith pan out and he is convicted, perhaps a serious investigation into this corporation is in order.

I welcome your thoughts and comments on the Paul Smith matter. If you use this forum to make personal attacks and threats against me, (as so many have in the past), I will not post your comments. Let's keep it smart and civil.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mille Lacs Academy Director's Trial

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Calendar of Proceedings For


9:15 CR-08-272-C USA v. Paul L. Smith Jury Trial Crtrm #501


Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Philosophy of Liberty - Revisited

I just have to post this video again. There are too many people out there who just don't "get it". Maybe they never will. But this is important stuffm, so please try. (Especially you, Victor. Pay attention).

Monday, September 28, 2009

Constant Comments

After two and a half years of debunking Nexus and the local governments, exposing their lies and propaganda, of telling you the Truth about what they are doing to abolish your Constitutional Rights, how they change or ignore laws which were in place to protect you, and about the negative consequences of having a sex offender facility in your community, you'd think people would "get it". Some people don't need corporate PR campaigns or a government which rules by intimidation and misinformation to be bamboozled. Too many people are too busy pulling the wool over their own eyes to see what's real.

Recently I received some comments on Hannabelle's YouTube videos. I'll share them with you in a moment. I always look up the commenteers and usually find the negative ones to be nothing more than malicious troublemakers. Ironically, these Pronexus hecklers say much worse things than I ever said which Nexus and D'Angelo and Freeman are SUING me for. But then of course, their lawsuits are frivilous attempts to crush the life out of me and bury me under their "cornerstone values".

Anyway, I looked up 111prettygurl (sic) on YouTube after she made a few stupid comments about my videos. I'll ask your opinion on this: She signs up for YouTube on September 26. She's the new kid on the block... Welcome to YouTube 111prettygurl... She has no videos of her own to upload. So what's the first (and only) thing she does? She beelines to Hannabelle's videos, watches three of them, and makes negative and as you will see, really stupid comments. Although I dutifully replied, I wiped the slate clean and blocked her after I saw that this wasn't a real viewer, but some Nexus ringer hell-bent on purely harrassing me. One of the Pronexusians. I think: AHA! This will be good for my countersuits, if we end up going there. Anyway, here are the comments.

I'm very proud of my videos, by the way. :)

Comment on Message to Nexusville

"they could be in my back yard because i have opened my eyes and know these kidsdeserve a chance, if your town was going to make it it wouldnt have ever died down,they have prisons in towns with worse offenders who still dont struggle like you do

and where in life did you all chose to give up on our future. these KIDS are in a rehabilitation setting so when they leave they dont reoffend. most inmates in prison or jail(there is a difference) reoffend and get worse if they recieve no treatment. these are children who made bad choices they arent bad. circumstances or life caused them to be this way, they werent born this way. open your heart and mind its not black and white anymore.its not about money or land its about CHILDREN all of them"

I have to say that sodomizing toddlers is a little more than "bad choices". Its a crime. Some of these "children" could be serving in Iraq if they weren't serving time in the Mille Lacs Academy... Strong young men that they are...

Comment on Spot Zoning for Sex Offenders

"so at what point when Jesus sacrificed himself did he say that the children who stray from the "way" dont deserve to recieve help if the location isnt right? were you told i will give you life but you cant be here and make a mistake. these children deserve to live and rehab,and the new facility is out of the way, they arent right in town where you can be "ashamed" because you are all cowards to let these children suffer with no saving. you go to the store and walk next to offenders.all kinds"

Jesus did not sacrifice himself. He was thrown under the bus by his good friends and neighbors. (I know the feeling.) No. If Hannabelle had been there, SHE would have stood up for Jesus and put her life on the line for her friend. But I bet that like me, in the end Jesus wished he'd had better friends... Right Skippy?

One more thing... if indeed I was a "coward", I certainly wouldn't have stood up to Nexus. I would have crawled under the table and hid, like other people. No. I might be STUPID, but I'm not a coward. Looks like I might be the only one in the county who isn't, (except for Ox and Poncho, of course. They're tough as nails. Better not to mess with them.)

And on her own channel page (like a home page) as a comment on me...

"you are a closed minded jerk to say they need to be in jail. these are messed up kids who deserve a chance. if ted bundy would have been given a rehab do you think he woulda killed more? maybe we should put a jail in onamia so you can cry more, but we could put murders and gang bangers there they will be safer then kids!!! ha ha you really should put yourself into these kids therapist shoes. to change you must want it, they seem to want it"

Why, if you're such a "Christian", would you want to make me "cry more"? Why would you want to cause me more pain? I've not done anything to you. Trying to protect my family doesn't hurt you. And who is this "we" you are going to build a jail with to make me cry more? I say - you might as well go ahead and build one. Heck, a lot of your friends just might end up in it. Maybe you should consider building your jail in Oklahoma instead?

So there you go, 111prettygurl. I'm posting your comments here as Nexus attorney Victor E. Lund keeps saying "for the whole world to see". Happy now? Have you done your job? Now, when "the whole world" sees my video and reads your comments, they will see how bogus your attacks are.

As everyone knows, this has never been about getting help for juvenile sex offenders. This fight has been against bad government, the corporatization of America, and your First Amendment Rights.

You talk about Ted Bundy - if he had an opportunity for rehab, do I think he would have "killed more"? Well, the answer is yes. I knew Ted Bundy. I had a "close encounter" with him personally. I'm one of the few people who got out of his car alive. And let me tell you this: No amount of rehabilitation or treatment or counseling - NOTHING would have stopped him from killing. I only survived because - I'm Hannabelle.

[By the way - in two and a half years, not one person has asked me WHY I'm so opposed to putting sex offenders next to day cares and helpless little old ladies. They just yell at me, call me names, attack my character, and shove Jesus in my face. Go figure.]

You want me to walk in the therapists' shoes? Sure! I will - when you try walking in mine.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly...

but exceedingly fine...

Just an update to let you all know that there is no update on the Nexus vs Hannabelle lawsuit. Yes, I know its been over thirty days since our last court appearance and yes, I think that is just plain appalling, but no, there is nothing I can do about it. Nexus has indeed finally "taught me a lesson"!!! Isn't that what all this sue-age is about? Teaching Hannabelle a lesson???

The lesson is: Frivilous lawsuits such as theirs clog our justice system.

And as time goes by and we discover more about the Nexusians, my SLAPP case gets even stronger and stronger. Nexus certainly has plenty of reasons to try to shut me up. Nexus has plenty of reasons to keep the public in it's blissful ignorance. Personally, I don't care how slowly justice grinds (knowing it will indeed be exceedingly fine in the end...) The longer Nexus drags out my "lesson", the more I'll learn - about THEM. They picked the wrong person to "punish".

Nothing I have said or done up to this point is defamation. Nothing I have said or done up to this point has hurt the Nexus corporation one iota. They can't claim damages because they don't have any. The spoiled brats got everything they wanted. (I am referring to Nexus, not the Poor Troubled Boys...) Because they keep suing me, they won't let me move on. Because they keep suing me, they are forcing my to stay involved. And since I am a firm believer in the old adage: Know Thy Enemy, I will indeed keep going. Nexus has proven itself an enemy.


n. pl. en·e·mies
1. One who feels hatred toward, intends injury to, or opposes the interests of another; a foe.
a. A hostile power or force, such as a nation.
b. A member or unit of such a force.
3. A group of foes or hostile forces.
4. Something destructive or injurious in its effects:

Of, relating to, or being a hostile power or force.

In essence: Nexus

Saturday, August 15, 2009

All That and a Bag of Chips

What can I say? We were invited. Everyone was. Nowhere did it say "everybody EXCEPT Hannabelle". So Poncho and I attended the Mille Lacs Academy Open House celebration. Of course, since Nexus has proven itself to be a total detriment to my life, I wasn't in any mood to celebrate the completion of the sex offender facility. I was, however, curious to see how Nexus spent our money (I mean, if they can spend something like $40,000.00[*1] on lawsuits against me, what can they do with $18 MILLION taxpayer dollars to play with?[*2]).

Another reason I decided to attend the big gala was that I was curious to see if I could catch a glimpse of my Accusers. After all, I'm just a disabled old musician and now that I'm not going to all of those horrible city council meetings to stop Nexus, I don't get out much. Well, except for court. I've only actually met suers Jim D'Angelo and Dave Hutchinson. (Always exceedingly unpleasant...) I've never even seen the other people who are suing me - Peter Freeman (suing me twice, once for embarrassment and again as Team Nexus board chairman), Janet Benway (AMERIPRISE) Father Jerry Schik (YES a CROSIER PRIEST!!!!!), Laureen Carlson, Darnell Allen (SUPERVALU), Jeff Talley, Kevin Gray (MNDOT CFO), Larry Riesselman, Francis Smith (father of Michael D. Smith - you remember the Jack Abramoff scandal? Smith was Jack's partner.), and Laurie Zenner... Do these suers actually exist? So I hear. In this country, we have THE RIGHT to face our accusers. I, however, have to research mine on the Internet because I have no idea of who they are. (They aren't from MY neighborhood... They just dumped their 94 sex offenders here.) I've been to court THREE times and have yet to see anybody from Nexus except Vic, their lawyer. And as diligently as I TRIED to communicate with all of these ... people, they gave me the Nexus Silent Treatment until the sheriff's deputy showed up in my yard with the lawsuits. HEY! WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD, NEIGHBOR!!! WANT TO BORROW A CUP OF .... MY SOUL?

Anyway, it wasn't my intention to cause any trouble. I didn't expect to talk to any Nexusians. To tell you the truth (and I always do), I haven't set foot on that 38.81 acres since Nexus purchased it from the Onamia Corporate Real Estate Office (i.e. City Hall...). Jim D'Angelo might have given me permission when he talked about giving me an "easement" to use the land, but this is a fellow who lied on a sworn affidavit while suing me for calling him "Poopsie". I'm certainly not going to trust him not to shoot me for trespassing. So no, I haven't been there since they ruined it. And I don't plan to go back. Today was MY day to visit the Mille Lacs Academy. So I did. I was invited.

My first impression of the "Academy" was utter shock. YIKES! The buildings, which I knew from the plans would be ugly, also looked so CHEAP! Really tacky. (How sad for poor Councilman Jerome Kryzer - whose proudest life acheivement was to put sex offenders next to day care... "aye-ing" at every opportunity - those few months he actually resides in town, that is ... ) But then, that is just my opinion. For all I know, J.F.K. is thrilled with the ticky-tack. (Please note: I don't know Jerome's middle name, but here the F. does not stand for Fitzgerald...)

For $18 Million taxpayer dollars, I expected much more. But then, perhaps the inside of the buildings are nice??? I don't know. I didn't go in. I never will (unless it is to drag "home" one of the escaped sex offenders I round up on my property, in which case it will definitely be my intention to cause trouble. A lot of it).

You know, it just occurred to me that perhaps, for a non-creative kind of person, these buildings might be ... like... the ultimate. I don't mean to brag, but I've composed symphonic music, have a couple of paintings in a museum, and designed and built my own dream house. I've been creative all of my life. Thusly, maybe I'm being harsh in my judgment. Maybe building sex offender facilities that resemble Nazi concentration camps made out of paper mache' is the best they can do, and they should be commended for their attempt at creativity. Still.... $18 million taxpayer dollars... Maybe it wouldn't be so ugly if it was in an appropriately zoned area such as commercial or institutional. Maybe it just doesn't belong where they built it. I tried to tell them...

The next thing I noticed was that I was looking directly at the director Paul Smith - you know, the one who has been indicted for embezzlement, fraud, mail fraud etc. down at Marie-Detty in Oklahoma where he used to be the director there too. He was standing in the parking lot laughing along with Pat Rookie. They seemed happy. Well, until they saw yours truly. Now there isn't any love lost between Smith and me. (I mean Paul, not Francis or Michael D.) Just seeing him made my skin crawl. It always does.

"Now why isn't that man in jail?" I said. But then, it hit me... Paul and I have something in common. We're BOTH defendants! NEITHER of us has yet to face our Accusers! (Of course, he keeps getting his trial POSTPONED while I'm seeking to get these frivilous lawsuits against me dismissed.) And NEITHER of us wants to live next to .... a school. I almost felt sorry for him. At least I'm not facing 30 years in prison .... or even Brazil.

A nice looking young man with a Mille Lacs Academy tee-shirt ran up to our vehicle. Poncho rolled down the window. The nice looking young man looked happy as he invited us to join in the festivities. We declined. I have to say, he was very nice. (Contrary to your Pronexus beliefs, my fight has never been with the employees - just the location and the incompetent Onamia government's malfeasance -and finally, of course with the suers.) Obviously, this young man didn't realize he was talking to Hannabelle or maybe he wouldn't have been so pleasant. (Orders from the old boss and all...) Maybe later he'd send me some nice death threats or nice creepy comments on my blog... But he was really nice. He told us we could at least come over for a bag of chips.

I looked at the ugly mess of ugly "cardboard" buildings and sweeping my arm across the view, I said:
"Gee. All that AND a bag of chips."

We drove away.

[*1] That figure is just a rough estimate I based on what I've spent defending myself so far while being persecuted in two lawsuits - for 1. calling former CEO Jim D'Angelo "Poopsie" and embarrassing Pete, and 2. after I brought really, really unwanted attention to a child killed by a Nexus employee at another Nexus facility. Judging by their case against me, coupled with the old adage "you get what you pay for", I figure their lawyers are cheaper than mine.

[*2] Nexus charges county governments (last I heard it was about $245.00 per sex offender per day- with 94 of them, you do the math...) for "treatment", thus receives its primary income from taxpayer money. Nexus, a company that made $40 Million last year, is a "non-profit" company and does not pay taxes. It also got 15 years tax ABATEMENT from the Onamia Government (along with other "deals") and 7 years tax abatement from the county. We pay taxes so Nexus doesn't have to. But Nexus couldn't exist without our tax dollars.... Something to think about.

CORRECTION: I had written that Nexus made $40 Million "in profits", but that was an error in speakage on my part. According to Jim D'Angelo's resume:

NEXUS; Minneapolis, MN.
A $40M+, 720 employee, not for profit behavioral health agency with operating locations in Minnesota, and Illinois.

Anyway you look at it, that's a lot of tax dollars...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keeping Secrets

Well, dear Readers... as everyone knows, Nexus (you know, the multi-million dollar private company who likes to flaunt its "cornerstone values" while profitting from your tax dollars) is suing the life out of me - because I said: "Nexus - getting away with murder" at the end of a video I made about the March 3, 2008 city council meeting. At the time, I was using the phrase "getting away with murder" as an idiom because at the March 3, 2008 meeting once again Nexus got unanimous approval from the local government for permitted use in R2 zoning. Minnesota Statute 462.357 states that juvenile sex offender treatment centers are not permitted in either R1 or R2 zoned districts. Nobody has yet to explain to me how the Onamia city council circumvented that law in order to put Nexus' sex offenders next to day care. But the point was that Nexus got everything it wanted, regardless of how extraordinarily wrong it was.

Still, Nexus wasn't content with merely ruining the neighborhood and ruining my life. They needed to exercise a little POWER to show me whose boss.

"Grandmother," said Little Red Riding Hood. "What deep pockets you have."
"The better to sue you with, my dear", said the Big Bad Wolf.

Anyhooo... kind of like the recent attacks on President Obama for using the word "stupidity" in describing the stupid actions of that cop in the Gates case, Nexus has its undies in a bundle about my use of the word "murder" in describing the homicidal restraint hold of one of their employees after she killed an eleven year old boy at their (former- they sold it...) Gerard of Iowa facility in Mason City. Intitially, I brought the incident up at the city council meeting to point out that as they were giving Nexus the moon, the city had not properly researched and had no clue about Nexus' history; Nexus had failed to disclose the death of this child. What else did Nexus fail to disclose?

Well now we know more....

As I became more educated about some of the dreadful abuse taking place in today's "mental health" institutions, I wrote an article indicating that in my opinion, victims who are killed by deadly force while in restraint holds are indeed victims of murder. I stand by that opinion. I'm not the only person who feels this way.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Terms of Endearment

Some things strike me funny.

I was talking on the phone to a dear old friend the other day. He asked me how the law suits are going. (None of my friends can comprehend my law suits. Too bizarre.)

After I filled him in on the latest details, he didn't respond for a moment. I waited patiently.

"I, uh, have a question," he said with seriousity.
"Kay," I said.
"What is 'poopsie'?"
"What does 'poopsie' mean?" he asked quietly.

I had to laugh. He thought there must be some hidden meaning, some definition he was unfamiliar with, perhaps some CODE word, (something shameful and dirty...) and he was a bit embarrassed to have to ask.

"Poopsie doesn't MEAN anything," I told him. "Its a term of endearment... you know... like 'honey' or 'sweetheart' or 'darling'."

"And he's suing you for this?"
"Well, I also said that he was 'arrogant'," I confessed.
"If he's suing you for calling him 'Poopsie', its obvious that he's 'arrogant'."
"Shhhh!" I warned. "If he finds out you said that, you're headed for your own law suit!"

We laughed. It felt good to laugh. We talked for awhile longer, about things other than sex offenders and law suits. Then it was time to say goodbye.
He was very jovial.

"I'll talk to you soon! I love you, Poopsie!" he laughed.
"I love you too, Honeycakes! But now I have to SUE YOU!"

NOTE: In one of the documents in the Freeman/D'Angelo law suit #1, Victor Lund (their lawyer) refers to the term "Poopsie" as being "obscene". I have a question, Dear Readers. What is "poopsie"? What does "poopsie" mean? I thought it was just a term of endearment....

Friday, July 10, 2009

MLA Director's Trial Moved

Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director Paul L. Smith was "on the docket" for Monday, July 13, 2009 in Federal Court in Oklahoma City. However, his trial has been continued (rescheduled) until October 13, 2009. Smith has been indicted on several counts of embezzlement and mail fraud, crimes he allegedly committed prior to joining the "Nexus family" while he was the director of a youth detention center in Lawton, Oklahoma. Despite the serious charges, Nexus reportedly stands behind their indicted director and Smith has not stepped down from his position as the Mille Lacs Academy man in charge.

Read the Paul Smith case actual court documents

Friday, July 3, 2009

Shouting Fire

I recommend this HBO documentary.


Since the Nexus corporation, former CEO Jim D'Angelo, and Nexus chairman of the board Peter Freeman are all suing me for simply exercising my Freedom of Speech while trying to procure favorable governmental action to keep their 94 convicted sex offenders out of my residential neighborhood, I've developed a keen interest in this subject. In fact, I watched this movie twice. Intensely...
It is a very thought-provoking presentation. What I got most from it is the important message of how sacred our 1st Amendment Constitutional rights really are, and how, even if we do not agree with what someone is saying, we MUST as a society defend the right to free speech. The Nexusians say they aren't against my rights of free speech, (yeah. right...) but their actions speak louder than words... These lawsuits against me are clearly a strategic attempt to not only silence me, but also to intimidate and silence our supporters - through fear of also being sued by these SLAPPers.
[SLAPP - Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation]
The Nexusians may deem it was necessary to SLAPP around Hannabelle. But it didn't work. Their behavior is my best evidence. My "smoking gun." And where there's smoke, there's fire? These litigants stupidly continue to pour fuel on the fire I shout.
I'm looking forward to going to court in August for the Nexus (corporation) lawsuit. I'm proud to be an activist for free speech, knowing I have the courage to stand up for what's right and the fortitude to fight against what's wrong. And when indeed there IS a fire - you should have the guts to shout about it too. Protecting your rights is like brushing your teeth. You have to do it daily or eventually you'll lose them.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Upcoming Nexus Lawsuit

Nexus' lawyer said that I sit at my computer and make things up because I think its funny. Of course, since his statement is not true, Nexus' lawyer actually defamed me. But since that is his opinion and I believe in free speech, I'll let it slide for now... Meantime, I'd like everyone who reads the Bradbury Buzzz to take a few minutes to search on Google for information on Tanner Wilson's death. I guarantee that you will find plenty on the boy who was killed by a Nexus employee at Gerard in Mason City, Iowa.
You will find this deceased Nexus client on several websites such as Children in Treatment, Mental Health Abuse: DESTROYING LIVES, The Assault on Children, and the Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse. In articles such as: The Silent Death of America's Children. Listed in Victims from Fornitswikicopy. Other bloggers besides me have written about Tanner. Or if you don't trust the words of bloggers such as myself, you can read what the Iowa Attorney General has to say about the death of this child at the Nexus facility. Tanner Wilson is all over the Internet. His story has been used as an example at the Mental Health Council of AUSTRALIA! Its even being sold in a publication on EBAY . Everyone's allowed to talk about the death of this boy except Hannabelle. Nexus doesn't grant me Freedom of Speech.
(But then, believe it or not, Nexus is not the boss of me....)
Wanda K. Mohr Ph.D, RN, Faan included the death of 11 year old Tanner Wilson in a presentation she made on behalf of The Advocates Coalition For The Appropriate Use Of Restraints to The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services. She said:
"According to the well-known forensic pathologist, Ronald O'Halloren, Tanner died unnecessarily as a result of asphyxia secondary to intense pressure on his chest during a restraint. According to witnesses, Tanner cried repeatedly "Help me, I can't breathe" as he struggled. No one paid attention."
There are two differing conclusions about Tanner's death. The first one was that he died as a result of asphyxia (that means smothered to death, Bill.) That conclusion was conveniently changed to that he died from a heart attack, (as if that were somehow a natural cause?) Someone just happened to be sitting on him at the time...
"What's the relevance?" asked Bob Mickus, the new, unelected mayor of Onamia when I informed the uninformed city council of this particular skeleton in Nexus' closet. At the time, I felt it was extremely relevant in the fight to keep a Nexus institution out of our neighborhood. After all, Nexus sold the Gerard of Iowa facility after their employee killed a child and we had already discovered the charge of "child abuse" by a Mille Lacs Academy employee on the sheriff's reports. The point being: If an MLA employee kills a client here, will Nexus also sell this institution? And if so, to whom?
The second point I tried to make to the city council is that they had not researched the company that they were about to extend 15 years tax abatement (the maximum allowed). You know.... YOU pay taxes so Nexus doesn't have to. One wonders just how many lawsuits Nexus uses your tax dollars to 1. defend cases such as Tanner Wilson or 2. to SLAPP folks like me around.
Nexus is suing me because I reported what so many others reported. An 11 year old boy was killed by a Nexus employee at their Gerard of Iowa facility. To my knowledge, I am the ONLY person to be sued over Tanner Wilson.
I'm sure that Nexus sued me to shut me up. But you know me...
I always have plenty more to say. Below is one of my sources, printed out so that you don't have to do the Googling yourself.

Parents Sue Facility And Staff For Boy's Restraint Death By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily ExpressAugust 16, 2001
MASON CITY, IOWA--On Tanner Wilson's first day at Gerard of Iowa care center two years ago, staff member Lori Ingham tried to "take him to the ground". During the attempt to restrain him, Ingham succeeded in breaking the boy's leg.
On February 9 of this year, a year and a half after being admitted to the mental health facility, Wilson died while being restrained in a "routine physical holding".
He was 11 years old.
Officials have ruled the cause of death as asphyxiation -- he suffocated to death -- and are considering it a homicide.
One of the employees allegedly involved in restraining Wilson when he died was none other than Lori Ingham. She now faces a charge of child endangerment in connection with the death.
This Tuesday, Tanner's parents, Robert and Karen Wilson, filed a lawsuit against Ingham and fellow employee Jeremy Witt, along with Gerard Treatment Programs and an affiliate known as Nexus Inc..
According to the Des Moines Register, the suit claims Ingham and Witt "used unreasonable and unnecessary force in restraining and eventually killing" the boy. It also charges Gerard, which was being paid $9,000 a month to care for Wilson, with failing to properly train and supervise its employees.
The Wilsons are asking for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. They say they do not want other parents to go through what they have gone through.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alien Nation

"Often times I have hated in self-defense;
if I were stronger
I would not have used such a weapon."
Kahlil Gibran
Dear Readers,
I was recently delighted to receive an intelligent anonymous comment (See my last blog entry "Now We Know - More") which, although filled with some rather harsh but good criticism about me and my blog, actually expressed thoughts and ideas! Thoughts and ideas in an anonymous comment? Wow! So different from the nasty personal attacks and death threats I've grown accustomed to receiving. And this commenteer gave me issues to which I can respond with more than a "oh yeah? Well I'M rubber, YOU'RE glue!" In fact, he made so many valid points for me to address that I won't be able to respond in a single post. (You know how wordy I am...)
Writing and Style
First of all, as I've stated on numerous occassions, although I've spent much of my time typing at the computer these past two years, I am NOT a "writer". While many bloggers use the Internet to show-off their literary skills and clever ways with words, I have used this medium in self-defense to alert people to what has happened to my neighborhood with the goal of keeping sex offenders out of my backyard. I see myself not as a writer, but as an activist. A failed one, at that...
Alienating Supporters
The commenteer indicated that my use of profanity and referring to the PTBs as having intercourse with toddlers is distasteful and alienates people who might otherwise support me in my cause. Supporters? What supporters? When I first learned that Nexus intended to bully their way into my residential neighborhood, I expected cries of public outrage. Putting sex offenders next to day care centers and helpless little old ladies? NEVER! But the public outrage didn't appear. It didn't seem to exist. The commenteers who said that I am the only one who cares, the only one who doesn't want the sex offenders in my back yard is pretty close to being correct. Most people's sympathies lied with Nexus. Why, I wondered...
I've always realized the power of words, (but especially now that I'm being sued for mine). The power of the press to influence the opinions of a community is enormous, even monumental. Public words slant public opinion. Most people DO believe what they read in the paper. Most people DO trust their local government. The gentle words bestowed upon our community about Nexus were always benign terms like: boys, kids, Academy, teenagers, students, residents, campus, and non-profit. (At least until Hannabelle came along to set the record straight...) Awww. Shucks. Who wouldn't want these poor troubled ABUSED boys to have a good "home"? Hannabelle must not like children!!!! But those nice, soft words which might pertain to your own children do not express the unfortunate reality of the situation of the Nexus clientele. Yes, I might have offended many people by telling it like it is, but how else would people know? Nobody else was speaking the truth. At least, not the WHOLE truth.
In a letter denying Nexus request for tax exemption for their Gerard facility in Austin, the Mower County Assessor states that Mille Lacs Academy is NOT and does not qualify as an "academy" (and is not elligible for tax exemption). Yeah, you can call it whatever you want. You can call it an "academy", a "school", a "home" etc. but the truth is that every inmate at the Mille Lacs "Academy" has been convicted through the court system as a juvenile sex offender who has caused harm to others. [Nexus' own admission]. Do you actually believe that they would be "very well-behaved in church" or raking leaves for the senior citizens if they weren't forced to be "in treatment"? These aren't little angels. These PTBs (poor troubled boys) earned their stay at the Mille Lacs Academy through their own bad deeds. The "campus" is an unlocked facility for juvenile sex offenders, licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Why do the "students" need 24/7 constant supervision and have their shoes taken from them? (And still there have been hundreds of escapes through the years.) If you read the actual court cases of some of the past inmates, [see Mille Lacs News] you get an idea of the type of crimes these "kids" are capable of committing. It is because they are dangerous in their own communities that they have been placed in ours.
Yes, some people have been disgusted by my use of profanity. Usually its the people who have been duped into sympathy for the sex offenders that get most angry at Hannabelle's potty mouth. But I only use words. I am not violent. I don't rape people. No judge has put ME away (yet). WORDS are my sword. :) If you can't handle a few four letter words, how can you support the MLA "resident" convicted of the kidnap of two girls who were held in a garage and gang-banged repeatedly all day long.
"J.K. was 14 years old when he committed the offenses. In the order revoking probation, the district court found:
"The offenses were committed against two young girls, ages 12 and 13, who were sexually assaulted by multiple individuals as part of a gang initiation. [J.K.] was in the car that drove Victim One to the garage where Victim Two was being assaulted. He admitted to having intercourse with Victim One and stated that he was the third one to “f…” her and that he ejaculated in her because another gang member told him to kill his sperm. [J.K.] was an active participant and forced the girls to have sexual intercourse with him at different times in a garage. Both victims were allegedly prevented from leaving. After one of the victims had been assaulted by another accomplice, [J.K.] pushed the victim back to the floor and forcibly penetrated her vagina with his penis. The victim tried to get away and told [J.K.] she was in pain during sexual intercourse. Afterwards, [J.K.] and the other gang members celebrated by going to McDonalds.
J.K. was committed to Mille Lacs Academy, a residential treatment program for sex offenders."
Gawd! I'm disgusted by the crimes these "poor troubled boys" have committed. Think of all the victims they have left numerous victims in their wakes, (at least one each.) I feel so much pity for the victims! I don't understand why others don't. If people are afraid of a little naughty language, why aren't they outraged that our local government is putting this kind of criminal next to day care? Its pretty ironic... Don't they think that these "boys" use that kind of language? Worse. Yes, it is a distasteful subject. But these are my new neighbors... I might not write about sex offenders in an eloquent manner, but I think I have a right to complain. These aren't "normal" kids. These are sex offenders who don't just "talk the talk", they "walk the walk".
So if I shocked a few readers by using the F-word, I did my job. Shock therapy... Welcome to the ugly, dirty little world of sex offenders. Welcome to MY backyard. "Bringing you back to Reality" is more than just a slogan to me. Before Nexus intruded on our lives, my own mother, an intelligent woman thought that the Mille Lacs Academy was some kind of private school for privileged children, perhaps a military or prep school. What led her to think this? How many others were bamboozled? Why the misconceptions? - the propaganda fed to the public all these years. Until Nexus decided to move down the street, I too was guilty of not enlightening Mom- because knowing there were roughly a hundred sex offenders in our small town would scare her. Having them in her own backyard will, unfortunately change her life.
So Hannabelle is the source of counter-propaganda, disspelling the Nexus propaganda spun by the local newspaper and city government. I realize that it is hard to hear. (This is NOT how I wanted to spend my time either... Yuck!) And I realize that I've been brash. Someone has to. The people have a right to know the truth. (Otherwise they might be lulled into a false sense of security and leave their keys in their car, only to have it stolen out of a grocery store parking lot by an escaped 13 year old sex offender...) The truth not only will set you free, it will keep you safe.
And although many people don't want to hear the truth, Hannabelle has tried very hard to tell it, even if it means losing friends and
becoming an alien in her own community.
"How many legs does a dog have
if you call the tail a leg?
calling a tail a leg
doesn't make it a leg.
Abraham Lincoln

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Now We Know (More)

In April of this year I wrote a Buzzz article entitled "Doth Thous Protesteth Too Much?" which questioned the gung-ho-edness of Sex Offenders R Us, C3EO, and R2D2 in persecuting an obscure, private citizen who opposed forcing convicted sex offenders into a quiet, private neighborhood - next to day care centers, children, elderly widows, children, and vulnerable adults (Uh, that would be me...) - through abusing the justice system by filing multiple bogus law suits - frivolous SLAPP suits. My question was: WHY are they going to such lengths to shut me up and make me go away??? What do they have hidden that they don't want Hannabelle to unearth?

Well, now we know .... more....

Remember Paul Smith? He is (or perhaps the past tense would be more appropriate here) WAS the Executive Director of the Mille Lacs Academy - the local head honcho, so to speak. He is the guy who, when I asked him why JIM D'ANGELO, the former CEO of Nexus is suing me answered, "You didn't show Mr. D'Angelo proper respect." Really??? Can you really get sued for not respecting someone? In America? Well, I guess you can, if some bastard is wealthy enough and vindictive enough - and this one certainly seems to be.

Anyway, I feel pretty confident to express my candid opinion about MR. Smith without fear of yet another law suit from him because.... it looks like he has his hands so full with his own legal fees for his own trial that he probably won't want to waste more money on l'il ol' Hannabelle here. Yes, MR. Smith has bigger fish to fry. Or perhaps he IS the "bigger fish" about to be fried.

When, so many meetings ago, I asked him why he didn't live in our community, he said "I choose to live in the country. I don't want to live next to a .... school." This was just plain sadistic. To me it seemed like he was enjoying my pain of having my own choice of country living ruined by his "school". I certainly didn't choose to live by 94 convicted sex offenders. He seemed to enjoy rubbing it in... my lack of power to stop Nexus from taking over Dahmerville.... A na-na-na-boo-boo sort of thing.

But, MR. Smith (notice how respectful Hannabelle can be!!!) have no fear!!! My research indicates that - unlike your "Academy", most correctional facilities are situated away from residential areas, often in rural settings. So, if you are indeed convicted, whatever prison you end up in - you probably won't have to worry about living next to a school. Yay for you!!! Of course, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty - because this is the United States of America and we have a Constitution to protect citizens. Right?

But since I no longer trust my own Rights, especially when it comes to FREEDOM of SPEECH, I'll defer to other people's words.

from: Former head of Marie Detty indicted

"Smith served as the director of Marie Detty Youth and Family Services Center that administered a Head Start Program with a federal grant from September of 1989 to August of 2004.
The counts include theft and embezzlement from the non-profit agency's employee benefit profit-sharing plan, converting funds for his own personal use.

Smith is also indicted for a scheme to defraud and mail fraud in a contract where Marie Detty sent thousands of dollars in payments to a ghost company called Paradigm Associates. Court documents say Paradigm is a company Smith set up to advise, consult and direct management for Marie Detty, but in this scheme, it had no employees, no business location and provided no such services.

Other counts involve providing false information to federal investigators.
If found guilty of the crimes, Smith would face up to 30 years in prison, and $750,000 in fines."

Fry Fishy, Fry.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

If You Tell, We'll Sue You!

Dear Readers,
This is a Mille Lacs News article about the SLAPP lawsuits, dated May 28, 2008 - reprinted here for your information.
If You Tell, We'll Sue You!

by Hannabelle
Mille Lacs News Staff Writer

"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want rain without thunder and lightning."
Frederick Douglass

It would appear that Nexus is all in favor of Freedom of Speech - unless you say something they'd rather you not say - about them. The old mantra your mother may have taught you: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" seems to have become obsolete. According to the new lawsuit threatening Hannabelle, Nexus' stance is: If you can't say anything nice, we'll sue you.

And of course, Hannabelle can't find anything nice to say about Nexus. She has, however, taken up the role of Town Crier, letting the world know what she has found out about Nexus, in spite of the oncoming lawsuits meant to shut her up. Hannabelle can't say anything nice, but she keeps telling it like it is. But keep in mind that Nexus hasn't shown Hannabelle any of the "Minnesota Nice" that might temper her comments about the multi-million dollar private corporation which has forced itself upon her. They've been feeding her fire.

Jim D'Angelo - Plaintiff
The first defamation lawsuit facing Hannabelle was filed by former Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo and Nexus board member Peter Freeman, who is a college teacher in the Social Work Department at St. Thomas University. The D'Angelo portion of the lawsuit complains that Hannabelle called him "arrogant" and said that he is a "snake". One must wonder how this corporate president made it through grade school unscathed. Or perhaps he was indeed scathed. Of course, he will probably sue Hannabelle for mentioning that he might have been scathed... The point is, Hannabelle did not defame D'Angelo. If calling someone "Poopsie" is defamation, the courts would be filled with second graders.

Peter Freeman - Plaintiff
The Peter Freeman portion of the lawsuit is equally ridiculous. When Peter Freeman, a teacher of Social Work, used hostile tactics of ostracism against Hannabelle, he behaved in a manner incongruent with the mission of the University which employs him. Just hanging up the phone on someone is unprofessional and immature, but it can also be strategic. Freeman hung up on Hannabelle as soon as she identified herself, refusing to even listen to why she has contacted him. But it wasn't this typical Nexusian act - the Silent Treatment - that prompted Hannabelle to lodge a complaint against the professor - who has special interest in "scapegoating" by the way... Hannabelle, who was also a college instructor (before a health crisis left her permanently disabled), expressed her concern to the Dean of his department via a personal email, and only after Freeman sent a maliciously cruel response obviously meant to cause pain to her. It was this show of cruelty which disturbed Hannabelle. Now, keep in mind that Hannabelle didn't over-react by filing a formal complaint. She merely notified the Dean that one of St. Thomas' teachers had behaved badly. (An apology by Freeman would have gone a long way...) It was private and personal until Freeman himself couldn't let it go. He retaliated. Shortly thereafter, Hannabelle received the "We're gonna sue your ass" letter from D'Angelo and Freeman's lawyers.

Is litigation justifiable for a simple complaint?
Since when is it forbidden for a person to complain about being treated badly, (especially about someone who is forcing 94 convicted sex offenders down the street from her elderly, frail mom?) The First Amendment of our Constitution says that Freedom of Speech is not forbidden. It is something to be protected. It is something that makes us America. Both D'Angelo and Freeman are using this lawsuit to silence, damage and punish Hannabelle. Money might not be able to buy everything, but it can buy several lawyers unethical enough to wage a frivolous lawsuit intended to gag the Town Crier. Think about it... You are no longer allowed to complain about anything or anybody without the threat of a lawsuit against you? If that's the way it works, perhaps a countersuit against Peter Freeman is in order. After all, he complained about Hannabelle... when he sued her.

Nexus - Plaintiff
On the same note, Nexus is now threatening to sue Hannabelle for writing about and making a video which exposes the homicide of one of Nexus' clients by an employee of one of their affiliates - Gerard, in a former facility in Mason City, Iowa. Hannabelle made a comment that Nexus didn't like - so they are threatening to sue her for defamation. The comment? "Nexus - getting away with murder."

Getting away with murder
The interesting part is that in order to tell Hannabelle why her statement is "defamatory", the lawyers also proved her point. They basically emphasized that they got away with murder. The boy died in a "take-down" situation in a Nexus facility. He was smothered to death by the employee. The medical examiner ruled it a homicide. Yet, Nexus attorneys point out that Nexus was never charged. Exactly. The boy was killed. Nexus got away with murder. Is this defamatory? Nope. Opinion based on facts. Remember, Hannabelle has merely reported about Nexus. It is not Hannabelle's fault that Nexus has skeletons in their closets.

But why Nexus would want to go to court to explain the fact that one of their boys was killed by one of their employees is beyond me. There's sure to be negative publicity. In the discovery phase of the lawsuit, wouldn't all the nitty-gritty details come out? Dirty little secrets? The angry parents of the boy claimed that the employee had not received proper training. They intended to sue Nexus for the boy's death - but never did. Don't you wonder if there was a settlement and how much money Nexus paid to make this horrible situation go away? hmmm. Frankly, I'm surprised that Nexus didn't sue the boy's parents for expressing their anger about the homicide.

Suing their victims
The problem with Nexus is that they have victimized property owners in my neighborhood, then threaten to sue us if we complain - about having 94 sex offenders, a five building institutional complex in our rural area, about laws and ordinances being changed or ignored, our rights being disregarded, and the outright lies about safety/risk, etc.

Indeed, Nexus seems to utilize some of the very tactics of the sex offenders they purport to treat. If you study juvenile sex offenders, you will find that in order to control their victims, they often make threats like:

"If you tell, I'll kill you..."