Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On a Clear Day

So here's what happened.... Poncho read my last blog post (which he said he liked very much! :) except....

except..... he says that Nexus will probably sue me again for what I said. Yeah, I agreed. They probably will. If you tell, they will sue.

Poncho said I should maybe not have mentioned the board members in conjunction with my detective work regarding them. He's probably right, but we have a little different way of looking at things. He's much more pragmatic than I am. I say: THEY SAY ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR - AND THIS AIN'T LOVE, BABY! But it hasn't been fair. I haven't seen anything fair in all of this. I see it as a war Nexus waged upon me when they pushed themselves into MY neck of the woods with the declaration: "WE WILL BE NEIGHBORS!!!", used the city council to change the rules for them, then verbally attacked me and my real neighbors, lied to the public, not to mention ostracizing us from their Nexus Silent Treatment Center after promising to work with us, and on and on and on until it culminated in these two defamation lawsuits SLAPPed against me. This is THEIR war against a private citizen who is opposed to being forced to live next to THEIR sex offenders - convicted sex offenders who do not belong in a residential neighborhood. Nexus is a BUSINESS, folks. It isn't a "home", it isn't a "residence", it isn't even an "academy". It is a correctional juvenile sex offender facility licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

So anyway, after Poncho's warning, I thought about editting my previous post to exclude the part about Jack Abramoff and the Crosier sex offenders, etc. I wanted my readers to know what areas I'm exploring - perhaps somebody will send some hot tips. I've been lucky before in that way. But more importantly, I want Nexus to know that if you continue to sue me, your board members are fair game. Your finances are fair game. Don't be surprised if more skeletons fall out of your closet. I WILL defend myself. I will NOT succumb to your bullying. I wrote an article for the Mille Lacs News entitled "D'Angelo Plays Hardball" about his threats of a lawsuit. Well, Hannabelle can play Hardball too. Why not. Nexus ruined my life. I'm not being melodramatic. You are looking at a woman whose life has been shattered, RAPED, if you will, by Nexus' corporatism. Where were their "cornerstone values" when I needed them? Oops. Guess they only use them when its convenient.

In the past, I've written blogs - some pretty scathing if I do say so myself, which may have come a little close to the edge. On second thought, I've removed them from the Bradbury Buzzz. However, and this is quite interesting, they have come back (to haunt me?) in Nexus attorney Victor Lund's huge pile of papers. One was removed after just about an hour online. What... do they have a fulltime Nexus lawyer sitting at the computer 24/7 just in case I publish something? Am I really that important? Ha. I'm nothing more than a little gadfly buzzing around their heads. One good swat and I'm dead. No more Bradbury Buzzzz. It would be the Bradbury Splattt instead.

So, anyway, I'll leave the previous blog entry alone, knowing it has probably already been printed by the enemy as they prepare for yet another lawsuit against moi. How can I be so cavalier?

Its like this folks: D'Angelo objected to some things I wrote and threatened to sue me. I did remove some, if not most of the material he found offensive. His lawyers did not tell me specifically which material to remove - they just said to remove "anything defamatory", and apparently that is a matter of opinion. I never wrote anything defamatory - and my lawyers have told me I haven't crossed the line. I did remove things I thought had hurt his feelings - like the article when I was told he had committed suicide and I was happy until I found out it was another MLA employee, not D'Angelo. But here's the deal... Even after I removed the "offending" material, Jim D'Angelo continued to sue me. Removing it didn't help. Didn't stop the Nexus Steamroller.

After I removed the video that Nexus is suing me for, they still continued to sue me. Even though I complied with their demands, they continued to prosecute me. Or is the term PERSECUTE? Yes. Me thinks "persecute" is much more fitting. There seems nothing I can do to stop the Nexus Steamroller. I am just a little bump in their road that they are determined to level at any cost. Cover me with tar (and feathers?) and run me into the ground. Unless I go to trial (trials) I probably can't beat them.

But once again I would like to state that I am NOT accusing Crosier Father Jerry Schik of being involved in the Crosier Child Molestation Sex Scandal. Are we clear, Vic? If I was claiming "guilt by association", I'd most likely start with convicted MLA director Paul Smith, embezzler. No. I haven't done anything wrong Vic.

I am NOT accusing Nexus board member Francis Smith with any wrongdoing. The Jack Abramoff connection I mentioned allegedly involves Mr. Smith's son who as I understand it allegedly was NOT convicted with his alleged partner Jack Allegedly Abramoff. Are we clear here, Vic?

Now, Darnell Allen, Vice President of Super Valu is a person of particular interest in my case because of his alleged involvement with Human Rights. Hasn't he even allegedly won awards for his good deeds in this field? I think it is interesting that throughout the Nexus forced-entry into my life, nobody (including Darnell Allen) has lifted a finger to protect MY Human Rights. For some reason, I am not afforded any "rights". Not even Constitutional ones...

Oh. Oh. Oh. Except one. I DO have the Right to Remain Silent.
If I give up the right to remain silent, anything can and WILL be used against me - whether its fair or not. So what? What else is new? Nexus has painted us into such a small corner and keeps painting painting painting until there won't be anywhere to go. But unlike the Nexusians - I have NOTHING left to loose. They've already ruined my life. Irreparable damages.

Just so we're clear.

Yes. Hannabelle IS human. She makes mistakes occasionally. She bleeds when you cut her. She cries when she's been hurt. She cries out when she's been wronged.

Nexus is the Steamroller. I'm just a little bump in their road. But keep in mind - when you build your road on faulty ground, trying to cover up frost boils and ignore old corduroy timbers, you can definitely expect to see a few ugly pot holes in the spring.

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