Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keeping Secrets

Well, dear Readers... as everyone knows, Nexus (you know, the multi-million dollar private company who likes to flaunt its "cornerstone values" while profitting from your tax dollars) is suing the life out of me - because I said: "Nexus - getting away with murder" at the end of a video I made about the March 3, 2008 city council meeting. At the time, I was using the phrase "getting away with murder" as an idiom because at the March 3, 2008 meeting once again Nexus got unanimous approval from the local government for permitted use in R2 zoning. Minnesota Statute 462.357 states that juvenile sex offender treatment centers are not permitted in either R1 or R2 zoned districts. Nobody has yet to explain to me how the Onamia city council circumvented that law in order to put Nexus' sex offenders next to day care. But the point was that Nexus got everything it wanted, regardless of how extraordinarily wrong it was.

Still, Nexus wasn't content with merely ruining the neighborhood and ruining my life. They needed to exercise a little POWER to show me whose boss.

"Grandmother," said Little Red Riding Hood. "What deep pockets you have."
"The better to sue you with, my dear", said the Big Bad Wolf.

Anyhooo... kind of like the recent attacks on President Obama for using the word "stupidity" in describing the stupid actions of that cop in the Gates case, Nexus has its undies in a bundle about my use of the word "murder" in describing the homicidal restraint hold of one of their employees after she killed an eleven year old boy at their (former- they sold it...) Gerard of Iowa facility in Mason City. Intitially, I brought the incident up at the city council meeting to point out that as they were giving Nexus the moon, the city had not properly researched and had no clue about Nexus' history; Nexus had failed to disclose the death of this child. What else did Nexus fail to disclose?

Well now we know more....

As I became more educated about some of the dreadful abuse taking place in today's "mental health" institutions, I wrote an article indicating that in my opinion, victims who are killed by deadly force while in restraint holds are indeed victims of murder. I stand by that opinion. I'm not the only person who feels this way.

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