Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Well, it used to be "Paradise". Now its "Nexusville" or better yet - "Dahmerville". Just another fine day in Dahmerville.

There was a sheriff's SUV parked down my road for about an hour this morning - parked by the day care place, but on the road, not in the driveway. The officer was in and out of the vehicle as if he was searching for something (or someone) and then perhaps the cold drove him inside to warm up. Its all conjecture. I don't know what he was doing there.

My conclusions were: 1. One of the sex offenders has again escaped from Mille Lacs Academy, an unlocked sex offender facility the Onamia city government helped Nexus build in our residential neighborhood; or 2. the deputy is here to serve me yet more papers for yet another Nexus lawsuit and can't find my house. hmmm. Well, let's put it this way - no papers were served here today. So what do YOU think?

You see, whether or not one of the sex offenders has escaped - (I have not verified that one has, and certainly nobody would bother to call to warn us if one or more did indeed escape) - those of us who have been forced to live with this clear and ever-present danger can only wonder WHEN something disasterous will happen. Its just a matter of time.

We don't know who is currently spending time at the Mille Lacs Academy. What we do know is that every inmate has been convicted of a sexual crime that has harmed someone. What we do know is that we have not been told the truth. We have been lied to. And our neighborhood is no longer safe. We will never be able to feel safe again.

In the thirty years that I've lived here, I've only seen the sheriff's deputy here in my neighborhood a handful of times. Once he was was searching in this vicinity when a Nexus sex offender escaped from the old sex offender facility - when it was still at Crosier in town. Twice he has been here to serve Nexus lawsuits upon me.

Why do you think he parked his vehicle next to the day care for at least an hour today?

You know, I think SOMEONE owes me an apology.

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