Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Terms of Endearment

Some things strike me funny.

I was talking on the phone to a dear old friend the other day. He asked me how the law suits are going. (None of my friends can comprehend my law suits. Too bizarre.)

After I filled him in on the latest details, he didn't respond for a moment. I waited patiently.

"I, uh, have a question," he said with seriousity.
"Kay," I said.
"What is 'poopsie'?"
"What does 'poopsie' mean?" he asked quietly.

I had to laugh. He thought there must be some hidden meaning, some definition he was unfamiliar with, perhaps some CODE word, (something shameful and dirty...) and he was a bit embarrassed to have to ask.

"Poopsie doesn't MEAN anything," I told him. "Its a term of endearment... you know... like 'honey' or 'sweetheart' or 'darling'."

"And he's suing you for this?"
"Well, I also said that he was 'arrogant'," I confessed.
"If he's suing you for calling him 'Poopsie', its obvious that he's 'arrogant'."
"Shhhh!" I warned. "If he finds out you said that, you're headed for your own law suit!"

We laughed. It felt good to laugh. We talked for awhile longer, about things other than sex offenders and law suits. Then it was time to say goodbye.
He was very jovial.

"I'll talk to you soon! I love you, Poopsie!" he laughed.
"I love you too, Honeycakes! But now I have to SUE YOU!"

NOTE: In one of the documents in the Freeman/D'Angelo law suit #1, Victor Lund (their lawyer) refers to the term "Poopsie" as being "obscene". I have a question, Dear Readers. What is "poopsie"? What does "poopsie" mean? I thought it was just a term of endearment....

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