Monday, September 28, 2009

Constant Comments

After two and a half years of debunking Nexus and the local governments, exposing their lies and propaganda, of telling you the Truth about what they are doing to abolish your Constitutional Rights, how they change or ignore laws which were in place to protect you, and about the negative consequences of having a sex offender facility in your community, you'd think people would "get it". Some people don't need corporate PR campaigns or a government which rules by intimidation and misinformation to be bamboozled. Too many people are too busy pulling the wool over their own eyes to see what's real.

Recently I received some comments on Hannabelle's YouTube videos. I'll share them with you in a moment. I always look up the commenteers and usually find the negative ones to be nothing more than malicious troublemakers. Ironically, these Pronexus hecklers say much worse things than I ever said which Nexus and D'Angelo and Freeman are SUING me for. But then of course, their lawsuits are frivilous attempts to crush the life out of me and bury me under their "cornerstone values".

Anyway, I looked up 111prettygurl (sic) on YouTube after she made a few stupid comments about my videos. I'll ask your opinion on this: She signs up for YouTube on September 26. She's the new kid on the block... Welcome to YouTube 111prettygurl... She has no videos of her own to upload. So what's the first (and only) thing she does? She beelines to Hannabelle's videos, watches three of them, and makes negative and as you will see, really stupid comments. Although I dutifully replied, I wiped the slate clean and blocked her after I saw that this wasn't a real viewer, but some Nexus ringer hell-bent on purely harrassing me. One of the Pronexusians. I think: AHA! This will be good for my countersuits, if we end up going there. Anyway, here are the comments.

I'm very proud of my videos, by the way. :)

Comment on Message to Nexusville

"they could be in my back yard because i have opened my eyes and know these kidsdeserve a chance, if your town was going to make it it wouldnt have ever died down,they have prisons in towns with worse offenders who still dont struggle like you do

and where in life did you all chose to give up on our future. these KIDS are in a rehabilitation setting so when they leave they dont reoffend. most inmates in prison or jail(there is a difference) reoffend and get worse if they recieve no treatment. these are children who made bad choices they arent bad. circumstances or life caused them to be this way, they werent born this way. open your heart and mind its not black and white anymore.its not about money or land its about CHILDREN all of them"

I have to say that sodomizing toddlers is a little more than "bad choices". Its a crime. Some of these "children" could be serving in Iraq if they weren't serving time in the Mille Lacs Academy... Strong young men that they are...

Comment on Spot Zoning for Sex Offenders

"so at what point when Jesus sacrificed himself did he say that the children who stray from the "way" dont deserve to recieve help if the location isnt right? were you told i will give you life but you cant be here and make a mistake. these children deserve to live and rehab,and the new facility is out of the way, they arent right in town where you can be "ashamed" because you are all cowards to let these children suffer with no saving. you go to the store and walk next to offenders.all kinds"

Jesus did not sacrifice himself. He was thrown under the bus by his good friends and neighbors. (I know the feeling.) No. If Hannabelle had been there, SHE would have stood up for Jesus and put her life on the line for her friend. But I bet that like me, in the end Jesus wished he'd had better friends... Right Skippy?

One more thing... if indeed I was a "coward", I certainly wouldn't have stood up to Nexus. I would have crawled under the table and hid, like other people. No. I might be STUPID, but I'm not a coward. Looks like I might be the only one in the county who isn't, (except for Ox and Poncho, of course. They're tough as nails. Better not to mess with them.)

And on her own channel page (like a home page) as a comment on me...

"you are a closed minded jerk to say they need to be in jail. these are messed up kids who deserve a chance. if ted bundy would have been given a rehab do you think he woulda killed more? maybe we should put a jail in onamia so you can cry more, but we could put murders and gang bangers there they will be safer then kids!!! ha ha you really should put yourself into these kids therapist shoes. to change you must want it, they seem to want it"

Why, if you're such a "Christian", would you want to make me "cry more"? Why would you want to cause me more pain? I've not done anything to you. Trying to protect my family doesn't hurt you. And who is this "we" you are going to build a jail with to make me cry more? I say - you might as well go ahead and build one. Heck, a lot of your friends just might end up in it. Maybe you should consider building your jail in Oklahoma instead?

So there you go, 111prettygurl. I'm posting your comments here as Nexus attorney Victor E. Lund keeps saying "for the whole world to see". Happy now? Have you done your job? Now, when "the whole world" sees my video and reads your comments, they will see how bogus your attacks are.

As everyone knows, this has never been about getting help for juvenile sex offenders. This fight has been against bad government, the corporatization of America, and your First Amendment Rights.

You talk about Ted Bundy - if he had an opportunity for rehab, do I think he would have "killed more"? Well, the answer is yes. I knew Ted Bundy. I had a "close encounter" with him personally. I'm one of the few people who got out of his car alive. And let me tell you this: No amount of rehabilitation or treatment or counseling - NOTHING would have stopped him from killing. I only survived because - I'm Hannabelle.

[By the way - in two and a half years, not one person has asked me WHY I'm so opposed to putting sex offenders next to day cares and helpless little old ladies. They just yell at me, call me names, attack my character, and shove Jesus in my face. Go figure.]

You want me to walk in the therapists' shoes? Sure! I will - when you try walking in mine.


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