Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Our Way to Auschwitz

Someday we might discover what the NEXUS/Onamia deal was really about. Or maybe we won't. Maybe we will find out why a small town government forgot its purpose, gave up its job of governing in order to become an agent for a large, prosperous corporation. Were they blinded by the glitter of a $38 million dollar annual budget? They must be blinded by something, or why wouldn't they see the obvious advantage of NEXUS paying property taxes?

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has determined that NEXUS is not a charity. Along with Crow Wing, Mower, and Mille Lacs Counties, the Minnesota Revenue has found NEXUS is TAXABLE. NEXUS doesn't qualify for property tax exemption. Then why is the Onamia government going to hand them property tax abatement on a silver platter? What's up with that?

None of this makes sense. The school referendum will raise our taxes if it passes. If NEXUS had to pay its taxes (like the rest of us do), these taxes could greatly serve the Onamia school district as well as lowering our taxes. So why would the Onamia government accommodate NEXUS rather than help the citizens and the school district?

Isn't anyone curious about this? Especially because it just doesn't make sense?

And then there is the 38 acre Grosslein/Bye property which still has not been cleared of the homestead tax fraud committed by the owners. (Shhhh. Let's just pretend that doesn't exist.....) HEY! Maybe this is a good reason why government should stick to trying to govern and let somebody else deal in real estate....

Well, maybe someday we'll figure it all out. One thing about dirt... you can only cover it up for so long. And the Onamia City Hall seems really dirty. Give it a slap and watch the dust rise. I can't imagine what we'll find under the rug. But then, maybe we'll never know what's really going on - like why they are picking on widows, elderly citizens, disabled and sick people, children, - you know the most vulnerable people. What's the deal there? Sure makes the government look bad... But going after vulnerable citizens is probably the only way Larry Milton, Bill Hill, Bob Mickus, Mark Loch, and Jerome Kryzer can get away with what they're doing. I have absolutely no respect for these .... weenies. I can tell you from personal experience that the Onamia City Council, including the mayor are a dishonest group. They lie, they mislead, they threaten, they bully, and they cheat. Again, this is my personal experience with them. Ask my 84 year old mom her opinion...

But as unethical and incompetent the city officials may be, there is hope. No matter how long it takes, if we are diligent and dedicated, in the end, we can clean up this dirty little town. If we as a people continue to allow dirty, corrupt, BAD government, however small, to act unethically, to abandon principles, to ignore laws, the constitution, to intentionally hurt their citizens on a whim, to lie and use dishonesty as their base of operation, if we allow this .... we're standing in line waiting for the cattle car doors to open.
Wissen Sie den Weg zu Auschwitz?
Ja. Folgen Sie dem Beispiel der Onamia Stadt.
Wake up, Onamia. Open your eyes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannabelle,

Let me see if I've got this straight:

If Nexus is approved for tax abatement, citizens of Onamia will pay MORE taxes. Additionally, they will be losing money as their property values decline, due to their proximity to a sex-offender facility.

What will folks in Onamia receive in return? Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see any benefits for them, only costs. Why aren't people concerned about paying more taxes?


Anonymous said...

well i see you're off the critical list thats too bad, it was nice having the hiatus from the hate

Hannabelle said...

Dear anonymous #1,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, you have it straight. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. (You're pretty sharp. You must not be from around here, huh. lol)


Hannabelle said...

Dear anonymous #2,

I have two new concepts for you: PUNCTUATION and SHIFT KEY. Work on it.