Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Her Golden Years, His Golden Parachute

The other day I sent an email to Janet Benway, chairman of the Nexus Board of Directors, pleading with her to consider my mom and how badly all of this is affecting her. My mom is 84 years old. She moved up to Onamia a few years ago to be near us. Mom was happy here, in spite of health problems that cause her a great deal of pain. Now Nexus has given her a different kind of pain. The kind that causes constant anxiety and emotional distress. So much for her "Golden Years".

Today I noticed that Mahoney Law firm was on the Mille Lacs News website again, which can only mean that either they got hooked on it while Nexus was paying them to read it and they just can't stop! Or it means that they are proceeding with suing me. What do you think?

My guess would be that D'Angelo won't be satisfied until I'm dead. Do you think he cares about his sex offenders? Its difficult for me to believe that anyone connected with Nexus cares a hoot about helping boys when they obviously have no qualms about picking on little old ladies needlessly. They don't have to, you know. Doesn't anyone at Nexus care about how they are hurting people? I get vicious hate-mail from MLA employees on the one hand and harsh criticism for not supporting them on the other. Not one MLA employee has shown me a lick of respect or sympathy. Only scorn and contempt in a situation they imposed upon me. The City has no right to annex the property to build a sex offender facility there, and because I have protested, they smear my name in town. They make life as hard as possible for me. Nobody has even said they were sorry about the pain they are causing. They get really mad at me every time I say "Ouch!" It makes you wonder about people...

I'm reminded of something I saw on news awhile back - one of those "caught on tape" things, where we actually saw an armed bandit burst into a store to rob it. The store owner overpowered the thief, trouncing him with a baseball bat he kept under the counter. The end result was that the thief sued the proprietor for assault.

This is how I see Nexus. They trespassed into my "store" to steal my stuff - my safety, security, happiness, privacy, peace and quiet, my LIFE, to threaten my family, run down my property values, ruin my reputation, destroy old friendships, MAKE ME SUFFER and when I trounce them a little, they sicc their lawyers on me and sue me.

So sue me. Frankly, I'm surprised you're not suing the old ladies and the neighborhood children while you're at it. Nobody here has anything good to say about Nexus. Its not just me. Nobody here wants you. But really, I hope that you will leave them alone. I know you will show me no mercy, but please don't hurt the others anymore than you already have. Since you can't seem to fathom that all of this is YOUR OWN doing, blame it all on me. You can stand before the judge and say, HANNABELLE SHOUTED THIEF WHEN I WAS ROBBING HER! THAT'S NOT FAIR!

Will the people of Onamia support the corporation going after one of their own? Hey, they already have. How dare you sit in your house writing about a building you've never been in! How dare you come to my house univited, MLA BITCH. Onamians are willing to pay higher taxes so Nexus won't have to pay any. They're willing to provide D'Angelo with a nice fat paycheck and a big comfy retirement - a Golden Parachute. How stupid can it get in Onamia? How mean and nasty? How cold can it get? Not as cold as D'Angelo's heart. See you in court.


Anonymous said...

Hannabelle, I think you should counter-sue NEXUS for the pain and suffering they have caused you! Also you should sue for the harassing letters they are sending concerning your right of freedom of speech. Everything you have said is the truth and is documented by witnesses and documents or city council minutes. Also I think you should get a restraining order against any NEXUS employee because of the veiled threats. They can't come any closer to you than 1 mile. Then they could build the facility but they couldn't work there HAH!! Poncho

Hannabelle said...

Dear Poncho,

Thank you for your comment - and support. I love your ideas!