Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Smoke and Mirrors

Do you believe in magic?

In the six months that I've spent studying our upcoming sex offenders - (brought to you by "Nex-t0-us", The Sex Offender Company), I've been truly amazed at their unabashed use of "smoke and mirrors" techniques to manipulate any number of people and situations. One can almost imagine Poopsie on stage, dressed to the metrosexual nines, so debonair in a tuxedo and black silk top hat, waving his magic wand with the practiced flare of an experienced showman. Nothing up my sleeve... Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Abracadabra! Alakazam! Poof. Smoke.

But where's the rabbit? Oops. Well, I guess that's part of the trick. If you wanna actually see the rabbit, you'd better hop on down to the pet store, purchase one and donate it to Nex-to-us because according to Poopsie, they can't afford to buy their own rabbits.

Wait. I think he was really referring to property taxes. Yes. That's it. Nex-to-us, The "nonprofit" Sex-Offender Company that made well over FOUR million dollars in profits last year doesn't want to spend their money on something as mundane as taxes. They'd rather spend our money... And they already do. Who pays for Nex-to-us' sex offenders in the first place? We do! TAXPAYERS! Who will end up making up the loss of revenue for Nex-to-us' tax abatement? We will! TAXPAYERS! For Nex-to-us, Double-Dipping is a way of life. And apparently they have a very gullible audience. For Nex-to-us, The Sex Offender Company, that's the best kind!

One example of their slight-of-hand techniques is how they have managed to trick people into thinking that the sex offenders (who have been convicted for committing sexual crimes which have caused harm to others) aren't dangerous is to portray them as poor, troubled boys attending an "academy". Of course, not all of the sex offenders are a danger to the community, and some are more dangerous than others, but for the sake of PUBLIC RELATIONS, we have heard that none of the "boys" are dangerous at all. They are just sad and confused. Huh?

One of the MLA employees (one of the angry paras) said that they don't know which "kids" are HIV positive and which are not - so they just treat them all as if they have the AIDS virus. YIKES! So... if these employees are not told vital information about something as important to their own safety as knowing if the disturbed individual in their care is HIV positive, do you really think these employees are going to be told that little Johnny forced a seven year old boy to perform oral sex on him? That one of the little angels gang-banged twelve year old girls? Anally raped a toddler? Guns? Weapons? Assault? Do the "caregivers" hear case histories? Please.... somebody tell us. Other than psychiatric professionals, do the employees KNOW what they are dealing with? Or are they also experiencing Nex-to-us Smoke and Mirrors?

Yes. I'm playing the Safety Card. Go to the Mille Lacs News and read the case histories of some of the former MLA inmates. But more important than that some of them are dangerous, is the absence of public information that people are entitled to. Its kind of like we've been lied to... (your Honor).
Smoke and Mirrors.
Mickey: Hey Larry! Watch me pull an R2 zoning out of my ass!
Larry: Heh, heh, heh. Slipped another one by... AYE!
Bill: In my opinion, I question whatever the question is but will agree with whatever answer you come up with, whatever it is. AYE!
Mark: Yeah. Whatever. AYE
Bob: (I sure hope Hannabelle doesn't write about me......) AYE!
Jim: (Hook, line and sinker... How could they be so EASY!)

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