Thursday, October 25, 2007

Follow the Leader?

One has to wonder who is running the show in Mille Lacs County. We've already seen that Nexus is in charge of the city of Onamia. D'Angelo says: JUMP! and Larry Milton asks: How high? Bob Mickus asks: How far? Jerome Kryzer asks: Do you want one jump or two? Mark Loch asks: You want fries with that? And Bill Hill: First let me kiss your royal ass Mr. D'Angelo before I jump from here to eternity in order to serve you. Yes. We have certainly seen the city officials turn over their power, (as if being president of a company makes him dictator of our town.) Some people would say that the mayor and city council have "sold out". I just think it makes them look weak and foolish. They embarrass me.

But will the County Commissioners succumb to the pressures imposed by this offensive multi-million dollar corporation as well? Will they cave in to the sex offenders? Will Nexus succeed in bamboozling them too? Or do they have the balls to stand up for our citizens... We shall have to wait and see. They do not have to give NEXUS anything. The tax abatement policy states that the commission retains the right to reject any application. They should reject this one.

I've heard that both the city and the county board are afraid that if NEXUS doesn't get tax abatement that they will leave the county. They actually think that it would be a "Bad Thing" if the sex offenders split. (After getting to know the NEXUS folks, I have no qualms in saying that THEY are the Bad Things. These people are unscrupulous. They are using and abusing us. But that's just my educated opinion...) Anyway, when told that NEXUS WILL NOT LEAVE NO MATTER WHAT, the officials have said, "You don't know that!"

Yes. I do. Its pretty obvious.

If NEXUS had somewhere else to go, wouldn't they be flaunting it? Its not the kind of thing they'd keep secret. They are players. They would be using it as a bargaining tool, just like they did when they were playing Brainerd and Onamia against each other. (Brainerd won. Onamia lost. We're stuck with the perverts. We're also stuck with the sex offenders...) No. NEXUS has no place to go. Nobody wants them. So what does all of this tough talk mean?

Its the Mille Lacs County World Series of Poker and NEXUS is BLUFFING! Larry Milton and the city council have all folded. Will the County Commissioners call? If I were Queen, I would recommend raising. Make them pay their property taxes AND donate a city swimming pool to the school. Make them earn their keep. Why? Because they have millions of dollars of chips - and they don't have a winning hand. Not even ace high. That's why.

D'Angelo should be asking Mayor Milton what NEXUS can do for the town of Onamia. They should be jumping at the opportunity to support the town - starting with paying their damn taxes! They should be proving to the community that they are worth the space they take up, the air that they breathe. They should be asking how high WE require THEM to jump in order for us to allow them to remain in our community, making their millions here.
Its hard to understand why Mille Lacs County and the City of Onamia would just passively push all their chips into NEXUS' huge stack without even making them show their cards, especially considering that if NEXUS goes all in and loses, there's always another player ready to sit down at the table. We don't need NEXUS in our game. NEXUS needs us. Nobody else will play with them. (Maybe because they cheat...) Its too bad that we lack the strong, smart, BRAVE leaders to stand up to NEXUS and insist that they play honest, that they play fair, and that they play for the good of our community.

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