Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Juvenile Sex Offender Assault

Welcome to My Back Yard???
This is what you allowed Mayor Larry Milton to put in MY back yard (94 of 'em) and to keep in YOUR Onamia Schools with YOUR children. Remember that old commercial "I could have had a V8?" We could have had a decent company come to Onamia that didn't put our community (and students) at risk. Duh. Meanwhile, make sure you mow your lawns for the Onamia Centennial - (appearances are important after all) and...
Enjoy your sex offenders...

Fox 9 News

Vulnerable Princeton Teen Sexually Assaulted by Classmate

18-year-old Josh Foster

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Assailant was a registered sex offender, unbeknownst to school
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PRINCETON – An 18-year-old Princeton High School student has been charged with criminal sexual conduct after allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old girl with special needs in the hallway.

18-year-old Josh Foster told police that on three occasions, he fondled a 16-year-old girl. Knowing she had special needs, he lured her to the hall with notes he passed to her in class.

“He said I’m going to poke you and hopefully you don't get pregnant. To her that was a poke on the shoulder and to him it wasn't,” the victim's mother told FOX 9.

According to his file, Foster is already a registered sex offender. He committed a sex crime in Hennepin County when he was a juvenile.

According to Princeton High School officials, it was not in his transfer record and they were not notified by law enforcement. That’s because he’s registered at a low risk level.

Part of the problem is where the crime is registered. And while the school is in Mille Lacs County, Foster resides in Sherburne, where he’s registered.

Only level 3 sex offenders, those most likely to offend, require community notification.

Level 2 offenders require notifications of schools or daycare.

Level 1 offenders, the vast majority, are known only to law enforcement.

The victim’s mother has taken her daughter out of school for the year.

"He has a right to an education, but so does my daughter. What kind of education is she getting if she's afraid of this kid? He can go to another school."
Foster is being held at the Mille Lacs County Jail, charged with sexually molesting a vulnerable juvenile. A trial is scheduled for this summer.
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