Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting Away With Murder - The Mask of Benevolence

"The liberty of the press would be an empty sound, and no man would venture to write on any subject, however pure his purpose, without an attorney at one elbow and a counsel at the other. From minds thus subdued by the fear of punishment, there could issue no works of genius to expand the empire of human reason."

Thomas Erskine

"We therefore demand that you immediately cease and desist from making the claim that Nexus is getting away with murder or words to that effect, and that you immediately remove the video making such claim from your blogs and the internet. We will review your blogs and You-tube again in five days and if you have not complied with this demand, it is our intent to bring another lawsuit against you for damages and to compel the removal of the video."

Mark J. Manderfeld, Attorney for Nexus

Once again Nexus' true nature is showing from behind its Mask of Benevolence. Don't they pretend to be sumpthin special? Listen... Special, they're not. Rich, corporate thugs. That's what they are. Money is what they care about. They are devious, but not very bright. If they were, they wouldn't continue to use strategies that don't work. They choose brawn over brains. They have money, not ethics. People, these are BAD PEOPLE.

They invaded my neighborhood and bullied the citizens into submission, using our local government to remove citizens' rights. The city council, on behalf of Nexus, ignored or changed the laws which prohibit a juvenile sex offender facility from relocating into a residential neighborhood. Nexus calls themselves an "Academy", which they aren't, but it sounds better than "Convicted Sex Offenders". They call themselves "R2 Zoning Classification", which they aren't, but it allows them to circumvent Spot Zoning laws. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF PHONIES! They promised to work with the community, but they didn't. They promised to consider the neighbors, which they didn't. They lied about leaving town if they didn't get tax exemption from the state. They lied about crimes and escape records of the sex offenders. They claim to be a benefit to the community, but they aren't. Nexus puts on the Mask of Benevolence. But what is behind that mask is uglier than anything anyone but Stephen King could dream up. Ugly, horrible people who IN MY OPINION have no business dealing with any children, let alone kids with problems.

Why? Because the people who run Nexus are deficient. They lack things like intuitiveness, flexibility, common sense, and especially - compassion. They are small-minded and self-involved. Ego centric. ME ME ME. They won't give an inch. The end not only justifies the means, they actually seem to take pleasure in the "means", torturing innocent people who just want to be left alone. I certainly didn't go out of my way to pick a war with Nexus. THEY CAME HERE AND HARASSED ME! They have amply demonstrated that they employ bullying tactics which have caused physical, emotional, and financial damages to those who oppose them. They have shown a propensity for punishment and a sadistic approach to dealing with adversaries.

While speaking through the Mask, you will notice phrases like "1st Amendment Rights" and "Freedom of Speech", but if you say something they don't like, their first action is to threaten to sue you. Their second action is to actually sue you. I believe that Nexus is out to destroy me. That is more than my opinion. That is my gut reaction to how they have treated me. Nexus certainly is an expert in the field of abuse. It is, after all, their specialty.

When I say that Nexus is getting away with murder, I'm not referring to the little boy that one of their employees killed. "Getting away with murder" is a phrase which means that someone is perpetrating bad behavior without any consequences. Nexus certainly fits the bill.

And it is a bill that we all must pay - but .... especially me.

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