Monday, May 5, 2008


Its a beautiful day. The sky is as blue as a baby boy's blanket. Sunlight, like the brush in an artist's hand, paints the birch trees a brilliant titanium white. The two ponds, front and back are mirrors, perfect reflections of quiet morning wilderness, marred only by the occasional ripples of wild ducks. Across the yard, new grass is winning it's struggle to cover muddy spring hoofprints left by frolicking deer and frisky horses. It won't be long before leaves explode like bright green popcorn, hiding branches broken by winter winds and left lying in the tangle of underbrush. The cold, the snow, the storms are all but forgotten with Nature's announcement of Spring.
Nexus will begin building their sex offender facility any day now. Maybe I am the only one who cares. But to tell you the truth, (and I always do), I'm proud of Hannabelle. At least she had the guts to fight. At least she tried to do something about it. She didn't quietly accept oppression. She spoke out, even though it made her a target. She didn't back down when the bullies threatened and attacked her.
You probably think she was foolish to stand up for principle against unbeatable odds. But then, that's where we are different. Good rarely triumphs over Evil. But I would rather lose - knowing that I was right, than win - knowing I was wrong.
Enjoy your sex offenders.

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