Sunday, April 20, 2008

So... How Goes The War?

I realize that some of you were expecting fireworks and skyrockets (maybe a hand grenade or two) for our Unhappy Anniversary on April 18th. Actually, it was a quiet, reflective day for me. Certainly nothing to celebrate. I mean, who would celebrate something like this? You don't celebrate September 11. You don't celebrate Katrina. You don't celebrate Nexus. To us, Nexus is our personal disaster. Actually, its yours too. You'll figure that out someday. Mark my words.
A year ago my life was on one course - safe, secure, peaceful. The course of my life was changed for me on that fateful day by the Fascist Onamia city council and Nexus - the Sex Offenders R Us Company. War is nothing to celebrate. Especially when its against the guy you used to buy groceries from, the guy you used to work with at the hospital, the guy who claimed to be really good friends with your dad, and the gal you used to buy gas from. Folks you've known for thirty years. A war with old friends, old neighbors, old acquaintances. A war to stop them from taking what doesn't belong to them - your neighborhood. Your home. Your LIBERTY.

People seem to think that once Nexus erects its five building mega-complex, with its huge parking lot, lights, ball field, roads, and signs; once they demolish this peaceful, quiet neighborhood - OUR neighborhood - that we will just fade away into acceptance. Jim D'Angelo said on more than one occasion: "Three years from now, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about!" Well, its already been one year and we still know what all the fuss is about, don't we... I predict that in two more years, Nexus and the city council will wonder "what the fuck were we thinking when we invaded Bradbury Township?"
But by then, many of them will be gone. Some will quit. Some will be fired. Some will probably be dead. Nexus doesn't really matter in the long run. Larry's Legacy of filling the town with sex offenders is pretty silly. He just can't see that now. $$$$$$$$ Too bad he lacks the imagination to do something good for Onamia - to leave a real legacy. Alas. This is an old, slow-changing neighborhood. What happens here matters to the residents. But the other "players"? They'll be gone. (The sooner, the better.)
I claim no influence whatsoever, but in the past year there has been quite a turn-around in participants, beginning with the resignation of Kathe Dellacecca, the Mille Lacs Academy Executive Administrator. The Mille Lacs Area CDC's Craig Hagman (the guy who started the ball rolling with the Bye property) is a thing of the past. Mr. Opinion - Bill Hill, the Man of Many Hats has taken over as the President of the MLACDC, (along with his seats on the Onamia city council, the new "Planning Commission" and "Board of Adjustment", he's got a lot of fingers in the pie, doesn't he...) Mille Lacs Messenger editor Kevin Anderson - Pronexus, receded to the position of publisher, which didn't affect our cause much since he still calls the shots, but every little bit helps. Nexus filled some vacancies on their Board of Directors, including Darnell Allen, vice president of Albertsons, a subsidiary of Super Valu. (Is it merely a coincidence that Bill Hill ceased his affiliation with the company less than a month after we pointed out the obvious conflict of interest? hmmm.) Hospital CEO Dan Reiner - Pronexus, is also a thing of the past, (or soon will be.) There were also changes at the MLA - with staff injuries (at least one who was disabled by a PTB) and one suicide by an MLA employee. And of course, the grand resignation of Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good year.

But of course, there is a lot more work to be done. Its an election year, after all. Several bad politicians need to go! These are people who believe that YOU HAVE NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS anymore: Onamia Mayor Larry E. Milton, councilman Mark Loch, part-time councilman Jerome Kryzer. Its time to get rid of these bad boys... On the Mille Lacs Board of County Commissioners, its definitely time for Frank Courteau and Phil Peterson to move on to some place where they can no longer hurt people. And of course at the State level, Sondra Erickson's time is up.

All of these politicians believe that their "opinions" over-ride yours, are more valid than yours, even if they are messing in your stuff. Their actions indicate that the Rights you think you have don't have any bearing, especially when it comes to their opinions of what's "Good for the Community." When it comes to the "Good of the Community", don't be surprised when They decide that you are no longer part of the Community. Expect to be sacrificed for the "Good of the Community". Expect to be ostracized. What is the "Good of the Community"? What does it mean? The "Good of the Community" actually means that the rights of individual citizens will be forfeited for the POCKETS OF THE FEW, the few who stand to gain financially from the demise of your Freedom. That's when you'll find out how much they care about you. THEY WANT YOU OUT OF THE WAY. This type of politician is tearing down America one citizen at a time, one small town at a time, one Constitutional Right at a time.

So you can see that Hannabelle has her work cut out for her. Of course, there is so much more to this story than mere politics. I see my job as being the Exposer, the Truth-Teller, the Word-Spreader.... sort of the Paul Revere of Mille Lacs County. I want the world to know what has been done to us in our little neighborhood AND by whom. I want everyone to see how nasty and wrong (and dangerous) these Bullies are. I want every citizen to understand Their methods so that they might protect themselves and our society from Them.

After a year of full-time war against Nexus and our Fascist Onamia government, vigorously fighting against this unlawful Taking of our neighborhood, I'll be able to bide my time now. There's no rush. A year ago, I had no interest in any of this shit. I wasn't even aware of what was happening until April 18, 2007. I was just living my life, remember? This issue is about so much more than just relocating the Mille Lacs Academy. What They've done, and how They've done it is critically wrong. Somebody has to stand up to these fascist little dictators with their selfish little schemes. I guess that would be me - and anybody else who has the guts. Its going to be a long cold war indeed. You can bet on it.

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