Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clairvoyance and the lack thereof

Now, Poncho's always telling me not to be too subtle. He says there are lots of Onamians that just don't get it, or they're too stupid to understand. (Poncho has developed a chip on his shoulder since having his Constitutional Rights tampered with by this bunch of assholes.) Anyway, I TRY to be as simple and clear as possible. And I take full responsibility when somebody misses a point I'm trying to make, at least the first time. If they fail to comprehend the main issues after a whole year of Hannabelle, then I must concede that they are truly stupid idiots beyond hope.
I received a comment on my latest blog "You Don't Have to be Karnac", which I won't post, since it wasn't addressed to Hannabelle directly, but I'll include the commenter's question here.

"Has it ever occurred to you
that the reason only you and three other people show up
at City Council Meetings to protest Nexus' new campus is because
only you and three other people oppose it?"

No. It has never occurred to me. Because I know that's not true.

If you will please re-read the Karnac blog entry, you will notice in the first sentence that the "public hearing" is scheduled at 3:30 p.m. Yes. In the afternoon - On a work day. Most of the public is working. Oh, I realize that you'll be there... But most people can't get off work to attend the "public hearing". Even some of the Neighbors can't get off work and its their own properties at stake. Now do you see? Why do I doubt that you do? The Onamia city council does this all the time. They schedule public hearings that purposefully exclude the public. Its been an ongoing strategy. Like how they sometimes "stack the deck" with Nexus employees who don't even live in the county. They think they're clever. I'm telling you - these people are just assholes. They are bullies and they don't play fair. It will come back to bite them in the butt, I assure you. But in the meantime, we all suffer for their incompetence.
So yes. People care. Of course, nobody cares as much as those of us who are being violated. Those who can make it, do. Some of the victims in our neighborhood are unable to attend for health reasons. Some outside supporters have told me they miss the meetings because they refuse to subscribe or read the Mille Lacs Messenger, where its listed in the legal notices.
But about the reader who sent in this anonymous comment... the Pronexus reader with his/her head up his/her ass... He/she missed the point of the article - the part about intimidation tactics to dissuade support. But then, he/she missed a whole lot more. Like - Nexus has no right to our Rights. Like, it doesn't matter what YOUR opinion is about putting YOUR sex offenders in MY neighborhood. YOU have NO RIGHT to do this. My apologies, if I was unclear. But somehow - this time, I don't think its my fault that YOU didn't get it. I don't usually attack my readers, but this was nothing more than another obvious attempt to harass Hannabelle. Like the death threats. Didn't work. You'll have to do better.
I guess Poncho is correct as usual.

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