Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bulldogging Bullies and Their Bullshit

Disclaimer: The following section is imaginary. It didn't happen. It is all in my mind and is fiction, not fact and is definitely not something to sue me over. That said, this is my fictionalized imaginary dialogue, my "skit" - (which I made up for entertainment reasons and to make a political point,) - of Onamia city attorney Bob Ruppe's report to Mayor Larry Milton after Bob's telephone conversation with me.

"You should have seen me! First I kicked that cow out of the chute and got her running really fast. I chased up beside her, jumped off my horse, grabbed ol' Hannabelle by the horns, skidded my feet and twisted her neck 'til it darn near broke off! Yep. I tipped her over and threw her on the ground just as easy as pie. Then, yoo know what? I just got up an' walked away, just left that sorry heiffer in the dust... laying thar with a broken neck an' a broken spirit. Did I do good Lar? huh? huh?"

"Great job, Bob. Real smooth. That fat old cow deserved a good bulldoggin'. Who's she think she is anyhow? Gittin' all pissy over 94 corn-holers rammed down her throat. [a moment of puzzlement]. All we're doing is fuckin' with the law a little and she puts up a video on CNN. I mean, its not like we're the only ones shittin' on the Consitution. Look at the President for Pete's sake. Like I say, anything George can do, I can do better. [they laugh]

Even though the above is fiction, in reality I can see how Bob might interpret our real-life telephone conversation (I use those terms lightly) as The Great Lawyer successfully beating Hannabelle to a bloody pulp. When the "yellee" can't get a word in edgewise, the "yeller" assumes that he won the argument. I just see Ruppe as another unprofessional, nasty bully who refuses to listen and refuses to engage in any kind of meaningful dialogue. He's nobody special. Just another tool used by Nexus to "git 'er done." Maybe I've watched too much Court TV, but Ruppe doesn't impress me at all. In MY OPINION, he's just not bright enough to do a professional job for the city. He's made so many mistakes...

I needed to talk to Ruppe because he instructed the city clerk to deny my access to public information. I asked for and received a letter from him (Ka-ching!) which included Minnesota Statute 13.03 - the Data Practices Act. He didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but he left out the answer to my concern: where does it say in the law that a citizen has to call the city attorney (long distance, mind you) if she has any questions? According to law, the city clerk - the "Keeper of the Crap" is bound to provide access to public information as well as any explanation which may be necessary.

When I pointed that out to the city attorney (I use that term lightly), he asked me to cite the statute where the law says the crap-keeper must explain the crap to citizens. Huh??? I told him. Its in the statute that HE sent ME - in 13.03! He said he hadn't read anything like that and told me to find that part and send it to him. (What am I? His fucking law clerk?) I told him he already had it and could look it over. He told me he refused to look it up, even though he must have just had that law in front of him to copy it in a letter to me. Does this make your head explode?

He gave his reason for singling me out to deny access to public information as I had gone on record declaring that I was going to sue the city - and he told his clients, just as he does his other clients, to stop talking to me. "Have you been served papers?" I asked. No. Of course not. I have made reference to this abomination ending up in District Court, but I have never said that I am personally going to sue Onamia. This attorney stated that because there was "potential" of a lawsuit, that was good enough reason for him. When I tried to explain that all of the neighbors had that potential (and cause), he just over-yelled me that this "conversation is going nowhere". When I asked him for Statute which says that in the event of a potential lawsuit, MN Stat. 13 no longer applies, HE told ME: "You're a learned person. Look it up."
You're the fucking so-called lawyer who is bending and breaking the law with MALFEASANCE - to ruin our lives here with your god damned pudpullers, Bozo. YOU look it up. I didn't say that. I wanted to, but didn't. The rage inside of me has yet to come out. I remained calm. He was the one who was yelling.
Knowing that he was going to hang up on me (for that is their universal strategy in dealing with Hannabelle - The Silent Treatment - The Hang-up Attack) I quickly inquired about his interpretation about MN Statute 462.357, which states succinctly that juvenile sex offender facilities are not permitted in a residential area - he refused to answer, saying, "I don't discuss law with other lawyers.. er ... or public citizens." He refused to discuss it with me, that's for sure. He told me to get my own lawyer to tell me.
"I could hire a hundred lawyers, and not one of them could tell me what's going on in Bob Ruppe's head," I said.
When I asked for a statute which negated 462.357, again he told me to look it up myself.
Mommy, Mommy! Why can't I stop running in circles?
Shut up, or I'll nail your other shoe to the floor.

Okay. I have been forbidden from obtaining public information, and have been directed to a city attorney who refuses to give me information. Only in Onamia.... He also invoked the old Attorney/Client Privilege into the mix, stating that he won't discuss his clients' business. So much for transparency in government, huh. And how he shouted at me... He made it clear that he doesn't represent the citizens. He represents Good Ol' Larry Milton and the Onamia Mafia. (My words, not his.) I told him:

"You're job isn't to protect the Government from the People.
"Your job is to protect the People from the Government."

He told me that We The People always get that wrong... There were a few other things I tried to discuss with him, but he said that our conversation wasn't getting anywhere. (I actually agreed. It had gone nowhere - just like everything else in the past year. Still no answers, no explanations, and the bullying tactics which seem to be the only way the city council and Nexus can operate.) So just before Bob Ruppe hung up on me, I told him.

"I've not been rude to you. I've been nice. You're attacking me so that you can blame ME for your hanging up on me."


I don't know if that last part made sense, but what I meant was that he had refused to talk to me, refused to answer any questions, refused to supply any information, and shouted constantly at me with rapid-fire aggression to what? intimidate me? frighten me? MAKE ME GO AWAY? Who knows. And in the end he will no doubt say that it was all my fault. I am too unreasonable to deal with. I made him hang up on me.

Its kind of like the wife-beater who comes home drunk
and when supper isn't on the table when the second hand crosses twelve, beats the living hell out of his wife, later saying regrettfully,
"God, I wish she hadn't made me do that..."

Note: Now that was a metaphor. Look it up before you sue me. Jim, do you need help? a special translation here? You seem to have trouble picking up my metaphors.

I will conclude that in the past fifty years or so, I cannot recall even once when I was treated with the rudeness, hostility, and disrespect equal to that dished out by Bob Ruppe - Nexusville's Lawyer. (He must feel very inadequate to be acting so tough. Or maybe he's just scared... for reasons I won't go into now... ) In the past year, I've been abused by the rudest, nastiest people I've ever seen - Nexus, Pronexus, and the entire Onamia government, including the zoning administrator and especially the city clerk. Keep in mind, I didn't instigate any of this. I was just living my life. THEY CAME TO ME WITH THEIR FASCIST BULLSHIT!
I used to feel I'd been thrust into the Twilight Zone (R1). But now I realize that is way too mild for the likes of this story. I'm living in a fucking Stephen King novel where everyone in the town turns into some sort of horrible mutant Zombies, trying to destroy and devour the non-Zombies.

There's not many of us non-Zombies left to understand the horror or spread the Truth about what is going wrong in Onamia, Minnesota - Nexusville.

Note: check out Hannabelle's videos on YouTube, featuring none other than that famous (I want to say "charleton" but he'll sue me and you'll think I mean Heston) bulldogging lawyer, Bob Ruppe.

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