Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Video - Hold onto your feelings

One thing they can never take away from you: Your Feelings. You own them. They are yours and yours alone. One thing about feelings. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. Things can influence your feelings, but most of the time you can't help the way you feel. Its an instinct. You really can't control your feelings - you can only control your actions and reactions concerning them.
The Onamia City Council doesn't believe you have a right to your feelings. They call your feelings "opinions", which of course, can be argued and disagreed with. And over-ridden. They are wrong, as usual. Opinions are ideas, not feelings. They can be right or wrong or a little of both. Opinions can be educated. Educated opinions should carry more weight than those of the uneducated Onamia government. Should- but they don't. Because opinions, unlike feelings can also be bought.
The bully mayor and city council have disregarded the feelings of the elderly widows living next to the Mille Lacs Academy relocation site. They don't respect these women. They don't honor these daughters, wives, mothers, and friends.
They think these women are foolish to be worried about some 6 feet tall, 200 pound psychologically disturbed sex offenders who might escape the institution and come calling in the night. Bullies like to pick on the weak. That's because bullies are cowards - underneath... where real men keep their balls.

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