Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nexus Caught Masterabating?

If Nexus wasn't so damn irritating, this situation might even be funny.

Yep. I can almost see the humor in it.... almost.

Nexus: the masterliars, the mastercons, the masterabaters...

Here's the deal... Nexus doesn't qualify as a charity, according to the State of Minnesota Department of Revenue. They don't qualify for property tax exempt status. Period. They have been rejected in Mower County, Crow Wing County, and now also in Mille Lacs County. Denied. Denied. Denied.

So what do these cheeky monkeys do?
They turn right around and
apply for Tax Abatement!
(What part of "no" don't they understand?)

The joke is, they don't qualify for that either. But what a slap in the face to our County Assessor. She understands "no". She said "no" to Nexus. They are ignoring her authority. "Dissing" her. And they are "dissing" all of us too. You included. Because rules don't apply to Nexus. They do what they want and fuck over the rest of us..... I mean - as if they didn't have a conscience??? Horrible.

There's already some information on tax abatement on the Mille Lacs News, which I recommend you read. We anticipated that - even though they promised to leave the state if they didn't get property tax EXEMPTION - they would take a shot at tax abatement. How did we know this?

Because Nexus lies. Nexus won't take no for an answer. Nexus is a bully. Nexus cheats. Nexus is a spoiled child. Wah wah wah. Face it. Nexus sucks.

This multi-million dollar company wants YOU, me, and the family dog to pay taxes - but they think the world owes THEM a living.... Well guess what. We are already paying their high bucker corporate salaries with the taxes we already pay. (Where did you think D'Angelo's annual $267,000 came from?) I say enough already! I'm sick of supporting this For-Profit Non-charity... Who donates to Nexus? Nexus "donates" to itself and claims itself a charity! I don't know if that's even legal. [please read Robbing Peter to Pay Paul on this blog] Why can't they pay their fair share? Nexus wants its cake and eat it too. Nexus wants your cake and eat it too. Nexus wants everybody's cake and eat it too. Nexus wants ALL the cake. And yet, it gives nothing but crumbs back to the community, and that, begrudgingly.



What a bunch of tapeworms.


Personally, I'm indignant at their declaration of entitlement. Like we owe them tax abatement... Dream on! We owe Nexus NOTHING. And what about all of the other businesses in town. Where is THEIR abatement? Why can't I have an abatement? I'm a sweet person. I deserve tax abatement. Yesterday I dropped ten dollars on the floor, picked it back up, and claimed it as a donation. So I should qualify as a charity too, don't you think? Let's all get abatements and none of us pay taxes. That's an idea. Or better yet, let's let Nexus subsidize our lives for a change. Tit for Tat. (no pun intended)
Nexus: The Takers. The Users. The Liars.

WHY?! Folks, they have quite a racket going for themselves and this town has been aiding and abetting for 17 years. Talk about being bamboozled!

Do you think our County Commissioners are going to fall into the Evil Trap that Nexus has set for them and actually be foolish enough to grant their bogus tax abatement? Oh fer chrissake I hope they're smarter than that. Nexus is soooo good at playing people. I know for a fact that they've been working on the Commissioners. (sigh) Maybe we should give our elected officials a call, tell them that if Nexus gets tax abatement, we all should.

Tax abatement is a quick fix that doesn't work in the long run. Oh, I'm sure the lie sounds pretty, sliding off that silver-tongued devil D'Angelo and slithering through City Hall. Don't let him fool you. Don't let anyone fool you anymore. Tax abatement has been coming back to haunt communities who've unfortunately tried using this method to retain businesses. It doesn't work. Who does it hurt? You, me, and the family dog.

Okay. Not the dog. But it hurts us TAXPAYERS! (Including, by the way, the County Commissioners themselves, whom I assume pay taxes. No, the County Commissioners should be as outraged at this vile Nexus corporation as we are. I'm outraged. Aren't you?

Jim D'Angelo was quoted in the other newspaper as saying that if they don't get tax abatement, (drum roll) Nexus will leave the area.
Sound familiar?

Gawd how that man lies.

LEAVE! JUST GO ALREADY!!!!!!!!! Goodbye.... Farewell.... Tschus. Auf weidersehen, Ciao, Au revoir, So long, Sayonara, Adios, Arrivederci, Do Svidanja... FARVEL fer chrissake. Geez. Just GO!

Like a bad guest whose worn out their welcome long before midnight, Nexus won't leave. They actually think we want them here. We don't. D'Angelo must be deluded. At least, he is ignoring the Petition against Nexus. You know, the one that says: WE DON'T WANT NEXUS HERE!

Maybe if they contributed to our community, treated us with some respect, GAVE a little back, didn't leave the lid up and didn't shit on the rug.... AND IF NEXUS WOULD JUST PAY ITS FRICKIN' TAXES...
But Nexus doesn't want to waste any of its over a million dollars in PROFITS on anything as mundane as taxes. Especially with the price of country club dues and green fees these days...
And of course, there's that 10 million dollar facility they are building in a swamp. (Now, is that good business? Building in wetlands?) Maroons.

I'd advise the County Commissioners: Don't EVEN consider tax abatement for Nexus; and I'd tell them not to worry. Nexus won't leave. No. They won't. There's nothing you can do to MAKE them leave. Because.....


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