Monday, August 27, 2007

40 Days and 40 Nights

I've been praying for a flood. Well, not just a flood exactly, but The Flood. You know, the one that weeds out the bad people... I'm pondering ark designs as we speak. Each day I pray that God will hear my prayer, take notice, comprehend the extent of the need and come to Onamia to do His thing. I should emphasize the severity of the situation by noting that despite all of my prayerage, I'm an Atheist.

Have you looked at this week's poll? (On the panel to your right...) It says "Onamia should be geared towards..." and with one day left to vote, 54% have answered "sex offenders"! Aren't these people TOO STUPID to live??? The poll doesn't even refer to the Mille Lacs Academy. But poll voters chose SEX OFFENDERS over everything else, including families, and better schools. Onamians must really be kinky.

Well, I bring you deviant devils tidings of great joy. There are thousands of hardcore predatory sex offenders that will flock to the area once they learn they are welcomed here. (Some of them who prefer boys will likely get jobs at the academy...) That the town is actually gearing itself towards embracing their needs... Wow. That should certainly liven things up on Saturday nights...

I'll tell you why I'm an Atheist. Its not, necessarily that I believe there is no god. I'm just disappointed in Him. Talk about incompetence! Just look at the terrible flooding in southern Minnesota last week. I'm pretty sure God was aiming for Onamia - but missed. (sigh)

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