Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sex Offenders, Lies, and Videotape

For the past four years, I've talked a lot about Rights and how the Onamia City Council* took ours away when they joined forces with the Nexus Corporation to put sex offenders next to day care. Watching as the local government changed and amended ordinances, ignored state statutes like MN 462.357, we realized that we DON'T have Rights. At least, not if our rights get in the way... And of course, ours did. Our "Rights" became an inconvenience to the Nexus Agenda, so the government simply removed them.

Another topic I often bring up is the fact that Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo committed perjury. I called him a liar many times - having written documentation and lots of witnesses to prove it. But I couldn't prove that he lied on a sworn affidavit by swearing that he didn't say he sued me because he thought I'd go away. I had no documentation other than my own journal. BUT, both D'Angelo and I know he said it. We both know he lied under oath about it. Unfortunately, the judge was clueless and ruled against my motion to dismiss under the MN Anti-SLAPP law. Once again, D'Angelo got away with murder.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

*In 2007, the Onamia City Council = Larry Milton, Mayor of Onamia and Councilmen Bob Mickus, Bill Hill, Jerome Kryzer, and Mark Loch; Also involved - Zoning Guy Mickey Carter; Clerk Kathleen McCullum; and of course City Lawyer Bob Ruppe.

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