Friday, April 8, 2011

MY Life on the D (defamation) List

Dear Readers,

In 2007, as you know, Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo and Nexus board member Peter D. Freeman sued me for defamation. Yes, it is true I called D'Angelo "Poopsie", said he was arrogant and egotistical, and I made fun of him a lot. Yes, it is true that I contacted Peter D. Freeman's supervisor in the Department of Social Work at St. Thomas University to ask her to help convince Freeman to stop the Nexus/Onamia coalition from building a sex offender facility in our residential neighborhood. The question is - should I have been put through the legal ringer for being a whistle-blower? Should I have been SUED for standing up for citizens' rights? For the last four years, these corporate crybabies have persecuted me - using the Minnesota "Justice" System. Nexus Corporation also sued me after I reported that a child was killed at one of their institutions - when in fact, a child DID die at the hands of a Nexus employee. I told the Truth.

Can you be sued for defamation if you told the Truth? Can you be sued for expressing your personal opinion? Can you be sued for offending someone? Can you be sued simply for embarrassing someone? Can you be sued for defamation even if you did not defame anyone?

Yes. If you live in Minnesota you can. Just ask Hannabelle and fellow blogger Johnny Northside.

Stay tuned as the Bradbury Buzzz explores these "defamation" cases, and examines the significance of Freeman/D'Angelo vs. Hannabelle and Nexus vs. Hannabelle. Your Freedom of Speech is in jeopardy. Do you really want to live in fear of being sued for anything you might say?

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