Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Step Forward, Five Decades Back

In our last episode [see MY Life on the D (defamation) List] we watched Fox News commentators display their outrage at somebody's use of words. WORDS. According to these so-called critics and social brain-washers, Kathy Griffin's WORDS were "inappropriate". In the clips they used, the "inappropriate" WORDS were bleeped. We aren't even allowed to hear the "inappropriate" WORDS. Fox News let us know that PEOPLE who use "inappropriate" WORDS are not to be tolerated in our society, but are to be scorned. If we aren't allowed to hear the "inappropriate" WORDS, how are we to learn which WORDS are "inappropriate"? Methinks, to be safe, one should perhaps keep thy mouth shut at all times. Remember: you still have the Right to Remain Silent. No one mentions Freedom of Speech or the 1st Amendment, do they? Not at Fox News.

The problem: Kathy Griffin didn't show Jesus the proper respect. She also uses "foul language". They don't think she's "funny". They are aghast at the WORDS.

When I asked convicted felon former Mille Lacs Academy Executive Director Paul Lynn Smith why the Nexus CEO was suing me, he answered with Fox News inflection: "You didn't show Mr. D'Angelo proper respect." Oh my... Who does MR. D'Angelo think he is? Jesus Christ? You can SUE someone for not showing "proper respect"? What IS "proper respect"?

How about declaring that you're building an unlocked correctional facility for 94 convicted sex offenders where tax paying property owners do NOT want it. Is THAT showing "proper respect"? How about disregarding the rights of long-term residents so that YOU can make a ton of money? Is THAT showing "proper respect"? Is "proper respect" a Constitutional Right? Let's look at this... SHOULD Jesus have SUED Kathy Griffin for defamation??? SHOULD Jim D'Angelo have SUED Hannabelle for defamation?

One thing the Fox News flock of angry chickens got right - using "inappropriate" WORDS and saying "outrageous" things DOES capture attention. And now you know the method to Hannabelle's madness. During the battle to save the Bradbury neighborhood, she wanted and NEEDED people's attention. Hannabelle's role was to stir the pot, throw a few dead mice into the recipe. She acted as "bad cop". My mission was to get people to THINK. To bring our cause to the forefront. The trouble was - there were no "good cops" in my neighborhood. Know why? Because my neighbors were all afraid of offending people! I don't understand this... THEY weren't the ones using "inappropriate" WORDS. Yet, although they adamantly opposed the location of the Mille Lacs Academy as much as I did, they were too stifled by their fears of social repercussions to risk voicing their opinions. Without the "good cops", there were no stars for anyone to hitch their wagons to. There was only Hannabelle and her WORDS. Scary, naughty, offensive WORDS. Tsk. Tsk.

Some people are champions of Freedom. They're willing to risk a lot - even themselves - for the principles our country was founded on - things like Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, Liberty, and Justice for ALL... Other people? Uh... Not so much. They don't want to offend anyone. Which side do I wish to align myself? The Fox News WORD Police???? Well, obviously I have already chosen the side which defends freedom for individuals and their rights. (In case you didn't get that, I'm NOT a member of the Fox News chicken coop.) Nor do I support the so-called "for the good of the community" argument promoted by self-serving propagandists like the Nexus/Onamia Coalition that take those rights away from individuals. Call me crazy, but I never approved of Communism.

I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. And although I've always known the power of WORDS, I've never been afraid of WORDS. Now, the ACTIONS behind the WORDS... That's something else. And we should all be afraid - be very afraid - when someone like Jim D'Angelo targets YOU - because not only might he claim the right to dictate YOUR destiny, he has proven that he will take drastic measures to ruin YOUR Life, take away YOUR liberty, and destroy YOUR happiness - if you don't show him "proper respect". I know. He sued me because my WORDS offended him. He sued me because I called him "Poopsie".

(Sorry the video is a bit bigger than the confines of this blog space - but then Lenny Bruce was a bit bigger than the confines of his space in time - as well as our Fox News times...)

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