Saturday, April 23, 2011

Onamia Zoning Guy BUSTED!

Yep. That's right, folks.

It's Mickey Carter, the Onamia Zoning Administer who intentionally mis-zoned the 38.81 acres from R1 to R2 in order to circumvent Minnesota State Law 462.357 which states that a juvenile sex offender treatment center (such as the Mille Lacs Academy) SHALL NOT be permitted in R1 zoned areas (such as the Bradbury R1 zoned neighborhood.) He knew what he was doing was wrong. He did it anyway.

Mickey LEROY Carter. When someone gets caught committing a serious crime, suddenly that middle name becomes prominent... When Mille Lacs Academy Executive Administrator Paul Smith got convicted for embezzlement, theft, lying to authorities, and fraud, he suddenly became Paul LYNN Smith. And the crimes these men have committed (allegedly in Carter's case as he has yet to be tried and convicted) are indeed serious.

Back in 2007, I wrote a letter of complaint about the Zoning Guy and submitted it to the Onamia City Council - who of course did NOTHING. Because you see, Mickey Carter is part of their group. He's one of them. One of their Good Ol' Boys Network. A network with at least one alleged pedophile who worked hard on improper (some would say "illegal") zoning through months of local property owners' opposition, to ensure that the Nexus sex offenders got a state-of-the-art unlocked facility just a four minute stroll to the day care center.

Kind of makes a guy wonder about Mickey's true motivation...

And this on the heels of Mayor Larry Milton's predatory sex offender son Sheldon MYRON Milton getting arrested for failing to register in Onamia as a sex offender. Mille Lacs Messenger: Predatory Offender Fails to Register (March 8, 2011)

It's starting to appear that in Onamia, there are more sex offenders outside of the sex offender institution than in... Boy was I naive! I accused the city council of conflict of interest because Councilman Bill Hill owned the grocery and gas... I mean, who'da thunk it?! These new revelations put a whole new spin on the conflict of interest issue... I always thought it was strange that Larry Milton was so proud to have the Mille Lacs Academy sex offender facility as his legacy. What a strange legacy. Now it's all starting to make a little more sense. They named their driveway after him, you know. Perhaps they should have named it after his son Sheldon... And Mickey Carter? I remember asking him for his zoning administrator credentials at a public hearing. He admitted "I don't have any - but they [the city council] seem to like what I do." Ha! I bet they do.

Mickey LEROY Carter used to own the Book Nook in town where he sold used books and rented out videos - including pornographic videos. It seems he was a "dealer" who provided the town with smut. More recently, he claims to be a "Godly" man and is/was a prominent member of the Onamia United Methodist Church. "The Mission of the Onamia Church is to live out Christ's example in the community and the world, serving people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or disabilities, thereby opening its doors to all people." I gotta ask: Is pedophilia a sexual orientation? Is Mickey Carter living out Christ's example? Anyway, I'm shocked. I thought all of the Onamia pedophiles were over at Crosier...

Carter did more than peddle porn though. Before he retired, he was a teacher at the elementary school in town. I don't even want to think about that... But perhaps we should.

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