Monday, December 24, 2007

One Small Step for Mankind

All is not lost. Most. But not all.

At the city council "public you-can-talk-but-we're-not-listening", I had quite a chat with Jim D'Angelo, the now supposedly former CEO of NEXUS. I say "supposedly" because D'Angelo told me that December 19th was his last day with NEXUS, but then was quoted the next day as still being the sex offenders' CEO in an article by MPR on the 20th (about non-profits in tax court trying to get tax exemption), so there you go.... you can't even trust him to tell the truth about leaving. In my opinion...

Maybe he isn't done until the end of the month. Who knows? Who cares?But no matter when he is departing, D'Angelo said his goodbyes to me on the 19th. I told him it wasn't the end, that I'd see him in court. He said he doubted it, because he thought I would "find that its not worth it". Now what kind of threat is that? I should have asked. Is he planning to wipe me out financially - sort of a Death by Lawyer Fees? or is he going to sick the McColleys on me again in an attempt to intimidate me into disappearing - or perhaps actually disappearing me - sort of a Death by hit-MLA employee's spouse et al? (Hi Randy, Hi Carmen, Hi Dennis aka Psychodad!) or is he going to drop the law suit because its not worth it to D'Angelo, as it might interfere with his vacation plans in Palm Springs and Italy? Now, I must say that I don't know for a fact that D'Angelo is going to Palm Springs and Italy. (That's just what he told Larry.) But as I told D'Angelo himself, I don't trust a word that passes his lips. I've witnessed too many lies already.

But speaking of lying... I myself don't want to be miscontrued. I said something to D'Angelo which I'm ultimately ashamed of saying and since I can't unsay it, I would like to set the record straight, if I may. During the city council meeting, the council evacuated the hall to have a closed-door private meeting in the back room. They were supposedly looking up some city ordinances back there. That left the "audience" alone. During our vignettes of conversation, I told Jim D'Angelo that if it weren't for this, we'd be friends. Yes! I said it, but I realized later that he may have missed my sarcasm and thought I was serious. Yikes! (I could NEVER be friends with someone like him!) Anyway, he said he had listened to my music and told me I was good. Of course, I may also have missed his sarcasm!

He told me that I had been a "worthy adversary", a "formidible opponent". I told him "Its not a game. Its our LIVES." But to illustrate the nature of this CEO whose organization claims to operate on the premise of compassion, he also said that I was the cause of my mother's stress-induced perforated ulcer. That's right. Does he mean that without NEXUS, whom my mother herself blames for her present dilema, she would still be in bad shape because of ME??? Wow. (And when I called him "cold-blooded" he got upset enough to sue me for defamation? I think I should maybe sue HIM for defamation. hmmm. What do you think?)

Imagine it. He insists on tearing down the corner, erecting five massive buildings, paving paradise to put up a parking lot, bringing in 94 sex offenders and 120 some employees, uprooting our quiet lives, instigating a situation where we lose our Constitutional Rights and cannot even defend or protect ourselves from the space invaders, forcing in 94 convicted sex offenders just four doors down from my mom - a sweet, 84 year old widow in fragile health and D'Angelo shirks his responsibility and blames ME for causing my mom's stress-induced ulcer... Doesn't he get it that I'm the one whose trying to protect my mom and trying to save her farm???Eight months of UTTER HELL they have caused all of us! My mom has been devastated. And that he SUED her daughter for calling him "arrogant".... that had nothing to do with what happened to her? Geez!

"But Hannabelle," you say. "How can you DARE write about Poopsie? You're even using his NAME? Won't you get into trouble?"

Probably. However, I have always told the Truth. And as Bill Hill said when he was busily destroying our rights as property owners and American Citizens, (totally abusing his power as a city councilman), I have a right to my OPINION. And I have a very low opinion of this bunch of clowns who have attacked and victimized this Neighborhood. They might be clowns - putting on a good circus, (such a circus that they can sell popcorn and balloons on the sidewalk, as Larry Milton likes to say) but they are Killer Clowns from Outerspace, abusing their undeserved power. That is my opinion.

And the First Amendment gives me the RIGHT to talk about and write about and express my opinion. (Free speech may not be free, but you can still rent it, as long as you're willing to pay the price.) D'Angelo and his conspiring cronies have stripped us of most of our rights. They can't take away this one. So sue me, you bastards! Hannabelle cannot be intimidated. I will fight against your Talibanic Tyranny Forever! (Someone has to...)
The First Amendment
One Giant Leap for Hannabelle, One Small Step For Mankind.
Mr. Manderfeld, please note that I'll be reposting "Can You Hear Me Now?", the article on which you have primarily based your bogus law suit. Yes, you kicked me when I was down... when I was in the hospital. I further weakened under the duress of my mother's three major surgeries in a row, including the stress-induced perforated ulcer which nearly killed her. She's not out of the woods yet. Well, actually, she is.... Now she is in a nursing home. Your client may shuck any responsibility, but WE THE PEOPLE know the TRUTH. Jim D'Angelo has shown no mercy to the innocent victims in our Neighborhood. Not one shred of compassion. Hannabelle will take that into consideration.
Compassion is the basis of morality.
Arnold Schopenhauer

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