Wednesday, December 5, 2007


"Among the oldest known parasites, tapeworms are considered humanity's largest intestinal inhabitant. They each have a scolex (head) that attaches to the intestinal wall. As long as the head remains attached to the intestinal mucosa, a new worm can grow from it. Tapeworms do not contain [their own] digestive tracts but get their nourishment by absorbing partially digested substances from the host. They are whitish in color, flat, and ribbon-like, with a covering that is a transparent skin-like layer."
NEXUS received 7 years tax abatement from the County of Mille Lacs today.
Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

I work at MLA and I live in this county-not all are from away. I wonder if you are hiding from reality that sex crimes happen-back in 1973 we had a family that had incest going on-three children by step father and nothing was done. I prefer the new part where they have to face the music and make ammends to the victims.

Hannabelle said...

Dear Anonymous 5:00,

Thank you for your comment. I'm not "hiding from reality that sex crimes happen". Its a bad, bad world. I agree with you that sex offenders need treatment. But at this point, I'm not too concerned about the sex crimes issue. We have bigger fish to fry. This has become a corporate and governmental abuse issue.

It is important for local citizens to be aware of the true nature of the Mille Lacs Academy. We feel that many didn't realize it was an institution for convicted sex offenders because the public has been lied to and deceived. But the more significant issue is how innocent private citizens can be stripped of their Constitutional Rights. Imagine a local government amending an R2 zoning classification to specifically include a particular business. This is beyond "wrong". It is outrageous and very un-American. We'll be addressing this issue at length in the future.

Thanks for writing in.


Sick of Government Corruption said...


I am so sorry and incredibly disappointed to hear the news.

You fought so hard for truth and to keep the law from being sold out to Nexu$.

Please keep writing, so we can keep spreading the TRUTH. Onamians, you are being bamboozled!

Hannabelle said...

Dear Sick of Government Corruption,

I am sorry too. The fight against Nexu$ (I like your $) and our other Public Enemies is far from over. In fact, that was only Round 1 - Phase 8. The "game" is far from over. Round 2 - Phase 1 is just beginning. I intend to keep Nexu$ well-aware of my First Amendment RIGHTS. Poopsie can run but he can't hide. And we have an election coming up in 2008. We will be getting busy on that. Its time for We The Disregarded to become We The People again.

You might notice some changes in Hannabelle in the future. Moving forward on a national level just might clear up her bad case of Tourette's, for example. You see, I just wanted to stop Nexus from coming here. I never had the drive to build a readership before. Now I do. We have a cause that's bigger than Nexus.

Thanks for writing in. If you are interested in getting involved, send me an email. I think Team Hannabelle is about to become famous.

Chin up. Nexus isn't here yet.

Sick of MLA Nastiness said...


I was just wondering why nobody from MLA can leave a comment without bashing Hannabelle. That 'hiding from reality crack'. Was that necessary to make their point? Why can't they understand that the MLA sex offenders are being forced on people whose rights are being violated? Sign me up for Team Hannabelle!

Hannabelle said...

Dear Sick of MLA Nastiness,

Thanks for your support. Welcome to the Team. To answer your wonderment: I think its a MLA job requirement. Nastiness - and the ability to lift 50 pounds. Don't be too hard on them though. They know not what they do.