Thursday, November 15, 2007

When it Rains

Dear Readers,

I feel lucky that I got so sick last month and ended up in the hospital. Why? Because that was then and this is now - and although I'm not yet up to 100% of my 58%, I am recovered sufficiently to take care of the business - Family Business which has suddenly befallen us. Things would be unbearable if I had my crisis now - because now it is my mom's turn...

I'm posting this here because I'm not sure what will happen over the next few days and if I disappear, you might think that either the NEXUS lawyers or Larry's goons got me. I'd actually prefer that to this... Mom is having triple arterial bypass surgery tomorrow morning, and at her age (84) and in her condition (frail), it is pretty terrifying. I know its going to be rough on Poncho and me.... I can't even begin to imagine how rough it will be for my poor mom! Its not an easy surgery. While she faces this so bravely, my courage has gone AWOL.

For all of you Hannabelle Fans (the Oregonians, Team Hannabelle and all), please think good thoughts for my mom. For all of you Hannabelle Haters (MLA supporters, the anonymice and all), please think good thoughts for my mom. If the spirit moves - and ya feel like praying something nice for her, I guess it wouldn't hurt... During this unexpected and unwanted sabbatical, who knows, I might write up a storm during the next few days - or I might not. But I will try to keep you posted here. Wish us luck!


P.S. Keep the comments coming. I'll do my best to keep up.


CSB Alum said...

Dear Hannabelle,

I am one of your former CSB students. You were one of the best teachers in the department! In fact, the nuns there still remember you well and ask about you :^)

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. She is definitely in my thoughts. Please take care.

Best wishes to you, your mom, and Poncho--
CSB Hannabelle Student

Team Hannabelle said...

Hang in there, Hannabelle! We love ya! Praying for your mom-- and you & Poncho, too :)

Sending you all the support in the world,
Team Hannabelle

Hannabelle said...

Dear CSB Alum,

Thanks for the support and thank you so much for calling me today!!!! It was GREAT catching up on old times!!!!


Hannabelle said...

Dear Team!

Thanks for the support! We appreciate it.


Oregonian for Hannabelle said...

Dear Hannabelle,

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's surgery. She is so brave! Reading about her makes me realize how much there is to be grateful for. You can't put a price-tag on good health. I will be thinking good thoughts for you all--

Oregonian for Hannabelle

yamhill county hannabelle fan said...

Healing wishes towards your mom. Really hope everything goes well for her.

Take care, Hannabelle.

washington state hearts hannabelle said...

Hi Hannabelle,

Support and best wishes for your mom coming at you from Washington State. (((Hannabelle's Mom)))


Family of Hannabelle Fans said...

Dear Hannabelle,

I hope your mom's surgery went well. You are definitely in our family's thoughts. (My Dad says Hi :-) )