Friday, November 30, 2007

Whack and Sack

Oh how I hated having to attend the Well-Isn't-That-Special Meeting at City Hall on Wednesday. I wanted to be at the hospital where my mom was undergoing emergency surgery, but as Maxine pointed out to me: You don't always get what you want. In my case its more like: You never get what you want. (I should have been born a sex offender facility. They always get what they want.) What kind of daughter would be 60 miles away at a city council meeting rather than in the hospital waiting room during such a traumatic time? One whose mother strongly commanded in a tiny weak voice, "Go to that meeting! Save our farm!" What could I do? I've tried to explain to Mother that Milton's Mob condemned us to suffer the Sex Invaders and our former freedom is forever fucked. But my mother is an Optimist. She still thinks we can stop them because she still believes in the Power of Good triumphing over Evil. Under the circumstances, you have to admire her spunk.

Before the meeting, Onamia City Councilman Mark Loch surprised me by asking about my mom, sympathetically wishing her well. That act of kindness nearly bucked me off my high horse, except that he turned right around and made a motion to give NEXUS the sun, the moon, the stars; whatever it is they want today - and then voted "AYE" to fifteen years of tax abatement. So virtually, he voted to enable the company that's hellbent on taking away Mom's reason for living. (I wonder if he would do the same to his own mother.) I'm not over-dramatizing here. That is how we feel. We don't want the government forcing sex offenders upon us. It is horrible! We don't even want to live here anymore. We don't want to live with people who are capable of doing what they are doing to us. Our lives are ruined. But we can't pick up and leave either. Its taken thirty years to get the farm the way we want it. It cannot be replaced. We're too old to start over again. Besides, like NEXUS, we have no other place to go.

So, although I was almost moved by Mark Loch's concern for my mom (almost fooled), it seemed to me like somebody commenting "Oh look at that poor old dog" just before they run it over with their car. Let's face it - Mark has never ever even remotely tried to swerve... He's aimed his car at us poor old dogs each and every time.

After the council finished kneeling before NEXUS and performing service for Poopsie, negotiations began on the Corporation's purchase of the 38.81. They dickered a little about the $10,000 building permit and other little odds and ends. The question of water and sewer hookup was raised. Its a pricey proposition for anybody to hook up. And for the Largest Building Project in Onamia's History, there's a lot of money at stake. The City wanted NEXUS to pay for WAC & SAC. Poopsie wanted The City to pay for SAC & WAC. I'm pretty sure that they're talking about Water Availability Charge and Sewer Availability Charge ... (how much it costs to hook up to city water and sewer.) But which came first? The water or the sewer? Is it WAC & SAC? Or is it SAC & WAC? (If we could vote, I'd pick WAC & SAC. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?)

Here is a perfect example of how Poopsie deceives - IN MY OPINION, MR. MANDERFELD. (You were there. You witnessed it. ) Poopsie indicated that there would be no further strain on the Onamia sewer system since they were only transferring shit from one location to another. (Yes, I'm exercising artistic license by PARAphrasing...) Shit from one location to another.

But here again, what Poopsie said is NOT TRUE. It might be, if Crosier were to close its toilet lids forever, but they aren't doing that. For all we know, Crosier could replace 94 juvenile sex offenders with 94 Catholic priests. There's no way of knowing what the future will bring. It could be double the shit. Also, at the new NIMBY location, Poopsie promised a whole lot of extra brand SPANKING new employees. More shit.

Can Onamia handle all of this shit?

The current sewer system may not be capable. And then you also have to consider the Ball Park housing development, as well as private homes being built next to Bill Hill's house. They're talking a bunch of shit.

It would be pretty funny if after everything we have done to try to stop the Space Invaders it screeched to a halt because of WAC & SAC. But this is no laughing matter... The city of Garrison had to place a moratorium on building because of its out-com-moded sewer system. Maybe Onamia will have to consider more than who pays for the $14 million dollar academy's WAC & SAC and consider who will pay to upgrade the entire sewer system for the entire town. (Oh oh oh! I know I know!!!! It will be We the Taxpayers! How much you wanna bet???)

So much for tax abatement... NEXUS scores again! Do you see why we need a PLANNING commission in Onamia? We need to PLAN. Because, let's face it folks, we can't handle much more of NEXUS and their shit.
WAC & SAC or SAC & WAC.... When it comes to Water And Sewer Hookup, its all a WASH.
I heard that Poopsie is spending January in Palm Springs...
Then he IS retiring from NEXUS?
Don't know. You can never get a straight story from those NEXUS people.
But he's spending a month in Palm Springs?
And then in March he's going to Italy.
Italy! How nice for him.... After ruining everything for Hannabelle, her family, and all the Neighbors, he pulls out his Golden Parachute and just sails happily off into the sunset...
Yeah, leaving them with his shit!
That's not very nice of him.
Yeah. What an asshole!
Shhhh. Careful. He'll sue you!
In my opinion, Poopsie is an asshole. Will that do ye?
That will do me just fine. Thankee sai. Although I might dare to argue that it is a fact...


Anonymous said...

I hope your mom is doing ok. Maybe Poopsie should give her an all expense paid vacation in Palm Springs after what Nexus has put her through. It just doesn't seem fair.

Hannabelle said...

Dear Anonymous 11:16,

Thanks for your support. Its been rough for my mom, but she's a real trooper. Its still a scary time. The tax abatement sure didn't help her spirit. Palm Springs? Our good neighbor Poopsie didn't even send her a Get Well Card. Imagine that.

Thanks for writing in. Tell all your friends to keep reading! Spread the word!