Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fathers Knows Best

When our Founding Fathers formed this great country called the United States of America, they really knew what they were doing. Those guys were sharp. They understood human nature. They were planners. They wrote a Constitution and a Bill of Rights - complete with safeguards, checks and balances, and so cleverly devised and written that one would think it infallible. Yes, we tagged on a few amendments, some really good ones in fact, but the basic concepts of the Fathers haven't changed in over 200 years - well, until recently...

Whether you favor the Sex Offenders or are for the Neighbors, I'm stunned that there isn't a huge outcry against the city, county, and state governments as well as the NEXUS corporate administration. They have taken a firm, unwavering stance that the "Common Good of the Community" overrides the rights of the Individual. That's right... our government and NEXUS support COMMUNISM. And that is Anti-American. Its bullshit.
Yet, nobody's talking about that crucial point. They only want to talk about how mean we are to the PTBs (Poor Troubled Boys) and the MLA employees whose jobs are more important to the Government than people! A business is more important than our individual lives! If you'd stop and think about it, they don't care about the individual who has the job either. The presence of the Job is all they are concerned with, not the individual person who has it.

What I'm saying is: You Pronexus people think that the Government cares about you? Think again. The Government doesn't care about YOU. It cares only about your job. YOU can be replaced. As can we all... even the Government. Wait until the next election if you don't believe me now.

What has happened to us in our neighborhood will one day happen to you. Maybe they won't dump 94 sex offenders on your doorstep, but rest assured that by giving them this inch, they will eventually take your mile... in some shape or form. So if we lose to city hall, it isn't confined to Bradbury residents and surrounding property owners. Let's put it this way: If NEXUS wins, we ALL LOSE. The Government has overstepped its boundaries - both literally and figuratively. Instead of protecting its citizens, it has decided that All Men (and Women) Are NOT Created Equal after all. They have stripped us of our individual identities. We have been collectively labeled the "Bradbury Idiots" not because we're stupid, but because we are CHALLENGING them as we fight for our rights - rights bestowed upon us by the Founding Fathers who knew a bit more than the shortsighted unimaginative Onamia mayor and his brown-nosing Yes-men.
Is anyone FREE in Onamia? Nope. Some of us are exceptionally oppressed. Others may not be free, but may possibly be purchased - when the price is right.....

Our Founding Fathers foresaw problems with government because they understood that: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They planned ways to keep Bad Individuals from gaining too much Power as well as ways to stop the abuse or misuse of that Power. The three branches of our government kept a Balance of Power. A representative government of the People, by the People, and for the People with periodic elections kept Bad Individuals from taking over our country. But there's something else. Something really important which many of us tend to forget... Who is responsible for safeguarding our Democracy? Who is in charge of making Government tow the line? Why - We the People! That's who! And we'd better make darn sure that we do a good job of watch-dogging. Its important.

So anyone who wants to support the sex offenders at Mille Lacs Academy should be scrambling like mad to keep this out-of-control malignant local town mayor and city council from Doning this Deal in this way. Support your sex offenders, but don't forfeit your Constitutional rights to do so. For by forfeiting our rights, you are forfeiting your own. Folks - what has been done here is WRONG! It is Un-American. If you don't speak out against our fascist local government now, when they are changing the ordinances to allow a commercial institution into a residential neighborhood which opposes this travesty... if you don't stop them when they have a hundred sex offenders in their hands, how will you stop them when they decide to dump nuclear waste in your back yard? If we can't stop them now, you won't be able to stop them tomorrow - when its YOUR turn... And then it might be too late for you. Hannabelle? Hannabelle? We NEED you Hannabelle! I might not be able to hear you from my 80 acre wilderness retreat in Somewhere, Canada.

Think about it.

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