Wednesday, September 12, 2007


There's a city council meeting at 6. I don't want to go. Its just going to upset me. Besides, its a total waste of my time. They are going to pass the extension on the purchase agreement, just like they have done whatever THEY want throughout this entire ordeal - no matter how it affects the PEOPLE who say "NAY". So why go at all? Why keep trying to fight City Hall? Well, there are some pretty important principles at stake and I guess I feel its my patriotic duty to stand up for them. We should all fight Injustice wherever we find it, whenever we can.

The Onamia City Council. We have five unqualified, incompetent nincompoops making decisions that will determine the future of Onamia. They are supposedly elected officials, although if you look at the election results, it is a mockery of our system Democracy. Larry Milton has been mayor all these years simply due to lack of competition. He's mayor by default. And Bill Hill.... What a loser. He's on the city council strictly because he lost his bid for county commissioner and somebody wrote his name on the fill-in-the-blank line. (I'd rather they fill in my dog's name. He's smarter, more honest, and could do a better job.) Bob Mickus ran his rat-race all by himself. As to Loch and Kryzer, probably nobody even knows who they are. Bumps on Larry's log.

So.... are these the only guys willing to 'serve the public'? Maybe we should be grateful that we have anybody willing to be on the city council. (It's a bad job but SOMEBODY'S gotta do it?) And here are FIVE anybodies - just doing their best.... Perhaps Hannabelle is just being overly-critical here.

Hmmm. Unless you look at it from another perspective. These five guys have demonstrated that they are not only incompetent, they lack the character and integrity we need in our leaders. If you look at how they have conducted themselves throughout the Nexus deal (as well as their behavior in the past) you start to notice a trend. Their decisions may not well-serve the town, but seem to work for them personally. Why does Larry Milton's son Chad, who has an excavation business, get almost all of the city work? Why is Bill Hill allowed to continue his exploitation, considering his conflicts of interest? Why do we have TWO laboratory rats on the council? Do they represent anybody other than the hospital and pharmacy? And who the hell is Jerome Kryzer? Don't tell me he's on the board because he painted a bench at church! What are his qualifications?

Speaking of qualifications, maybe, like Mickey Carter, he doesn't have any. Mickey is the Zoning guy. He admitted that he doesn't have any training, no qualifications.... but "they seem to like what I do," he said. Well Mr. Zoning Guy, I don't like what you do. I don't like what any of the city council is doing


"We made mistakes," said Milton at the last city council meeting. Well DUH!

How convenient that all of those mistakes ended up benefitting city council members. Usually, when I make mistakes (which of course, is rare... :) I end up paying for them. Why is it that when YOU make mistakes, I end up paying for them? You and your friends come out just fine... In the case of the Nexus staying in the Onamia area Mistake, I'm not the only one who will paying for this mistake - so will every tax payer in the county, should Nexus get abatement. The the consequences of the Nexus Mistake will remain long after you're dead and gone; long after all of us are dead, or gone. And yet you continue to stubbornly blunder along. Isn't it funny what some people will do for money and self-gain, even if it means ruining the town? I call that "shitting where you live". (But then, Hannabelle can be crude when dealing with the likes of these scumbags.) What I REALLY object to, though, is that you are SHITTING WHERE I LIVE! And you have no right to do so.

Well, there's a lot more to say on this topic, but I guess I'd better get going here. I've got a meeting to attend. (City Watchdog. Its a bad job, but somebody's got to do it.)


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