Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

I should have listened to my horrorscope yesterday... I didn't, of course. Instead, I telephoned one of the Nexus board members. Contrary to Larry's rumors, I haven't been harassing anyone. A telephone is a communication device, and upon occassion, I have attempted to use it for that purpose. It seldom works - because it takes two to communicate, and as you know, nobody on "the Dark Side" will talk to me.

Peter Freeman was no exception. I began our brief conversation by asking Professor Pete if he had a moment to talk about Nexus. He asked "Who is this?" so I told him. Now, I'm actually a reasonable person. Hannabelle doesn't turn into a ball-busting bitch unless you cross her and give her good reason. And even then, it has to be some serious crossage - like dumping 94 sex offenders on her. That'll do it. But I was polite with Professor Pete. At least I tried. Let's say I WOULD have, if given the opportunity.

Upon my introduction, he said, "I know who you are! I'll refer you to Jim D'Angelo."

"But if I could have a few minutes..."

"No. Talk to Jim D'Angelo."

"Peter, please don't hang...." CLICK! "up..." Alone again, naturally.

Peter Freeman is a professor of social work at the College of St. Catherine and St. Thomas University. Personally, I don't think he sounds very social, do you? This guy is what you get with Nexus, folks. They're bulldozing more than the trees on 38 acres. They're stampeding us into the ground. Try to stop 'em. I dare you.

I sent Peter an e-mail thanking him for supplying me with a lot of information, which actually he had. In that brief moment of contact with the social worker, I learned a lot - probably more than if he'd actually spoken with me about Nexus. I told the professor this:

"Compassion can be taught only through demonstration."
How much compassion do you think is being taught at the academy?
Professor Pete didn't take the time to talk to me, but he did e-mail me back. He said:
"Thank you for your interest in Nexus Treatment Centers."
Yeah.... my interest..... Wasn't that nice of him?

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