Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Question of Hypothetical

"There's one thing I want you to know. If I'd known that putting Nexus over there would hurt your family in any way, we wouldn't be having this conversation," said Onamia City Councilman Bill Hill. The conversation, of course was me pleading with the three council members NOT to put the sex offenders in my neighborhood. If only Bill Hill had prior knowledge... Really...
But that 'oh, if only I'd known!' excuse is not going to absolve Mr. Hat so easily. Know why? Because its all BULLSHIT, that's why. Because he has known! - for FIVE FRICKIN' MONTHS he's known how badly its hurting me, my family, my neighbors, and their families. He's very aware of the people this is hurting. And still, he hasn't lifted a finger to put a stop to our personal horror show. In fact, my sources inform me that he remains an industrious, pro-active agent on behalf of the NEXUS corporation.

Bill Hill is just like Steve Bye. They are both big bullshitters. Steve told us repeatedly, "If I'd known how the neighbors felt, I never would have sold the property." Well, that's just as feeble as Bill Hill's lie. That's what these statements are, folks - lies. Like Bill Hill, Steve had several opportunities to queer the deal if he'd chosen to. The purchase agreement even expired fer chissake. Yet, he signed again and again. His 'if only I'd known' means the same as Hill's. They want us to believe that they would help us if only they could...
I say: Put your money where your mouth is.
Honest is as honest does. Let us not forget that they are two of the culprits responsible for the torture we've been put through since last spring. Either one could have put an end to our pain at any time. And they could still stop this sex offender relocation right now, if they chose to. It would be EASY.

Ready for the punchline?

There actually is no Done Deal.
It's all hypothetical.

The City of Onamia has not yet purchased the land.
The land has not yet been annexed.
The land has not yet been rezoned.
NEXUS has not yet purchased the property.

So hypothetically speaking, NEXUS will not build its hypothetical mega-complex on the hypothetical building site which Onamia hypothetically intends to buy, annex, and rezone only if the hypothetical tax abatement goes through and NEXUS agrees to stay here -

Dizzying, isn't it?

NEXUS doesn't qualify for tax abatement, by the way. That doesn't mean they won't get it, it just means that they SHOULDN'T get it. Time will tell if our county commissioners have the courage and intelligence to tell NEXUS to quit begging by the back door like some unwanted stray dog. We know the city council won't say no. Geez. Somebody's got to tell the bastards to quit whining and pay their damn taxes. Oh. Pardon me. I guess somebody already has - The Minnesota Department of Revenue and the Assessors of three counties have told them.

It would be so easy to stop this wrongfulness from going ahead and destroying our neighborhood; to stop the hypothetical from becoming reality. Bill Hill KNOWS. Steve Bye KNOWS. There are no excuses. I challenge them to make things right for us.

We shall soon see if their character and integrity are real - or just hypothetical.

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