Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paul Smith Rides Again

Paul Lynn Smith Appeals

It looks like Paul still hasn't tasted jail. He's suppose to turn himself in on March 4. But he has filed an appeal. I can't say if that means he'll remain free until after the appeal. I'm pretty sure he will be walking amongst us....

The documents are finally up on PACER so I'll get going on it soon.

Thanks for your patience. Hannabelle has been under the weather lately. And you know how bad the weather can be in MinneSNOWda.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for keeping us up to date regarding Paul Smith. I spoke with the accountant today that was there when all of this happened. He said it has been a long five years for him. He did nothing wrong, but acted on Paul's orders. Those of us in Oklahoma are very grateful to you for continuing to follow this case. It was devastating for us who worked for Marie Detty. So many lives were touched by this. You are greatly appreciated and we wish you nothing but the best.

Hannabelle said...

Thank you. Paul Smith and his pals detroyed my life - past, present, and future. They did it intentionally and with malice. I'm not exaggerating. Paul is out of my picture, but the others continue to hurt me as much as they can - which is a lot. All I'm doing is trying to return the favor. It's called "self-defense". Through the experience of failing to protect my family and failing to save my neighborhood, they've taught me how to be hard and tough. I've learned that hate is not a hot emotion, but a very cold one. People where I live haven't been either understanding or kind to me. Actually, they've been pretty vicious. They haven't understood that I've been fighting for their rights as well as my own. It's been pretty difficult for a person like me - a violist, composer, and orchestra conductor who spent her life trying to bring joy to people through music, and help make life better for her students. I never thought I would be the target of so much hatred - but what is really sad is how I've gotten used to it. Your kind words, unaccustomed as I am to hearing any, melted me into a pool of tears. Thank you for reminding me that thee are still good, decent, compassionate people left in the world. If not here in Mille Lacs County, at least in Oklahoma. I can't thank you enough. I hope we all can recover from the pain and loss Paul Smith has put us all through. My heart goes out to all of his victims.