Friday, February 5, 2010

Behind Bars - Where He Belongs

Dear Readers,

I've updated the Mille Lacs News with information about Paul Lynn Smith. I've included some links to other sources. (Kudos to Dawn Slade of the Mille Lacs County Times for her excellent article.)

You also can read some of the court documents on the Mille Lacs News. I apologize that my webmaster capabilities are limited. I'm experiencing difficulty with some of the document links on the left. I'm working on getting more public documents available.

The victims of Paul Smith's scams have been waiting a long time for justice to be served. As one who considers myself a victim of Smith's Minnesota activities, (along with the Mille Lacs Academy, Nexus, and the local government who works for them all,) I am still waiting for justice. In the meantime, there is comfort in knowing that Paul Smith, who is one of those responsible for detroying the integrity of our private, rural neighborhood will no longer have the privilege to "choose to live in the country", at least not as a free man. He intentionally taunted me when he said that. I'd have the last laugh, if I thought any of this was funny. But I don't.

The way I see it, 27 months in federal prison is better than probation - but it is a far cry from the 30 years of incarceration his crimes deserve. That's just my opinion.

Thank you to my Oklahoma Readers. I appreciate your input, your kind comments and your continued support. I hope you'll keep reading and keep in touch.


One step closer to vindication - thanks, in part, to Paul Lynn Smith, convicted embezzler serving time in federal prison, who has pointed out that it just might be possible that Hannabelle knows what she's talking about.

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