Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The sex offenders NEVER escape. Or so they tell us.

Dear Readers,

Brett Larson, editor of the Mille Lacs Messenger, often reprints articles written by other authors on his blog. So, in the same spirit of sharing the news, here is an article he wrote today. You can click the link to go to their website. (Tell 'em Hannabelle sent you.)

Mille Lacs Academy resident steals car

Written by Brett Larson
Wednesday, 06 May 2009 13:22

A 13-year-old boy from Mille Lacs Academy stole a car from a grocery store in Onamia and drove to St. Cloud, where he was apprehended Tuesday night with a stolen laptop and stolen pornography.
The boy was picked up at about 8 p.m. when St. Cloud police officers noticed a vehicle that had been reported stolen driving southbound on 33rd Ave. The police report says the vehicle had been left with the keys in it and that the boy had stolen a laptop computer from a landscaping company near Foley and pornographic materials from various gas stations.
The boy was being held in a secure detention facility until his first court appearance.
According to Onamia Police Chief Bob Matzke, the boy was reported missing from Mille Lacs Academy between 10 a.m. and noon on Tuesday. He said he filed his report with Mille Lacs County, but he expected the boy to be prosecuted in Stearns County. Matzke said the boy was a resident of Itasca County and was a "sneaky kid." "How he got out, I don't have a clue," Matzke said.
Paul Smith, the executive director of Mille Lacs Academy, acknowledged that the incident had occurred but could not provide any details beyond that because of confidentiality laws. "It happens," Smith said. "Once in a blue moon, but it happens." He said the Academy would be looking at policies to reduce the chance of it happening again.
He also provided the following written statement:
"Federal and State laws exist to protect the confidentiality of residents in our care. These laws are in place to contribute to the therapeutic environment so residents can fully benefit from treatment and make progress toward goals. Nexus takes these responsibilities seriously and we do not release any confidential information regarding our residents. "As active and responsible members of our community, Mille Lacs Academy takes its obligation to look out for the welfare of our residents as well as the welfare of our friends and neighbors. As part of a best practice effort, we regularly review all policies, protocols, and procedures to provide the best care for our residents and to maintain positive relationships in our community."


Anonymous said...

Lock your car and don't leave the keys in it, DUH

Hannabelle said...

Dear DUH.

Thank you for your comment.

You are ABSOLUTELY right! Anyone stupid enough to believe they were safe in Dahmerville DESERVES to have their car stolen. Didn't they know about NEXUS??? Escaped Sex offenders roaming the streets looking to steal cars? hmmm. Why does that sound familiar..... Oh yeah! I WARNED people about this scenario! Remember? I am the ONE who was concerned about the safety of the elderly widows living by the new unlocked correctional facility. Hannabelle exposed the Truth about Nexus' record. I warned everyone of the dangers. But, some people are just too stubborn and stupid to listen to common sense. They chose to put their trust in the self-serving city council and even worse, the self-serving corporation of NEXUS. DUH! is right!!!!

Dahmervillains! Please!!! Hear me now!!!Dahmerville is no longer the safe place to live that it once was. You must learn to lock your cars, lock your homes, keep your children inside, never walk alone (especially at night), take all precautions, do whatever is necessary - even forfeit your FREEDOM to keep Nexus' profits and the Dahmervillains safe.
Wait a minute... Maybe we're wrong here. Maybe what we're doing is blaming the VICTIM. hmmm. The car thief (computer thief, pornography thief)was a dangerous 13 year old male who was adjudicated through the court system and institutionalized because of causing sexual harm to someone. This isn't some poor troubled boy. This is a criminal. Even the town cop said he was "sneaky". And if you don't think that he is dangerous, I can't think of anything that's MORE dangerous than a 13 year old DRIVING A CAR over 60 miles!!!

Nexus has lied to the public about past escapes, past dangers. "Blue Moons" are all too frequent in Dahmerville. Being misled by the Sex Offender Corporation, the elected city officials, and the local newspaper (the REAL newspaper...) who can blame a person for believing that this is a safe community when it really isn't. Perhaps we should blame the individual perpetrator as well as the company and the city council and the newspaper who failed in their responsibility to keep the public safe and well-informed.

And maybe, just maybe we should work towards improving our community -turning Dahmerville into a wonderful place to live where we don't have to worry about locking our doors... where non-psycho children - GOOD kids - are safe to play in their yards, where folks can walk to the cafe in the evening without fear... Sigh... Yeah, that would be nice. But first, we'd have to get rid of both Nexus and the incompetent city council who supports Sex Offenders in our community. And maybe city councilman Bill Hill needs to beef up security at his grocery store...

Don't blame the victim. And in my learned opinion, we are all victims when it comes to Nexus. DUH

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of hatred in your site as well as blatant stupidity. But I also agree that nobody wants a sex offender living next to you. However, having said that, where are they going to go? Before your paranoia goes off scale, I don't work for Nexus.

Many of these "Criminals" you speak of are very mentally disturbed, and a lot of that through abuse they have incurred themselves. You want to just throw them in a box then, chuck the key? Not terribly christian of you.

Our society has created the conditions through which we now have this problem. Though you seem to not give a shit about that, and in more in tune with..lets throw these kids away, and not work on the real issue. I call it cowardice, you call it DUH. Well said.

Hannabelle said...

Dear Anonymous 3:15,

Thank you for your comment. If you see a lot of hatred in my site, there's nothing wrong with your eyes. I've lost that "luvin' feelin' now its gone, gone gone, woh-oh-oh-oh." That's the good news for you. As for the "stupidity", well, there's a lot of that going around. You might want to check beneath your own hood there. Sounds like you've been a bit bamboozled by the PTB (Poor Troubled Boys) propaganda. I encourage you to educate yourself more about our situation - how the government systematically removed our rights as citizens and how the sex offender company has two law suits- SLAPP- against me for exercising my Freedom of Speech so that people like you can be kept in the dark. (I don't mean this to come across unkindly.)

I've said it before, and nobody seems to believe me, but I'm not against treatment for the sex offenders, although studies vary as to success of such programs. I'd like to think that they work, or at least help. I used to work with emotionally disturbed teenage males ages 12-17. That might be why I don't want 94 of them living next to my mom. And these Nexus teenage males are all convicted sex offenders who committed crimes that have harmed people. (Even Nexus finally admits this.) Many of them are "developmentally challenged", (retarded) sex offenders. (oh joy...) Some of them are dangerous and they DO escape. BUT, my grievance is that such a private, commercial, multi-million dollar institution for sex offenders does not belong in a residential neighborhood. Most cities wouldn't even consider it and most neighborhoods wouldn't tolerate it. I hate the way the Onamia city council changed the ordinances which were originally put in place to protect citizens like you and me. I'm especially indignant that since they annexed land from my township, I am denied the vote and cannot run for office against them. This was DONE to us without representation.

As far as "not terribly Christian of you".... Well, I'm not terribly Christian... Actually, many of your Christians are responsible for creating the conditions you describe as society's problem. (Check out those Crosiers!) I am not responsible for these sex offenders. Don't give me credit for the problem. I was the kind of teacher who never molested anybody, rare as it may be these days.

I'm not advocating throwing these sex offenders away. It just isn't my job to save the world. (I've paid my dues, thank you.) It was my mission to save my neighborhood. Unfortunately, too many people think like you - or at least how you have come across in your comment. This issue is not about helping sex offenders - its about a local government acting as an agent for a corporation and hurting citizens. If I was a coward, I would not have stood up for our rights - yours and mine. I'm curious why you see fit to attack my feelings, my intelligence, my beliefs, my courage, and assume I don't "give a shit". Where is your outrage about the corporatism which has captured our government? Where is your outrage about an unethical [MY OPINION] company who will abuse the legal system by suing anyone who speaks out against them?

I don't think you've spent much time reading my blog or the Mille Lacs News... I invite you to check them out.

Finally, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really out to get you." They're STILL out to get ol' Hannabelle.

I hope my response helped clarify. Hannabelle