Friday, May 15, 2009

Good morning Readers,

And what a gorgeous morning it is. Its the kind of day that used to fill Poncho and I with absolute awe, as we took in the beauty of Nature and exclaimed, "Wow! I can't believe we live here!" Of course, that was before NEXUS.... Now its more like, "Shit! I can't believe we live here!" By now it should be pretty obvious that NEXUS stole our happiness and ruined our lives. They ruined yours too. Its just that some of you haven't realized it yet. Don't worry. Eventually you will...

The reason I'm writing to you today is to talk about the Mille Lacs News website. Its been a long time since I checked on it, even longer since I've worked on it, and last night I realized it is having problems with its pictures showing up, or if you are of the "half-empty glass" ilk, NOT showing up. My sincere apologies.

As you know, I created the Mille Lacs News to counter the pronexus propaganda imposed on the public by the local newspaper - the "real" newspaper.... You see, we don't have advertisers to answer to or worry about. We are free to write the Truth without the fear of losing accounts. I'm not saying that the Mille Lacs Messenger is in bed with the sex offenders, but you have to admit it is a pretty good metaphor. They certainly have treated the Mille Lacs Academy with "kid gloves".

I know.... eeeeeyooooo....

Anyway, here's the deal. Our war to save the neighborhood ended a year ago - when NEXUS broke ground and began destroying the 38.81 acres. We lost. Of course I'm bitter. Who wouldn't be? But, I had planned to "move on" with my life. What was left to fight for? Well, our rights, I guess. There was still the horrible city council which had changed or ignored the Law in order to serve a private corporation; a council of five poorly-educated incompetent wannabees who described citizens who opposed them as "outsiders"; who greedily chose their own personal agenda over our Constitutional Rights; who were derelict in their duties and failed We The People. Actually, they threw us under the bus....

There was also the Mille Lacs board of horrible commissioners... (I'm not through with them yet...) So, even though my neighborhood was lost, there were still issues to fight for (and against). Did I want to continue fighting? Well, to tell you the Truth (and I always do), I didn't think so. You The People re-elected these clowns in the last election. So be it. You made your bed, now lie with them in it.

My enemies wish I'd go away. They have told me so. They have, in fact, tried to force me to "go away". At least, that is what Jim D'Angelo said when I asked him why he was suing me. He said, "We thought you'd go away!" Later he lied (shock of shocks) on his sworn affidavit, denying that he said that. But of course, he did.

With the Freeman/D'Angelo SLAPP lawsuit and now the Nexus Inc SLAPP lawsuit, I have no real choice but to keep my website, my blog and my videos on the Internet. Kind of ironic. But in trying to bully me, to make me "go away", they have in fact, forced me to "stay".

All of this is a long explanation of why I will be working on fixing and improving the Mille Lacs News website. I may have lost the War against City Hall. Now there is another war to fight. The War against Nexus. The War against tyranny. The War against Big Business abusing the Justice System to crush We The Little People.

The War to protect our First Amendment Rights.

(sigh...) In my opinion, Nexus must be even stupider than I thought. (Go for it Vic!)
Oh what a beautiful morning.
Oh what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful feeling
everything's going my way.

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